Your Gift to Me

Your Gift to MeTOP GUN meets STEEL MAGNOLIAS in an award-winning military love story that  touches hearts and is filled with unexpected twists . . .  

Emotionally scarred years after her husband died in a fiery Special Operations helicopter crash, Air Force widow Emily Ann Meade clings to her vow never to get involved with another man committed to a dangerous profession … until she meets F-16 pilot, Colonel Ted Foley in Hawaii. Although they are mutually attracted, the charismatic widower’s fighter wing in Japan recently lost two pilots in unexplained air crashes.

This story has achieved Amazon’s ranking as the #1 Top Rated War Fiction, #1 Top Rated Contemporary Romance, and #1 Top Rated Romance.

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Your Gift to Me Authors

Your names, please?
Bonnie Bartel Latino & Bob Vale (Co-authors)

And the title of your book?
“Your Gift to Me”

What is the genre of your book?
Military Super Romance and Inspirational/Healing Fiction

How many Amazon UK 5-Star reviews do you currently have for this book?
I doubt we have any–one of the reasons I wanted to ‘do’ your site!

And how many Amazon USA 5-Star reviews does this book have?
189 five star reviews

Is your book part of a series?

What is the synopsis of your book, in one sentence?
After Emily Ann Meade’s husband is killed in a fiery Gulf War helicopter crash, she vows never to get involved with another man committed to a dangerous profession . . . until she moves to Hawaii and meets charismatic F-16 pilot, Colonel Ted Foley, who is assigned to a flying wing that recently lost two pilots in unexplained crashes.

Why do you think your book is so popular?
As did TOP GUN and STEEL MAGNOLIAS, YOUR GIFT TO ME shares the same subtle, but central, theme of the transformative powers of love and laughter to triumph over grief. Those who don’t need the message–yet–will find a sweet love story and a military mystery that appeals to men and women who require substance and entertainment in their leisure reading.

When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?
My first loves are my husband and our Bichon Frise, Sweetie Pie — a name only appropriate when the little dog is fast asleep…unfortunately that is when she is most likely to have a Grand Mal Epileptic seizure. I’m also passionate about the written word, reading, and travel. For a dozen years, I lived in Germany, Greece, and Great Britain, but I also am drawn to Hawaii, the primary setting of YOUR GIFT TO ME and where I lived for three years.Numerous times a year in my small town in SW Alabama, I promote local history in period (early 1900s) costume for the Chamber of Commerce in skits and monologues for students and other out of town/state visitors.

If you were to describe yourself as a vegetable, what would it be?
An artichoke . . . perhaps an acquired taste, but always unique!


Take a look at this book’s Amazon reviews, or buy the book from AMAZON UK or AMAZON US.

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2 Responses to Your Gift to Me

  • Thanks, Victoria for featuring Your Gift to Me among your outstanding Five-Star Books. I lived in England for three years when my husband commanded the USAF communications squadron at RAF Uxbridge, near London. I became a total Anglo-phile and still have very dear friends in England. I hope your readers enjoy the book I co-authored, which isn’t about the UK, but it is a military love story and mystery set in Hawaii. ~Bon

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