WLM Member Monday – Shirley Ledlie

Alan Parks:

I am off out this morning, so up a bit earlier than usual. Todays Member Monday is featuring none other than Shirley Ledlie! Please give her a warm welcome, and Shirley, grab a cuppa and enjoy your day!

Shirley Ledlie

Joe Cawley: Mornin’ Shirley, lots of intriguing tidbits in there! I want to know about how you thrashed the big C and what did you do for Iron Maiden? x

Charlotte Smith: Morning Shirley – gosh what a lot of fascinating facts – I feel a great memoir coming on! What’s your favourite karaoke song?

Michelle Ingel: Thumbs up for beating the crab! Did you also give the shark a thrashing or was he one of your patrons?

Cherry Gregory: Hi Shirley. Love your 10 facts about yourself. Where do you live now?

Shirley Ledlie: Morning everyone, OMG how scary is this! It feels like I am sitting in the chair for Mastermind. I have been having nightmares that nobody would ask me anything.

–Hi Joe, right, had my fight with breast cancer just over 7 years ago. Had to have the full works of treatment, op then the dreaded chemo and radiotherapy. In full remission and hope to god it stys that way. I found the chemo especially hard and was ready to give up after the first session but had to put my big girls pants on!

— I worked for Iron Maiden for a few months about 30 years a go while they made their album ‘Piece of mind’ I am even mentioned in their credits!

–I had to look after them, organise visits to various appointments, take them out at night – that was fun. Sort their food out etc. I have to say they are a brilliant bunch of guys.

–Michelle the shark was a reef shark! a real one for sure.

Julie Haigh: Hi Shirley ! Do you mean public toilet door handles or all door handles in public places? And about the karaoke-are you a really good singer and what’s your ‘party piece’ that you like to belt out?

Judi Bedford-Keogh: What is the story behind the door handles? Any public door handle?

Shirley Ledlie: Cherry, we moved to France in Feb 2000 but before that Southern Germany, Jersey (where my husband is from). Lived in Spain too when I first got with hubby.

Charlotte Smith: Shirley who did you serve while waitressing and did they leave you generous tips?

Shirley Ledlie: Everyone IS up early lol

Charlotte Smith: We’re all excited to find out all about you Shirley!

Shirley Ledlie: The door handle thing drives John nuts. It is ALL public door handles. I have to get some clothing to use to open doors with; can be a bit embarrassing when their are members of the public behind you.

Cherry Gregory: Wow, you’ve travelled! I visited Jersey with my family a few years ago when my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary ( they had their honeymoon there). It was beautiful. Loved the beaches and the culture…so English (we saw Morris dancers in the park) and yet deliciously French too.

Gemma Murphy-Sanderson: Morning Shirley I would love to know about coming face to face with a shark. X

Shirley Ledlie: Judi, I just see the handles crawling with germs, peoples snot and other revolting things.

–Charlotte, not really anything interesting. When I read other members/authors on here they have some amazing travel experiences.

— Charlotte I will do a list but I am sure there are many more its just I have forgotten – it was when I was 17 to 20 so a very long time a go. Here goes; Lesley Phillips, Lord Snowdon, Tony Benn, Harold & Mary Wilson, James Callaghan, Micheal Foot, Man U, Nicholas Parsons and Patrick Moor.

Michelle Ingel: France, south germany and phobia of door handles: 3 things we have in common. I use my elbow to open them (or my foot in public toilets). Why did you move through so many different countries? And did you actually swim close to the shark? Where?

Shirley Ledlie: Cherry, yes it is a very beautiful island. I feel as though that’s where my roots are. Have never felt any connection to the UK. My parents used to take me there for my holidays but little did I know that 22 years later I would go and live there and then meet my hubby.

–Gemma the shark incident truly left my traumatised for weeks afterwards. It was while snorkelling in the Gulf of Aqaba on the border of Israel. I had gone too far out really especially at breakfast time. It was 6.30 am the the sun’s rays were streaming through. It was incredible. I was watching some fish(hadn’t seen this type before) feeding and suddenly they darted off leaving me feeling very alone and cold. I turned my head slowy round and there was the most terrifiying sight EVER. Me, about 15/20 metres out of my depth, and this Shark swimming towards me. I had a camera around my wrist but was frozen and couldn’t take my eyes off it. It swam towards me and slowed down till it was about 4 metres away from me. We just eyeballed each other for what seemed like a life time and then he just changed direction and headed out to the blue yonder. I went to pieces…

Amanda Read: Bella magazine, was one of the 1st “adult” magazines I bought. I felt very grown up!! There are sooo many ladies publications out there now and I find them all following the same line of intrusive celebrity junk. What’s your thoughts?

Shirley Ledlie: Amanda, I will be honest and tell you I had never read Bella before I was offered the job! I agree with you totally they are all the same. Full of ‘Celebs’ who I mostly have never hard of and not the slightest bit interested. They don’t have their own identity you really cant tell one from another which is a great shame. There is so much more they could add to their magazines instead of gossip. Don’t get me wrong, I like a bit of goss but its just the same rubbish.

Cherry Gregory: Gosh, Shirley, responding to your answers I’ve now got too many questions to ask. Right, I’ll try to be organised! About all the famous people you’ve met. What was Patrick Moore like (he was the reason I started to enjoy astronomy as a child!)?

Shirley Ledlie: Julie, NO I deff cant sing at all. I just cant help myself if there is Karaoki on I get all excited and have to down a couple of drinks and get up on stage! There is only one song that I can sing well which is Euthymics Sweet Dreams. Apart from that I usually sing (badly) Tears of a Clown, Dancing Queen and Young Hearts Run free. I might even treat you to a video later to show you how bad I am. Would you like that?

–Cherry, to be really honest I cant remember that much about him, I was so young I was more interested in the footballers lol. Just a quiet, well mannered man not like some of the others.

Cherry Gregory: So who were the badly behaved ones? (And yes, I’d love to see a video of you doing Karaoki!)

Julie Haigh: Yes, definitely like to see a video. Put one on!

Shirley Ledlie: Really? Look Julie, I have to warn you it will make your ears bleed. Well, you asked for it

Charlotte Smith: Yes we all want that video Shirley but maybe you should make us wait until wine time

Shirley Ledlie: Yes that’s a good idea! I do have more than one though Charlotte lol

–Just off for a mint tea…

Valerie Robson: Hi there. What did you study at college? xxx

Shirley Ledlie: Hi Valerie, I studied Beauty therapy. I also did another course on anatomy and physiology. Then I studied reflexology. I still practise all that here.

Cherry Gregory: Did you find it difficult going to college at 39?

Shirley Ledlie: I thought I would stick out like a sore thumb but how wrong I was. I wasn’t the oldest and loved every minute of it. In fact, if we hadn’t left the Island (to move to France) I would of probably done course after course. I also had my own pet business and had a beach concession too so it was sometimes hard to fit it all in but we managed. great fun but lots of work. I met my friend Beckie there (she has gone onto have her own very successful salon in Guernsey) and we used to fight for top spot in all the exams.

Cherry Gregory: Sounds wonderful and great that you were top of the class!

Shirley Ledlie: Beckie used to stay at our house during the week as she was from the next island. She used to give me a hand sorting the kids out and then we would burn the midnight oil studying. If we got exam marks less than 90% we used to be devastated.

Cherry Gregory: Great to have someone to study with and that you were both at such a high standard. Do you see much of Beckie now?

Shirley Ledlie: It really helps to spur you on. I don’t see her as often as I would like but she does visit us when she can. She was last here in August and she is coming to my daughters wedding in September in Morocco!

Cherry Gregory: I have a few friends like that. I met them in college days and we’ve all gone our separate ways, in different parts of the country, but we keep in touch and when we do meet up, it’s like old times again as if there’s been no gap at all. Good friends are definitely to be treasured!

Shirley Ledlie: Yea, she is like part of the family. The kids have known her since they were about 10 and they are in their late 20’s now. She is a special friend. Friends with her mum too.

Cherry Gregory: Tell us a bit about the articles you used to write for “Bella”. I remember the mag…I sent a couple of short stories to them in the hope they would publish, but they were rejected!

Shirley Ledlie: They were weekly, half page, columns in ‘lifestyle’ and it was about moving to France and daily life in the countryside. Each week I had to also include 2 photo’s and it ran for just over a year! I had a fan base too which was amazing. Women from all over the world would email and even phone to chat. I loved doing it and was sad when a new editor took over and chopped it.

Bambi Flanner: Good morning Shirley! What area will your memoir focus on? Is there a specific experience you’re writing about, such as the cancer, or is it going to cover more?

Frankie Knight: Hiya, Shirley!! Knew you’d get loadsa questions this morning!! Fascinating reading about your doorknob phobia!! I am same but only with loos. Cannot touch any handle there apart from with tissues or my sleeve. Sounds like you’ve had a busy life. Hope you are making time for tea this morning? You need to keep your strength up for the rest of the day…..

Janet Hughes: Here’s some mint tea for you Shirley…



Janet Hughes: … and something else for others



Shirley Ledlie: Morning Bambi, I need to get something written so I know how to explain my book. It has been really difficult to be honest, having to relive it all has been very stressful. No, it isn’t about cancer, per se, my story begins After my treatment ends. I had to become a detective, activist (sort of), lobbyist and the best way to describe it is ‘Erin Brokowich meets the French’. A fight against the French medical bodies, doctors worldwide, drugs company and more!

Cherry Gregory: You must have had a tremendous fight on your hands and an uphill struggle. What was it about?

Bambi Flanner: Oh wow, Shirley, something completely different! How refreshing. I can’t wait to read it!

— I too want the video of you singing Karaoke. Badly or not. lol. I can’t sing at all and if I ever got near a microphone my entire family would drag me home.

Shirley Ledlie: Janet that mint tea was delish, can you believe I am on a fast day tody while still having some crème eggs left over. How is that for determination for you! I have got just under 5 weeks left before my holiday so time is running out.

Janet Hughes: Let’s help Shirley Ledlie out, first five to comment get one of her excess créme eggs to eat



Shirley Ledlie: Cherry, its not easy to describe. Having to uncover the truth about a drug, having to cope with the disfiguration it left me with, it was like being involved with a drugs companies dirty little secret.

Frankie Knight: Janet is sooo good at serving people exactly what they need and at the right time….

— Shirley, I just logged back in expecting to see your vid of the karioke?

Janet Hughes: Ooops, sorry Frankie Knight, here’s something for you



Shirley Ledlie: Be patient Bambi – trust me it’s not worth it. You will be very disappointed lol

Frankie Knight: Thanks Janet – just had my morning coffee and brandy!

Janet Hughes: Well Frankie, you’ve got Brandy and a creme egg – CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS

Shirley Ledlie: Michelle, where abouts in southern Germany were you? We lived in Immenstaad near Friedrischafen. The shark swam close to me, probably about 4 metres away. John is an aircraft consultant so has always moved about. But when we lived in Spain we ran a bar.

Julie Haigh: Creme egg for me too? I love those. And I don’t touch pubic toilet door knobs/handles either-but not all door handles lol!

Shirley Ledlie: In the summer, when I haven’t got much clothing on its even harder to open any public doors! I usually end up lifting my top up. If I am out with John and he has to push an elevator button (as I wont touch them either) I try to squirt hand sanitizer on him which usually ends up in an argument.

Julie Haigh: I use my elbow if it’s a door handle-a bit harder if it’s a knob.

Shirley Ledlie: Janet! I have just realised it is MY eggs you are giving out! NOOOOO I am going to devour them all tomorrow when it is a feast day lol

Julie Haigh: Do you always fast on a Monday? And do you make up for it by ending up eating much more the next day because you’re ravenous!

Janet Hughes: Only three left

Shirley Ledlie: Julie it is the 5 2 diet which is so easy and it does work. It is best to stick to the same days each week so it’s Mon and Thurs.

Ann Patras: Just read through the Fred so far – very interesting.

I am intrigued by your time in Jersey. My (now) hubby and I bought my engagement ring when there on holiday – had to borrow money from the hotel barman Ken, to pay for it! As we also spent our honeymoon there; I was intrigued to see Cherry’s parents went back for their 40th celebrations. Brilliant idea. We should have done that too this year – never gave it a thought.

When was the last time you were in Jersey, Shirley? Has it changed much? I remember it being a place very keen to keep its own identity.

Shirley Ledlie: Hi Ann, Jersey seems to keep a place in the hearts of those who visit. When you live there its the same old story – you moan about it lol. It has changed, sadly, like everywhere else but not for the good. When I first lived there the only crime was driving offences , now you have all the usual drugs problems etc and there has been murders, covered up of course . We often used to see ‘Bergerac’ being filmed. Mother in law still lives there. When we lived in Brittany it was easy to get over but now in Toulouse it is not easy and it must be about 5 years since we were last there.

Frankie Knight: I went there with my parents when I was around 14. Think it was the last we spent together. I loved the island and have always meant to return. Seem to remember it felt very exotic as it was my first holiday ‘abroad’. LOL! How are you enjoying your day so far Shirley?

Terry Bryan: This should make up for what Janet took. Enjoy.



Shirley Ledlie: Enjoying it very much Frankie thank you

— Cherry, sorry you asked who the badly behaved hotel guests were. The 2 that stick in my mind was the rude Lord Snowden and Harold Wilson. I think there were many more but I cant think. I asked Harold, very politely if he would like sprouts, he ignored me and wouldn’t move so after I asked him again and still got no response I just lobbed them over his shoulder – some didn’t make his plate :-))))

Cherry Gregory: Love the story about Harold Wilson! When I was 11, I wrote to him (when he was prime minister) but he never wrote back, so I reckon he got what he deserved!

Shirley Ledlie: Absolutely Cherry – a green soggy lap

Laurie A. Grundner: Hi Shirley, I think you are a very interesting person. Thanks for volunteering today. What one place in the world would you like to visit? Could you tell us a little more about your fight with the medical/drug companies.

Shirley Ledlie: Oh that’s kind thing to say Laurie thank you. I am newish to this group so still finding my way around. That’s a very good question! Next year is our 30th wedding anniversary so we have to find somewhere to go and have been racking our brains but having a problem coming up with somewhere. Would like to visit the Maldives but I would only want to go for a week at the most. I don’t like eating fish – I love Sushi but it doesn’t taste or look like fish so don’t count that – and I think I would be a bit freaked out about all the sharks. My friend took some AMAZING photos when she was diving there, looking upwards, but seeing all the sharks just put me off. I would get a lot of books read though. So, maybe a week in Sri Lanka then Maldives, or Thailand.

–When it was our 25th we had a great week in Dubai.

Cherry Gregory: Good choices, Shirley! Not that I’ve travelled to Sri Lanka, Maldives or Thailand, but they sound suitably exotic. My husband and I also plan to have a big holiday on our 30th anniversary , in 4 years time, because Keith was so busy with work on our 25th we only managed a day out to Anglesey (which was lovely, but I’m aiming for somewhere warmer next time!)

Shirley Ledlie: Do you have anywhere in mind Cherry?

Cherry Gregory: Well, I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt. The desert and the pyramids attract me. South America sounds good too!

Shirley Ledlie: I would be very happy going to a yoga retreat for a couple of weeks but don’t think John would be agree somehow lol

–Bora Bora looks incredible – but so expensive especially as my phobia to flying means I have to go business class :-)))))))

Cherry Gregory: I’d like to go to the colder places too…so if possible, after seeing part of South America, it would be fantastic to go south towards the South Pole and see a few penguins in their natural habitat. We’re just coming up with places at the moment and later we’ll look at the practicalities, such as cost etc!

Terry Bryan: Hey…don’t forget us…we have something for everybody. I also love western Canada.

Cherry Gregory: Yes, of course, Terry! And the Rockies in Canada are on our list, it is somewhere my husband has always wanted to visit.

Shirley Ledlie: John loves carp fishing so I suppose the perfect place would be a yoga retreat with its own carp lake – then we would both be happy. Hubby has travelled the world with work so trying to find somewhere he hasn’t been.

Cherry Gregory: And what sort of books would you take with you?

Jo-Anne Himmelman: Just tuned in Shirley Ledlie. Always check my Facebook and mail after my morning ritual of newspaper and pot of coffee. I love your story. Now I will be even more phobic after your mention of “snot on the door handle”. This will be added to hanging my purse around my neck (along with anything else I am carrying) while using public facilities. Flushing with my foot and drying my hands on my pants. My husband won’t enter a ” bulk style grocery store” for fear that people have been rummaging thru the barrels with their “snotty hand”. Did I gross everyone out? Re the shark episode – do you still swim in saltwater? I don’t think I could. It is wonderful to hear from a cancer survivor – it gives such hope – I pray you never have to live through that again. What great stories you have. Can’t wait to hear the video!

Shirley Ledlie:  Hummmm my aim is to get through as many books as possible written by authors in this group. I also like reading about the Cathars and Knights Templars. My friend and I go off hiking for the day round Cathar castles and this Wednesday are off to the Montségur Castle.

–Oh god! I wish I had never mentioned the video lol. Actually I am singing a duet with a recording artist but, unfortunately (for you) I completely drown her out (fortunately for her). But you will see for yourselves once you are all tanked up. Jo-Anne, I couldn’t get back into the sea after the incident but as it was the second to last day it didn’t matter. Since then I have been very wary and wont go out of my depth anymore. Thanks – I hope I never have to go through it again too!

–Cherry what books would you take with you when you are enjoying your anniversary? Would you take anything different from what you would normally read

Jo-Anne Himmelman: Everyone I forgot – re travels – don’t forget to put Nova Scotia, Canada on your travel list. We’re not exotic and you’ll turn blue in the water ( Shirley Ledlie , no shark warnings ) even in mid-summer but it is beautiful and we are known to be the friendliest people around!

Cherry Gregory: Looking forward to the video too. Honestly, you can’t be as dreadful a singer as I am. I was thrown out of singing lessons at school because the music teacher thought I was singing out of tune on purpose…I wasn’t, I was trying my very best. It’s a shame, because I love music and singing! I blame my genes because my grandfather could only ever recognise the music of “God Save the Queen” because everyone stood up.

–My reading would consist of a mix of historical fiction and then memoirs from this group, with some non fiction history and a bit of poetry. I think that should cover all my moods!

Shirley Ledlie: Trust me Cherry I can be

— In fact Cherry, after you hear me it might give you the confidence to have a go.

Cherry Gregory: Ha, ha Shirley! We could frighten everybody with a competition!

Jo-Anne Himmelman: Cherry Gregory – am a fan of historical fiction too – Barbara Erskine, Kate Moss my special favs.

Shirley Ledlie: Jo-Anne Himmelman one of my most fav books is ‘Daughters of the Grail’ by Elizabeth Chadwick

–Cherry Gregory if they ever have a Karaoki party here we can sing a duet?

Cherry Gregory: That’s a good idea! We’ll warn them first though!

–Jo-Anne, I love the books of Kate Moss and Barbara Erskine too. Shirley, I’ve not heard of “Daughters of the Grail” but it sounds like the type of book I would enjoy. I’ll have to look it up. There are so many great books out there!

Jo-Anne Himmelman: Shirley Ledlie, not aware of “Daughters of the Grail” or Elizabeth Chadwick but will look her up. Sounds like a book I could get into. Cherry Gregory, if you hear about new books by Erskine or Moss let me know. I will do the same. These along with the WLM books should keep me busy for a very long time. Learning Spanish too so not much else is getting done around here.

Cherry Gregory: Learning Spanish? I’m impressed. Shirley, how’s your French?

Shirley Ledlie: Rubbish!

–Jo-Anne what made you want to learn Spanish?

Cherry Gregory: Shirley, do you think there’s a connection between speaking French and singing because my French is rubbish too! I’m not too bad at reading it but when it comes to spoken French, I am terrible. I can’t pick out the individual words when a French person is speaking and I can never remember how a word is meant to be pronounced.

Charlotte Smith: I’m trying to learn Spanish – such a struggle. I spend all my time apologizing!

Shirley Ledlie: Good point, I cant remember the words in a song either so yes there must be a connection. I can speak French better than I can understand it, I cant pick out the words too. It can be very frustrating at times. When I hear my children speaking it it fills me with so much pride I could burst.

Charlotte Smith: I think there’s definitely a connection between music and languages and if you heard me singing karaoke you’d understand why I struggle with Spanish (and run for the hills!!).

Bill Caligan: IS there a connection between France and California? Both make good wine. What about Germany and Milwaukee?

Shirley Ledlie: Got a feeling hubby and myself are the only couple living in France that don’t like wine! Its a bit embarrassing sometimes. But i certainly make up for it with the cheese.

Charlotte Smith: You don’t like WINE??? Ooh la la

Shirley Ledlie: Terrible eh lol, it was great living in Germany with all those beers though.

Cherry Gregory: I agree with you about the cheese. I LOVE cheese.

Janet Hughes: Try this one Shirley. Yoga and fishing http://www.bookyogaretreats.com/…/7-days-yoga-retreat…

Jo-Anne Himmelman: Shirley Ledlie, Cherry Gregory and Charlotte Smith, I have friends in South America. In one case I visited to help in a community effort in El Salvador. I couldn’t speak a word of Spanish and when the community thanked me (of course in Spanish) I didn’t understand a word. Thankfully my friend acted had as translator. I was so embarrassed and swore that the next time I visited I would be able to communicate. I also travel a lot. We went to Spain last October. Even though there is a difference between Latin American Spanish (which is what I am learning) and Spanish spoken in Spain, I got along just fine. Charlotte, I am learning from Rosetta Stone, an on-line language course. It is the BEST language course I have ever taken (I learned French thru the normal language courses you take in schools or tutors). They were too inconvenient and were lacking in personal help and fun activities. I would give it a try. Do the on-line version – you pay about $20 a month and it doesn’t take up space on your computer.

Charlotte Smith: Thanks Jo-Anne Himmelman. I’ve heard good things about Rosetta Stone. Will look into it

Cherry Gregory: Sounds interesting. I think I’m beyond all help but it might be suitable for my daughter who wants to improve her language skills.

Shirley Ledlie: Yes, Rosetta stone seems to be highly rated. Will you go back there Jo-Anne?

Janet Hughes: Bill Caligan I find myself somewhat confused by your question, as to me knowledge France has never been connected to California, neither through history, culture or climate… So what IS the connection to which you allude to?

Michelle Ingel: Shirley: hubby is from outside Munich. Never actually lived there for a long period of time.

Charlotte Smith: So glad you brought that up Janet Hughes. I was scratching my head too!

Shirley Ledlie: Michelle I love Munchen, especially at Christmas, it’s one of my fav cities.

Janet Hughes: Me too…



Linda Kovic-Skow: Wow! Another great thread. Shirley Ledlie you’ve led an interesting life. I’m sorry if I missed it, but where did you grow up, New Jersey? Where in France do you live now? Can you tell us a bit about your family?

Shirley Ledlie: Hi Linda, sorry I should of said it was Jersey in the channel Islands not USA. I was born in Nottingham but left when i was 17 to work in the hotel industry in Durham. Went back to Nottingham for 3 years then left to go to Jersey. After getting together with John we moved to Marbella, Spain, where we ran a bar for his dad for a couple of years. Went back to Nottingham for a few more years, had 2 children then left for Germany. Then back to Jersey then France. Ran a gite in Brittany then moved to Toulouse 4 years a go.

Linda Kovic-Skow: OMG Shirley Ledlie, I want to hear more about your travels in a memoir! You have so many stories that you could weave into the book. Good for you…life’s for living.

Shirley Ledlie: Fascinating. Not really interesting Linda, and don’t think i will be doing another memoir after this one is finished . However I do have 2 more non-fiction books ready to start later this year.

Dodie Shea: How many books have you written Shirley?

Cherry Gregory: What are the two other books about, Shirley?

Shirley Ledlie: One is a gardening/recipe, I love cooking especially chutneys and pickles and the second is about my dog.

–Just the one i am doing now Dodie

–Michelle! i live just outside in Fonsorbes, where about are you?

Frankie Knight: Reading about the singing from various contributors here maybe we could form a choir? I’d join as my father always said I couldn’t shout “coal” let alone sing (not really sure what he meant by that). I took singing lessons at drama school but the teacher kindly advised me I was wasting my money! My mother earned her living singing! Mortifying. Shirley, I bet the bar in Marbella was really hard work?

–How long have you been practicing Yoga Shirley? I find it really helps with the old joints…

Shirley Ledlie: I HATED the bar work, night after night listening to drunken rubbish. Its ok when you are on the other side of the bar – that’s different.

–First started yoga about 8 years a go but after a couple of years stopped due to various stuff that was happening (what I have written book about) then last year was introduced to Ashtanga and meditation and its now a part of my life. I try to practise daily – makes me so happy.

Frankie Knight: Me too! I have MS and it certainly has helped me big time… Been doing it for about 3 years now.

Shirley Ledlie: Isn’t it amazing the effect it has on your life! I am not a tree hugger (but I do love tree’s)

Jill Stowell: Have I missed the video Shirley Ledlie?

Terry Bryan: Jo-Anne Himmelman is right folks…Nova Scotia is terrific, as is Newfoundland. Shirley, might you come our way?

Janet Hughes: Hey, I come from Heanor, Derbyshire and I worked all over Nottingham…

— …and I make chutneys and jams!

Jill Stowell: And I like watching videos of Shirley Ledlie singing!

Shirley Ledlie: Oh god! I must be mad lol

Janet Hughes: What do we want?

Jill Stowell: The video! And when do we want it?

Shirley Ledlie: Well you did ask!!!!! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=480130558899&set=vb.691893899&type=3&theater

Chris Tryon: I gave cancer a thrashing too! Welcome to the sisterhood;)

Jill Stowell: It won’t work Shirley Ledlie has everyone hit the play button at the same time??

Jo-Anne Himmelman: You’re right Terry Bryan, Newfoundland is delightful. Scenery, good food, friendly ( maybe more than us Bluenosers) AND that wonderful accent. Unbelievably funny too.

Shirley Ledlie: Jill, I will have another go hang on….

–What a shame I cant add it to this thread. It wont work, the only way to do it is to add it using the video selection at the top of this page but it wont go on this thread, it will just add it to a new one. Sorry you will just have to take my word for it.

Julie Haigh: aw!

Shirley Ledlie: Terry maybe you never know although we do prefer hotter climes usually. There are so many interesting places to visit, we did fancy going on an trip to the Antarctic but neither of us like boats.

–Chris sorry to hear about your cancer battle – damn disease eh. Hope you are recovered now?

–Julie Haigh, I hate for you to be disappointed so have sent you a friend request and in about 30 mins will add it to my own page so you can click and listen. Later tonight I will remove it lol

Julie Haigh: oh wow thank you! Don’t remove it-its not always about being perfect you know-it’s entertainment and having that x factor!

–and enjoying yourself!

Susan Joyce: Hola from Uruguay Shirley! Just about half way through the thread. Read the shark encounter. OMG! Scary stuff. Did you by chance have a shiny ring on?

Shirley Ledlie: What do you mean? its not perfect? lol

— Hola Susan, it was so traumatising – a shiny ring???

Frankie Knight: Hey are you sure this not being able to access the video is not a cop out????? Seems highly suspect to me…. Does anyone else think so?

Shirley Ledlie: Susan how come you are in Uruguay?

Susan Joyce: Shirley, I had a scary stingray follow me when I was snorkeling near Kyrenia Cyprus. It kept following me and getting really close. Other divers gathered round and when we got back on the boat, they told me it’s dangerous to wear rings or anything shiny because the big fish think it’s small fish they can eat.

Shirley Ledlie: Frankie, honest you can watch it…

Julie Haigh: It was fun! Your voice was well balanced with the backing track. I couldn’t see anything though on my phone, it was dark. I’ve heard much worse believe me! Good energy in your performance and not an easy song to sing. Do I sound like Simon Cowell lol! Great fun!

Shirley Ledlie: You are much kinder :-))) do I get through to the next round?

Susan Joyce: Shirley, so much action happening while you’re in the tell all seat. We (my husband and I) moved her 4 years ago from Mexico and love the tranquilo life style.

Shirley Ledlie: I am going to look it up on the atlas! What is your year round climate?

Julie Haigh: er no-it needs a bit of work. Ha joking! Thanks for being a great sport and putting it on!

–that’s an idea for next WLM party weekend-karaoke comp!

Susan Joyce: Shirley, we do have the four seasons, but no snow because it’s sea-level. We live in a small beach town called Atlantida and recently purchased a farm inland just a few miles away. Uruguay is the tip of South America. If you ever come this way, plan on visiting us. We’ll sing together. Can you harmonize?

Shirley Ledlie: Susan that sounds wonderful, I would love to see some photo’s. You never know you might just get visitors celebrating their 30 wedding anniversary:-)

–Susan Joyce, think they can be inquisitive? Was it a big one? very majestic creatures – beautiful in fact

Terry Bryan: Shirley Ledlie…it doesn’t get much hotter than Virginia in the summer unless you plan to see Death Valley…maybe more humid in Loiusiana…

Shirley Ledlie: Terry, we have friends in Texas and have talked about hiring a touring van so that’s given me an idea!

Susan Joyce: Shirley, yes, it was a very big one. And I couldn’t seem to lose it. BTW, if you plan a trip this way, there’s Argentina next door, just across the inlet.

Shirley Ledlie: By the end of this year we will need to sort out where we are going. It wouldn’t be till the following October though. Traveling is such a pain in the butt, just hope I live long enough to get beamed up!

Terry Bryan: Texas we don’t discuss…too hot to talk about.

Shirley Ledlie: Hot in October?

Janet Hughes: What a Fred! We have some truly amazing members here in WLM and Shirley you’re incredible, hope you’ve enjoyed your day It’s sleepy time here in Spain.


Shirley Ledlie: Just getting ready to partyyyyy Janet

Susan Joyce: Good night Janet Hughes! You’re a lovely addition to our zany group. Perhaps you should have brought on the studs today.

Shirley Ledlie: thanks for everything Janet and hope you sleep well, night night

Susan Joyce: Shirley, Texas can be hot as Hades in Oct.

Janet Hughes: Just for you Susan Joyce, sweet dreams


Susan Joyce: But Oct is usually a wonderful time of year to travel almost anywhere. Looks like Janet has left you someone special to bring you drinks along the way. Janet is such a considerate friend.

Shirley Ledlie: Isn’t she just! we can share?

Cherry Gregory: Shirley, you said one of your intended books is about your dog. What’s so special about him/ her?

Shirley Ledlie: She was our Jack Russell (rescue) and had her for 16 years, my baby, so full of character. I loved her so much and it was devastating when she died. Would love to write a short story but as her as the narrator.

— She was very infamous

Cherry Gregory: That sounds a fantastic idea. My family had a little terrier when I was a child…for all of my childhood really, as she lived from when I was 4 until I was 21…so I know what characters they can be!

–BTW I’ve just watched your singing video. You gave it all…well done. And I promise you sound much better than I do!

Shirley Ledlie: Yes, terriers are …well just different

Susan Joyce: Terriers can be little terrors. Entertaining little terrors.

Terry Bryan: Shirley…I keep going in, out, and around…Texas wasn’t hot this past year for the first time in ages…I might be willing to try October….this year they (and we) had snow and ice in places we never have it…just a weird weather year…

Shirley Ledlie: Cherry you are kind lolllll it will vanish off my wall in the morning. Do you have a dog now?

–Terry, our friends live in San Antonio and love seeing photos of their trips out.

Terry Bryan: That’s a nice town. So is Austin.

Susan Joyce: Austin is my favorite town in Texas.

–Terry, yes this has been a weird weather year. Everywhere.

–Terry, when are the Blue Bonnets in bloom? That is one spectacular sight in Texas.

Jo-Anne Himmelman: Yes Charlotte Smith, would definitely go back. Had planned it last year but health issues got in the way. Unfortunately now my friend moved back home to NS so I am hoping to convince her to pay a visit with me. El Salvador, is not a country where you t…See More

Cherry Gregory: No, I haven’t got a dog now, but six months ago I adopted a cat. He was rescued from a farm and had been badly bullied by the other cats there. When he came to us, he’d been badly injured from an attack and was very nervous. He took to me straight away…See More

Shirley Ledlie: Ahhhh bless, lucky to have you take care of him. When we called at the rescue centre the woman said ‘Alice’ is very frightened of men, so John and I got down on our knees and she opened her door and she ran straight over to him licking his face

Cherry Gregory: That’s lovely. They choose us, not we them!

Steven Whitacre: Shirley – I haven’t asked much because A) I got up too late, and B) all the questions seem to have been asked But I did get to see Iron Maiden during their Piece of Mind tour… don’t remember much about it though..

Shirley Ledlie: It was a long time ago Steven, went to the one at Hammersmith – of course had back stage passes :-))))))). While I worked for them the drummer, Nico, his girlfriend was having a baby and he asked me if her brought her over to Jersey would I babysit. So…See More

Susan Joyce: Steven, are you a fan of iron Maiden?

Shirley Ledlie: Think I will have to hit the sack. All this excitement has worn me out and I have to get up in the morning 23.20 is late for me too. THANK YOU so much for today, have loved all your questions, thank you to the mod’s too . Sleep well xx



Susan Joyce: Iron Maiden is perfect harmony of music, lyrics, and timing.

–Shirley, what a wonderful day, getting to know you better. You’ve had quite an exciting life. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us. Good night!

Cherry Gregory: Good night Shirley! Thanks so very much for being in the spotlight today and answering all our questions. Great to get to know you better.

Steven Whitacre: They were one of my favorite bands in my early teens… moved away from them over time into harder/faster/angrier bands, but still have them in rotation on Pandora

Susan Joyce: Rock on Steven!

Julie Haigh: This has been wonderful Shirley, you are a real inspiration, such an entertaining day.

Terry Bryan: Thank you, Shirley Ledlie. You are a most interesting lady!

Micki Stokoe: Really enjoyed just being a fly on the wall! Great fred – thank you, Shirley!

Jo-Anne Himmelman: Thank you Shirley Ledlie. What a great day you made for everyone!


The following day …

Shirley Ledlie:Morning THANK YOU again for yesterday everyone I really enjoyed my ‘members spot’ it was good fun and feel honoured to have been asked to do it. :-)))))))))))))))))

Janet Hughes: Just right for a rainy day



Shirley Ledlie: Sadly needed this morning Janet in the Midi-Pyrenees

Janet Hughes: …and for the top half…



Sue Clamp: It’s very grey and wet in Cambridgeshire this morning. I may need that outfit, thanks, Janet!

Frankie Knight: Sunny with chilly wind on my mountain this morning….

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Sunny down here in the valley as well. Off for a walk to see if 1mm of rain made any difference in the campo

Victoria Twead: Shirley Ledlie, you are a TOTAL STAR! Thank you SO much for yet another fabulous Member Monday spot! And you thought you wouldn’t be interesting? *shakes head* Please pick a couple of winners for books from the header, and thanks again!

–Shirley Ledlie had the unenviable task of choosing 2 winners from this fred. She’s named Julie Haigh and Cherry Gregory, so congrats to you both! If you let me know which books you’d like, I’ll send them pronto!

Photo#13-WLM Winner

Janet Hughes: Felicitations Julie Haigh and Cherry Gregory



Julie Haigh: Oh wow, thanks for picking me Shirley! Victoria , could I have Joan’ s Descent please? Congrats to Cherry too.

Shirley Ledlie: Julie – you loved my singing lol

Micki Stokoe: Well done, Julie & Cherry!

Cherry Gregory: Thank you so much, Shirley! And well done, Julie! May I have Paw prints in Oman please, Victoria?

Victoria Twead: Paws have trotted off to Cherry Gregory and Joan is flying to Julie Haigh. I know Jill Stowell and Charlotte Smith will be delighted.

Susan Joyce: Congratulations to Julie Haigh and Cherry Gregory! Bravo!

Charlotte Smith: Hope you enjoy Paws Cherry Gregory! Thank you for choosing it

Cherry Gregory: Thanks, Victoria. I’m looking forward to it, Charlotte.

Julie Haigh: Received, many thanks Victoria!

Jill Stowell: Thank you Julie Haigh for choosing ‘Joan’s Descent’ I hope you enjoy reading it.

Terry Bryan: Julie Haigh and Cherry Gregory



Cherry Gregory: Thanks, Terry !

Linda Kovic-Skow: Contrats to Cherry Gregory and Julie Haigh.