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Victoria TweadI’m Victoria Twead, the silly old fool who wrote “Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools”.

Thanks for popping in!  I hope you’ll find your way around easily without tripping over chickens. That’s Lola in the photo, isn’t she gorgeous? She forces me to leave the computer sometimes, which has to be good thing. Thanks, Lola!

There’s a place where you’ll find all my books (have I really written that many?) and a Your Questions section.  

Take a look at my latest book, Dear Fran, Love Dulcie: Life and Death in the Hills and Hollows of Bygone Australia. It was an honour to work on it and Dulcie, the young farmer’s wife, will haunt me forever.

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Coming this year, the seventh book in the Old Fools series. Two Old Fools Fair Dinkum follows Joe and Victoria’s adventures as they settle into life in Australia. 

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Victoria Twead
Victoria Twead