I’m Victoria Twead, the silly old fool who wrote “Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools”.

Thanks for popping in to my website!  I hope you’ll find your way around easily without tripping over chickens. There’s a place where you’ll find all my books (have I really written that many?) and a section for Your Questions which I’ll try to answer. If you have time to explore, there’s a Free Stuff section, recipes, and tons more including my blog, which I do my best to keep up to date.

I do hope you enjoy your visit.

P.S. I changed the photo to show off Lola, isn't she gorgeous? She forces me to leave the computer sometimes, which has to be good thing. Thanks, Lola!

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Old Fools Blog

  • Golden soil and honey
    When you don’t know the words to a song, what do you do? Take some advice from my littlest granddaughter, Winter. [Read more...]
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    I thought you might like to watch a book cover being born, right from the first idea and the initial sketch. [Read more...]
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    Have you ever wondered which of the Spanish recipes in the Old Fools books gets most mentions and positive feedback? Well, it’s this one! Six steps to heaven… [Read more...]
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    My heartfelt thanks for all the wonderful emails and messages voicing concerns about the recent bushfires, smoke and Joe’s health. By an amazing stroke of luck, Joe was overseas when the [Read more...]
  • Bushfires, bags and bugs
    When we moved to Australia, I knew it would often be hot but, I confess, droughts and bushfires scarcely crossed my mind. Then, last week, a “catastrophic” fire alert was issued, and it [Read more...]
  • Two Old Fools Down UnderOfficial. The best, most loyal readers in the world.
    It was a tricky one, this book. Two Old Fools Down Under took me two years to write and is the sixth book in the Old Fools series. I laughed and cried all over my poor laptop as I worked. Parts of [Read more...]
  • December Caption Competition
    Can you think of a caption for this picture and win a prize? Australia is heating up, and everybody is finding ways to cool off. This is Lola with her three feisty little friends, Benny, Sylvester [Read more...]
  • Oops, she did it again
    Two Old Fools Down Under is available to pre-order on Amazon now. If pre-ordered, it will magically float onto your Kindle on December 1st 2019, launch day. [Read more...]
  • Two Old Fools Down Under nearing completion…
    It’s been nearly three years since the last Old Fools book was published, and a lot has happened. Now, I’m closing in on the last chapters of “Two Old Fools Down Under”, and [Read more...]
  • Horizon Fever 2Uncle Archie’s Australian Adventures
    If you’ve read Horizon Fever 1, you’ll know that my Uncle Archie was not just a famous explorer but also a bit of a rogue. In fact, as Joe was going through Archie’s old scrapbooks, [Read more...]
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