"Two Old Fools in Spain Again (Old Fools #4)" by Victoria Twead


Victoria Twead

Two Old Fools in Spain Again
£9,99 Paperback

Victoria Twead

Two Old Fools in Spain Again (LARGE PRINT)
£11,99 Paperback


8 Responses to Book 4 – Two Old Fools in Spain Again

  • Hi! I l love Spain since I remember! I’ve read your three books about “Two Old Fools” 🙂 and I can’t wait to read this one. Will it be published in Polish language?

  • When I Downloaded the first book I began reading it to my husband in the evening before we turned out the lights and made it a tradition through to your homecoming in Spain. We Love the books. And feel as though we are right there with you and can’t wait to began the “Two old fools in Spain again”! Thank You for sharing your wonderfuly colorfull life experiences with us!

  • I’m so thrilled to receive this email. I so enjoy your books and will be placing an order for the new ones. I recently took the DNA test and found out I’m 40% British so now I know where my wonderlust comes from. Hope to visit Spain this summer. Keep writing. We retired people and others LOVE them Liz

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