WLM Member Monday – Sharon Carter Figueiredo

Victoria Twead:  Good morning WLM! Perfect day here! Please welcome our own Sharon Carter Figueiredo into the Member Monday chair, and feel free to ask her anything you like! Hope you enjoy your day, Sharon!

Sharon Carter Figueiredo

Anne Wine O’clock Durrant: Good morning Sharon – from Corfu. I have heard about silk shirts in the freezer before so I would not laugh at you

–Good luck with your day – I enjoyed mine when I did it x

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Hi Anne Wine O’clock Durrant thank you, at the time the house was full of people and of course my son had to yell out ‘Mum, why are there silk shirts in the freezer?” (little rat or rather big teenage rat)

Anne Wine O’clock Durrant: Tell me about the Family day care scheme please.

Victoria Connelly: Hello Sharon – what made you want to study a degree as a mature student? And what subject did you study?

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: In Australia, organisations are Govt supported to recruit and train women to look after children in their home. These Carers are then supported by the organisation, they receive visits from coordinators, access to toy libraries, play groups etc. I like it because a child is looked after in a safe home environment. All Carers undergo a police check and their homes are safety checked, they also have to undergo training before they are accepted.

–Hi Victoria Connelly I had always wanted to study more but never had the opportunity. I gained a Bachelor of Training and Development because that is where my career path led me. I did it by correspondence and really enjoyed the study. I would like to do a masters one day but not sure if I will or not.

Shirley Ledlie: Hello Sharon, I am sure you will enjoy your day today in sunny Portugal. I am interested to know more about your invite to speak at International women’s day! What was your subject – how did it go?

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Hi Shirley Ledlie it was actually on my pathway to adult learning. By this time I was a manager of a successful training company, had my degree and a couple of other diplomas and did them all as mature student. So that was the topic, it was my journey. It went very well thank you

Alison Teeshirts: Have a fab day in the spotlight Sharon, i’m sure you will get some random questions!

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Thank you Alison Teeshirts

Shirley Ledlie: Are you going to do any more studying? the first time I went to college was at the age of 39 and loved it and would love to do a degree. Is there anything else you would like to get your teeth into?

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: There is actually a lot of things online, free stuff. I did a course on King John 111 through an English university, last winter. It was for my own interest, my daughter is also very interested and did the same course. I learnt a lot about medieval times. I am not sure if I will do any more degrees but will always keep learning.

— Shirley Ledlie I would encourage you to do a degree, it is great and I am happy to give you any encouragement and support

Alison Teeshirts: i know i write but i do fancy doing a degree in creative writing…. but i can’t find time to finish what i’m already writing let alone studying so well done to you for managing to fit it in!

Frankie Knight: Good morning Sharon! Hope you will enjoy your day in the Spotlight – I certainly enjoyed mine. Others may have heard about silk shirts in the freezer but I haven’t, so WHY???? I have visitors tomorrow so can only pop in and out of here today.

Valerie Robson: Yes more about the silk shirts… please xxx

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: I had heard that it is easier to iron silk shirts if you pop them partially try into a plastic bag and then into the freezer, it actually works lol

— Alison Teeshirts I guess that I am quite organised and very rigid about doing it when I study. I also don’t distract myself with other reading only half an hour to wind down at night

— I had also heard that it is easier to get the pulling of wool if you put into the freezer, would you believe my son also found a sweater in the freezer and the house again happen to be full of people, of course he let everyone know.

Craig Briggs: Good morning Sharon – It looks like you had quite a day yesterday – any blisters?;-)

Janet Hughes: Good morning Sharon Carter Figueiredo, I see that they’ve not been looking after you very well. *Scurries off to fix a snack, dashes back and pants* Elevenses anyone? If you want anything different, just ask Roberto, he’s very obliging



Sharon Carter Figueiredo: No blisters Craig Briggs it was a great day

–Thank you Janet Hughes coffee and snack is good.

Bambi Flanner: Where did you live prior to Portugal? Are you an American? And how did you come to be in Portugal to begin with? Portugal is on my Bucket list.

Frankie Knight: You can always rely on Janet for sustenance! I notice there is no brandy though? How’re you liking this so far Sharon? Any questions which have had you stumped yet?

–Sharon I assume that as with us in Spain you’ve lost UK TV? Do you miss it or have you installed a mega dish to be able to still get it?

Janet Hughes: So Sharon, where are you originally from, and where have you lived before you settled in Portugal

Alison Teeshirts: just download filmon.tv and run through TV.simples

Janet Hughes: Frankie Knight, just for you darling… your own Brandy Barn Boy


Janet Hughes: No Alison Teeshirts!!!!! Celebrate the freedom from the dreary dross and live in the real world

Alison Teeshirts: oh i do… but i like to have some tv available for an hour if i want to put my feet up in the winter

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Hi Bambi Flanner I am Australian, so I lived there all my life. I am now in Portugal because I married a Portuguese man and we decided to retire to our hose here. I love the country and we grow everything we eat (except meat and fish of course)

— No Frankie Knight we have satellite tv which gets programs from Spain, Portugal, Germany, UK (News) to name a few.

— Bambi Flanner Portugal is a wonderful place to visit, especially if you like history and of course wine

Victoria Twead: Where did you live in Australia, Sharon?

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: I was born in Sydney but lived in Canberra (Capital of Australia0 for 30 years. In the last 5 years we went to Mt Kembla Wollongong every weekend. (we have a house there) it is a beautiful part of Australia and near some very nice beaches.

— I am off to have lunch and a glass or 2 of rose made by Fernando’s cousin, I will toast you all, chat soon.

Frankie Knight: Alison, you can only run Filmon via your laptop and TV if you have the correct port in the TV. Mine’s an old one so I can only watch UK TV on my laptop. To be honest I really don’t miss it!

–Oh, forgot to say thank you to Janet for the brandy!!!

— Sharon, when you return from lunch (suitably mellow from the rose) can you say why you chose Portugal above any other EU country?

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Sure Frankie it’s because I married a Portuguese man. I have also grown to like the country very much. I am now going for dessert (strawberries and of course more wine)

–Frankie Knight the other thing is the Portuguese have to be the bossiest people I know, and according to my family I am bossy, but they beat me hands down.

Janet Hughes: Who’s for strawberries and only very slightly licked ice cream? Pancho! I think that you’ve had more than enough!


Frankie Knight: The strawberries are so cheap and delicious right now. Eating them every day! Sharon, are the Portuguese males brought up to believe they are little Princes and must have their own way at all cost, same as the Spanish boys?

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: No Frankie Knight not really, in our village it is actually the women who rule, the men may think they do until a woman says jump and they jump. They also help a lot both outside and inside.

Frankie Knight: It’s the women who do all the work here. It’s not unusual to see quite elderly ladies painting the outside of the houses white in spring while the men sit outside the bar, quaffing, watching.

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Well I can assure you that does not happen in our village, it is more like he is doing the work and she is there telling him what he is doing wrong. But I have to agree the women work hard. I live in a very small (and I mean small) rural village. So for those that are not retired, it is the men who have a job, and the women who work the land. But after work the men do the heavy work with the tractor etc.

— We live in a village that has only about 75 people, most of the young ones have left to work in the cities. We think that it is probably one of the few remaining villages in Portugal where the permaculture is still practiced.

Craig Briggs: The joy of living in Spain Frankie.

Frankie Knight: Yes, my village is also tiny and many are very elderly as the young ones have left to go to the cities for work.

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Where do you live Frankie Knight

Frankie Knight: A village called Somontin, 851 mtrs up in the Estacion mountains of Andalusia. Snow and frost in winter and baking hot in summer (around mid 30’s today).

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Similar to us, we are half an hour from the Serra Estrella which is the highest mountain in Portugal. Although it is not quite that hot yet, but it will be later in summer. We don’t get snow very often although it snows in the mountains but it sure rains a lot.

— I really enjoy hearing about where others live and if they had similar problems settling in. Of course the main problem is language, especially in a village that does not have a cafe or a focal point for people to gather

Frankie Knight: Think you must have had our rain Sharon. We’ve not had our usual winter rainfall and the countryside is dead and brown with huge risk of fire. Doubt we will get any now until October….

— Still struggling with the language and have settled on Spanglish which we all seem to comprehend with a lot of gesticulation and laughter!

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Gosh Frankie Knight how unfortunate. It has not rained for two weeks and I am having withdrawal symptoms. I must admit that in Canberra Australia we do not have a lot of rain. So, the first winter here was a little difficult for me but now I know what to expect.

Terry Bryan: Good morning…coffee anyone?


Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Just about ready for afternoon coffee Terry Bryan

Frankie Knight: Bit too late again Terry! Had mine 5 hours ago! I’m spending far too much time on this pooter today – got to get ready for visitors flying in tomorrow…..

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Hope you have a good time Frankie Knight

Frankie Knight: Thanks Sharon. I’m expecting to be pampered! LOL!

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Fantastic Frankie Knight

Nancy Gould Gomoll: Hi Sharon Carter Figueiredo. Just stopping in for a few minutes before I start doing chores here. I am SO proud of you for getting your degree at a later age. I did the traditional route of going right through with my BA and MA after high school, and I can’t imaging going back again!! I have a ton of respect for those who tackle their schooling later.

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Thank you for your encouraging words Nancy Gould Gomoll, Have a wonderful day.

Judith Benson: I became a S.E.N. in 1974 and I eventually became a R.G.N. in 1998. Sitting in the room doing the written exam when I was 45 is something I will always remember!! I say some people are not ready to complete their education until later !!!!!

Charlotte Smith: Animal nutcase here! I see no mention of pets, do you have any or are you a more sensible person than me?

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: No Charlotte Smith I don’t have any pets, Fernando’s cousins dog thinks this is his second home, so does the dog up the street.

Charlotte Smith: That almost counts Sharon so I like you

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Gee thanks Charlotte Smith

–We are going to get a dog eventually, its just that we have some work to do around before we can keep it from running through the village

Charlotte Smith: Here in Spain everybody seems to let their dogs do what they like. I can’t let Billy roam free as he’s as blind as a bat and a little bit stupid (don’t tell him I said that though)

Janet Hughes: Charlotte Smith! Poor Billy

Charlotte Smith: He doesn’t mind Janet – as long as he’s no further than 6 inches from me he’s happy

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: At present there is someone who is leaving poison around for dogs, so no one is letting their dogs loose, although like Spain, they are often running around. Although in saying this I have noticed that in more recent years less so. Portugal still has a similar dog problem to Spain where dogs are abandoned or not desexed.

Janet Hughes: I think that people who leave poison out should be deported to Australia and then fed feet first to the salt water crocs…… like Charlie here who guards Becca Moore on her remote Island


Susan Joyce: Good morning Sharon! Hope you are enjoying your day in the tell all seat. It’s a busy Monday here. Let me read through the Fred and then I’ll ask an intelligent question. LOL!

Fran Macilvey: ditto!

Janet Hughes: Tea time me thinks, I’ll just go and wrest the tapas off Pancho, and then I’ll be with you * smiles brightly*



Fran Macilvey: I could do with a few of those….maybe

Janet Hughes: Tapas or orgasms Fran Macilvey ?

Fran Macilvey: Both maybe? But not at the same time. Don’t want to choke on my tapas!

Alison Teeshirts: would be a waste of an orgasm!

Janet Hughes: How did I know that on the mere hint of an orgasm, you’d pop up Alison Teeshirts?

Alison Teeshirts: well i hate to let anyone down!

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: I will be out for about an hour, have to go and pick our broad beans

Alison Teeshirts: habas time!

Frankie Knight: OMG! I return to find it has all turned smutty! Now got to read back over what I’ve missed while struggling with the cleaning!

Terry Bryan: And I have to drive back to Virginia…have a great day, Sharon…you ll be fast asleep when I come back on,,,enjoy!

Alison Teeshirts: well…it seems the naughty step is getting dusty as Miss Vicky hasn’t sent anyone there in a while so me being the rebel i am…

Fran Macilvey: Sharon, I’m very impressed that you grow all your own food. That is the sort of thing I dream of doing.

Susan Joyce: Sharon, I’m super impressed with you and your accomplishments. I especially applaud you for always wanting to learn. And growing your own food! Did you do grow your own in Australia as well? Is your husband also into permaculture? Does he farm with you? How tall are you?

Victoria Twead: Sue Clamp! Where are you? Help me brush off the naughty step, I think it’s going to be needed. *severe face, wagging finger* Tsk, tsk, behave yourselves, Janet and Alison, and don’t start dragging Fran Mcilvey down to your level…

Frankie Knight: Hurrah, order is to be restored and not before time too! Janet and Alison you should both be ashamed for bringing smut to this thread and after it had been going so well….

Susan Joyce: Sharon, Uruguay has just passed a new law regarding animal welfare. Owners are required to have animals fixed. It is done for free at local clinics or a reasonable fee through local vets. If anyone is found not taking proper care of their animals (no water, no food, too short a chain for them to be leashed on) the owner can be sentenced to 2 years in jail. I applaud this new law. We just rescued a dog who was tied up all day on a very short chain with out water. We took him in and then placed him with a vet for surgery. He’s a beautiful gentle dog. So happy we could help him out.

Charlotte Smith: How very sensible Susan. I wish other countries would learn from Uruguay. Turkey has also made great progress with animal welfare, in Istanbul at least. I hate to say it but I don’t think Spain is much better than Oman when it comes to the treatment of animals

Susan Joyce: Education is key, Charlotte!

Sue Clamp: Besom at the ready, Victoria Twead. Just getting my hat on!


Victoria Twead: Susan Joyce, it’s SO good to hear that! Sue Clamp, thank goodness you arrived. It must be because spring is here, and the sap rising and all that kinda stuff.

Alison Teeshirts: Sowwwy Sharon it must have been the soddidge ginger gave me.. Burp

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Um Janet Hughes us Australians are very funny about people wanting to deport bad people to our country

–What on earth have you all been up to while I was out working hard

Susan Joyce: Janet, thanks for the tapas! Delicious!

–Sharon, did you get lots of broad beans?

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: I am going to have some now thanks Janat

— Yes thanks Susan Joyce but I need to go back in a couple of days for more.

Alison Teeshirts: Nuffink honest!!!

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: lol I don’t think so

— I also have to say that in Australia, we are required to get all dogs chipped and desexed unless they are for breeding. There is still a bit of a problem with people dumping and this is a problem for sheep farmers as the dogs kill the sheep, but it is not nearly as bad as it used to be when I was young.

— I am now going to shell the broad beans and have a glass of wine, so will pop in and out, now no more smut

Alison Teeshirts : Wasn’t me!!! It was Er!

Susan Joyce: Sharon, do you have helpers on your land? To help you harvest?

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: No Susan Joyce we don’t have that much some of it is pine trees and oak trees so we just clear up there. We help Fernando’s cousins especially with grape and olive picking and if we need it they help us.

Alison Teeshirts: I’d love to grow all my own stuff in Spain but my terrace is too small. I may get away with a few pots when I’m there full time. Maybe here before I go for good!

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: In saying that it is every day work, we have made a lot of mistakes because Fernando has not worked the land for over 30 years. But his cousin soon sets us on the right track. Yesterday he got into trouble for watering the potatoes before he put the fertiliser on. Last week he got into trouble for cutting some of the potatoes for planting wrong he he

Susan Joyce: Sharon, that’s nice that the family cousins work together. More fun and you get more accomplished. We purchased a small farm inland but will need to plant trees first as wind breakers. Lots of work before we can even begin to plant crops.

Janet Hughes: I only want to deport them as croc food Sharon!

Charlotte Smith: I would love to start growing our own stuff up here. We have more olive trees than we know what to do with, some fig and almond trees too. Previous owner said she hadn’t had any luck with citrus but I have found an empty house further up our track with a thriving lemon tree – pinched a couple for the old man’s G&T! Things you grow yourself taste better – would you agree Sharon?

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Well ok then Janet Hughes

–Things you grow are much tastier. We are growing, peaches, pears, cherries, nectarines, almonds, chestnuts, peas, beans (white, red, and green), broad beans, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchinis, eggplants, cucumbers, chillies, capsicums, garlic, onions, kale, strawberries, lettuce and i have probably missed something out there. We are outside every day and loving it. Also enjoying the produce. We have enough olives for our own olive oil and next year on a piece of land we have about 200 metres away we will grow grapes to make wine for our own use.

Susan Joyce: Sharon, a very impressive list of produce. I’d be happy to grow grapes for wine. We do live in wine country and Uruguayan wines are quite good.

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Yes Susan we live in the Dao region which is known for the best red wine in Portugal. Fernando’s cousin makes great red wine which we drink all the time. Last year he made rose, which turned out well. The guy up the road makes fantastic white wine so we buy ours from him.

Susan Joyce: If we could grow enough for our own consumption, I’d be happy.

Frankie Knight: I had mega plans to be self sufficient when I bought my house and land. Sadly within a short space of time I discovered I wouldn’t be able to due to health reasons. I am so, so grateful to all my Spanish friends who leave carrier bags of produce outside my gate. Frequently I have no idea who they are from and when there’s too much from me I supply my friends.

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Totally agree Susan Joyce that is our aim as well and I am sure we will achieve it. Probably a little more but it is our first year so next year we will have a better idea.

— People are kind that way Frankie Knight, they are the same here. We have had such great things given to us. The guy from the village who did all our concreting etc for our bbq area gave us 5 litres of white wine because he heard that I liked it.

Susan Joyce: Sharon, besides gardening do you have other interests? Also I’d like to hear about the International Women’s Day Event? What did you speak about?

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Hi Susan Joyce I will answer you when I come back in I need to help Fernando with the tomatoes. Of course I

Susan Joyce: Frankie, you’re lucky to have great friends and neighbors leaving you produce. Nice to know good people still care for others.

Frankie Knight: I think it is because they feel I do not eat enough Susan! The first year here I planted and tended tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and melons and did it as I would have back in UK. My neighbours laughed at me and said I was doing it all wrong but were amazed when I harvested quite a good crop. Tried the following year to do it in pots but it didn’t work out at all well. They also feel sorry for me as they say I need a Man! No way! Sharon, what do you do with the tomatoes?

Nancy Gould Gomoll: You ladies are making me jealous with all your gardening talk. I live in the city with no land for gardening other that a very small area which i put flowers in because I like to look at them. I have tried pitted tomatoes but they were a failure. Your gardens and fruit/nut/olive trees sound so wonderful!!!! You are very lucky!

Charlotte Smith: I agree Nancy. We are truly blessed. Sharon your produce menu sounds awesome and is making my mouth water

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Thank you all, it is very satisfying.

— Sorry guys i have been in and out. No Susan Joyce we did not grow much in Australia, lived in a townhouse in Canberra and a small block and only weekends in Mt Kembla. Susan I don’t reach 5 feet the aim of my children was to be taller than me and then they hit the big time.

— Hi Susan Joyce the topic was on my pathway to adult learning. By this time I was a manager of a successful training company, had my degree and a couple of other diplomas and did them all as mature student. So that was the topic, it was my journey. It went very well thank you

Susan Joyce: Sharon, I’m sure your talk was inspirational. Glad it went well. I enjoy public speaking. Like a grown up form of Show and Tell.

–Do your children live in Portugal? How did you meet your husband?

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Thanks Susan Joyce, also I forgot to answer you question about what else do I do. Now that I have retired (ha ha) I like knitting, crocheting and tapestry and of course reading. We plan to travel a little once everything is up and running. When I was working in Australia, my job took up all my time except weekends, but, I really enjoyed my work. I also study some online courses for my own interest.

— No my children are Australian and Fernando’s children also live in Australia. We actually met through mutual friends and then discovered we lived near each other so he used to call in for a chat and when i offered him coffee he was most affronted and of course asked for wine. We actually became friends first.

Susan Joyce: I love taking online courses. Love learning.

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: So do I.

Susan Joyce: Makes sense and cents.

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Well everyone, it is 9:30pm here and I am just about to have dinner, I will check in again after dinner. For those that won’t be back, it has been a great day and chat, I have really enjoyed it. If I have not answered some questions just give me a gentle reminder.

Susan Joyce: Sharon, many thanks for your time and answers today. I enjoyed getting to know you better. What a lovely life you have created for yourself. If people have more questions, you can answer them in the morning also. Have a great evening!

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Thank you Susan, I have also enjoyed getting to know you and everyone else a little better.

Charlotte Smith: Good Fred Sharon. Enjoy your dinner

Victoria Twead: Brilliant Fred, Sharon, and sorry a couple of our members misbehaved… *rolls eyes* please let me know who you’d like to choose to win ebooks from the header.

Janet Hughes:


Susan Joyce: He sure looks innocent.

Janet Hughes: So am I Susan

Fran Macilvey: No we don’t blame you for the mess, liddle puddy tat. We just like to use you as an excuse. Must have told you this one before. Mum in post office queue with little boy, when odoriferous pong assails the collective nostrils. Mum turns to little boy and chides him. Lady behind buts in, “actually, dear, it was me”. Thanks for a lovely thread and some truly mouth-watering answers. xx

Janet Hughes: Aw shucks Fran Macilvey, thank you. Nice to know someone still loves me. Here’s some special Chocolate Hobnobs that you can eat Fran. *Whispers* Don’t let that Victoria Twead any where near them.


Susan Joyce: All gone.

Fran Macilvey: (But I like Victoria Twead – whispers, can we share them??)

Janet Hughes: *Ponders the request* Oh go on then Fran Macilvey

Fran Macilvey: Hey, let’s all have a party and you can have some of these here hobnobs. You know what, people? I’ve been away from this group, and I’ve missed you! Glad to be back. xx

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Victoria Twead will message you

— Good night all,

–Fran Macilvey you can start the party and I will join in tomorrow

Susan Joyce: Good night Sharon! Enjoy those fresh broad beans and a glass of white wine for me..

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Will do Susan Joyce

Gramma Lupcho: I’m coming in late; I almost envy you the land and all you can grow, but in my younger years we had patio pots of tomatoes; we lived near a farming area and my husband would go and pick the produce, fruits and veggies, and I would freeze or pressure can them for our family. I’m 82 now and content to grow tomatoes and squash in pots on our deck; however last spring I was more ambitious and prepared an area for a garden and started asparagus, okra potatoes and squashes and onions – very ambitious!! BUT the spring rains were unrelenting and my garden washed down the hill to our neighbors!! Did I add we live on a steep hill? Obviously I did not choose the best plot!!

Susan Joyce: Gramma, you are a delight to know.

Nancy Gould Gomoll: I am finally catching up with todays conversations. Sorry I was not around to chime in much, but I really appreciate you giving your time so we could get to know you, Sharon Carter Figueiredo. You have had a fulfilling and interesting life. Blessings to you.

Terry Bryan: Sharon Carter Figueiredo, as Susan said, you are a delight! And you make me want to see Portugal.

Photo#10-RoyalThankYouMay 13, 2014

Carol Stanley: Does anyone know where I can find a PINK ROYAL typewriter???

Valerie Robson: Yup, Terry has one! xxx

Frankie Knight: Really enjoyed reading about your life yesterday Sharon. I should have been preparing for guests but kept being drawn back! Now off to airport….

Victoria Twead: Now that I’ve finished the chocolate hobnobs, *brushes crumbs off ipad* (thanks for sharing, Fran) I’d like to announce the WINNNERS. Sharon couldn’t decide on two so she’s picked three. They are Frankie Knight, Janet Hughes and Susan Joyce. Pick your books, ladies!

Julie Haigh: Congrats Frankie, Janet and Susan (Joyce)!

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Finally, thank you all so much for yesterday, it was a great day and I feel like I have made many friends. I appreciate the late questions and information. Yes I too would like a PINK ROYAL typewriter. Chat next Monday at the next members forum.

Fran Macilvey: Well done everyone. It was a lovely thread. xx

Janet Hughes: Wow! Am I allowed to be a winner? Cos I’m still on the naughty step

Fran Macilvey: Yes, you are, and on behalf of everyone on this Fred I invite you to quit and leave the naughty step forthwith!

Alison Teeshirts: oh dear…i forgot about the naughty step…oops i’ve done it again!


Julie Haigh: I LOVE that t shirt Alison!

Alison Teeshirts: i keep finding ones i need to sell! lol

Janet Hughes: Oh thank you Fran Macilvey, my bum was getting ever so numb. There’s loads of new books in the header, now which one…… *gazes at header for a long time, then suddenly declares* I’d like Naked by Julie Freed, please And thank you to Sharon Carter Figueiredo for choosing me


Victoria Twead: Naked, by Julie Freed sent to you, Janet Hughes

Janet Hughes: Thank you Victoria

Nancy Gould Gomoll: Congrats Frankie Knight, Janet Hughes and Susan Joyce, and thanks again for spending the day with WLM members!!! Job well done

Susan Joyce: On me oh my, I’m a winner among winners! Thank you so much Sharon for choosing me! I would like A year at Mulberry Cottage by Victoria Connelly. Thanks Victoria!

Victoria Connelly: Hope you enjoy it, Susan!

Susan Joyce: Victoria Connelly, I’m looking forward to reading it.

Frankie Knight: O.M.G.!!!!! This cannot be true????? My cheeks are glowing! Many, many thanks Sharon! Is it possible to choose my book tomorrow as I am just on my way out with visitors right now? Oooh, I’m excited!

–Right! Decision made – please can I have Chickens Mules and 2 Old fools please (or, if that isn’t the first in the series, then whichever is!!!). Many thanks once again…..

Susan Joyce: Good choice Frankie! It’s a fun read.

Fran Macilvey: I’m reading it now. What a laugh!

Linda Kovic-Skow: Frankie Knight, good choice. You’ll laugh aloud. I did!

Nancy Gould Gomoll: Frankie Knight you will LOVE your new book! Then you will have to get the rest of Victoria Twead’s books! They are addicting!

Sharon Carter Figueiredo: Frankie Knight I have read all of Victoria Twead’s books and they are well written and fun, I am anxiously waiting for her new book to be finished.

Frankie Knight: Please Victoria Twead can I have my copy of your book???? Pretty please!

Victoria Twead: Thank you for asking! Of course you can have a copy of ‘Chickens’! Hope it makes you chuckle.  🙂

Terry Bryan: Frankie Knight, Janet Hughes, and Susan Joyce



Susan Joyce: Thanks Terry!