WLM Member Monday – Judi Bedford Keogh

Sue Clamp: We Love Memoirs

A very warm welcome to the lovely Judi Bedford-Keogh, our Member Monday in the hot seat today! I have to rush off to work but I know there will be lots to ask Judi and I will be scrolling through to find the answer to my question. Tell us more about the shooting in Amman!

Judi Bedford Keogh MM

Frankie Knight: WH-A-A-A-T? I’ve known you for 30 years and you never let on about Bernard Manning!!!!! I want to know more…..

Charlotte Smith: Good morning Judi Gosh what a lot of fabulous things to talk about today! Am I the only one who didn’t know there were that many Greek Islands??? Where do you live now Judi?

Anne Wine O’clock Durrant: Good morning Charlotte I am on Corfu at the moment – staying for 3 months – I presume you have been here. xxxx

Jude Mossad: Just wanna say Jude you look fab – better than ever x

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Charlotte there are over 700 and about 80 inhabited. We live in Andalucia

— I will have to leave you shortly and pick up later as the painter is about to arrive to paint 3 rooms!

Jude Mossad: You’re very talented Jude and make a success of everything you do – you’re a great friend too. I didn’t know you were shot in a riot in Amman, must’ve been just before we met?

Frankie Knight: Charlotte, Judi lives about 40 min drive from me, lower down the valley and nearer to the coast. Jude, looks like she’s been keeping secrets from us! Might learn a lot more ‘hidden’ stuff today

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Amman. It was the first leg of a month long holiday back packing around the Middle East. We had been to Petra and into Syria (Damascus was magic) and we were flying to Egypt. It was 16 days after the start of the first Iran Iraq war and all the Egyptian labourers were trying to get home. They had come as far as they could overland as they couldn’t go through Israel. There were hundreds of them, maybe several thousand, very dirty,very smelly and very desperate to get home. We were the only westerners and I was the only woman in the airport. They were trying to force a way to the two small planes. Then the troops arrived and started firing into the mass of humanity that I was a small part of.

— Nobody was going to ask questions if a few Egyptian navies got killed but we were still in those golden times when question would be asked if a British Passport holder bit the dust. “Without let or hinderance”and all that. I screamed in a very British and very female way and was bodily lifted out of the crowd. I had to persuade them that my swarthy bearded companion was also British. We were put on the plane to Cairo.

— In the chaos no luggage was put on the plane. I got my rucksack back 4 days later; it had been stored next to a leaking box of oily fish

Jude Mossad: You should write a book Jude you have been to so many interesting places

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Eeek the painter has arrive – yes that shade of blue. Bernard Manning will have to wait. Jude Mossad knows about that as we were working together

Jude Mossad: I often think it would be good to write a book about being women working in the building industry in the 1980’s

–catch you all later I gotta take my dad to get his cataract done x

–Ask her about 18 year old bodybuilders

Alison Charlotte Moore: wow..just checking in and i’m gobsmacked; what a varied life!!!

Jude Mossad: I wasn’t in the toilets at the Embassy Club at the time though.

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Sorry got to go – back later. Good luck with Bob’s op Jude

Frankie Knight: For goodness sake, you are both being very unfair, leaving us now with so much up in the air!!! Right, I’m off to put the coffee on as Janet hasn’t bothered this morning!

Cherry Gregory: Just catching up with this thread. It’s exciting already and it’s only 9.30!

Rowena Cardwell: LOL. I beg to differ Cherry Gregory, it’s 6.32pm here.

Frankie Knight: And 11.34 where Judi and I are… LOL!

Cherry Gregory: Where are you Rowena?

–Ahhh, yes, silly me.

Rowena Cardwell: Hi Judi Bedford-Keogh, You sound like you have done a lot in your life. I notice you carry your camera everywhere with you. I do too. What sort of photos do you like to take?

Kate Pill: Im looking forward to the rest of Member Monday! Come back soon and answer those questions!

Charlotte Smith: Yes Anne Wine O’clock Durrant, I visited Corfu when I was 16 with my best friend. I have fond memories of a Greek waiter called Spiros

–700 islands Judi? Have you got plans to visit all of them?

Woofie Wotsit: OI!! So wot happened to Orstralia?!!!

Charlotte Smith: How long have you lived in Andalucia Judi? We moved to Iznajar a month ago and I am so happy up here. I count my blessings every single day

–Here’s the coffee



Woofie Wotsit: Speaking of coffee, I have some lovely genuine 100 percent Kona coffee from the Big Island in Hawaii. Any takers?

Bambi Flanner: So, tell me you had your camera for that date with Bernard Manning. I would like pics of that please. lol

Frankie Knight: Thanks for the offer Woofie but reckon shipping costs would be too high. I’ve found a very nice Intenso which hits the spot over here…

–Can I just add my couple of pesetas here – I sort of worked with Judi a very long time ago (when she had the tiniest waist I have ever seen!) in sister companies. We were both Sales and Marketing Managers. I was very new to the business and should never have been taken on as I knew nothing about the Tile Industry, whereas Judi knew an awful lot. We didn’t get on particularly well (2 strong opinionated females?). I was made redundant after about 9 months and we lost touch. I moved here to Spain many years later and visited a friend. A couple were sat there and I thought the female was vaguely familiar. As I’d been a police officer before I retired I had to tread carefully – had I arrested this person previously? I went into Q&A mode and the peseta dropped with us at the same time – It was Judi!!! We’ve been besties ever since! Coincidence? No I believe it was meant to be….

Becky Corwin-Adams: Good morning Judi!

Charlotte Smith: That’s a great story Frankie

Bambi Flanner: Woofie, I’ll have some Kona please. It’s my favorite coffee in the whole wide world. So far. Can I have an extra large mug with cream and sugar?

Cherry Gregory: I’ll try a Kona as well please, Woofie. Never had it before. Will it make my head buzz (strong coffee does that to me!) ?

Nancy McBride: 6:58 AM here, and a lovely dark roast Gevalia in hand…what fun we’ll have today! Good Morning!

— I simply MUST come to Spain and environs to hang out with you all… Spent time in Old Hania, Crete living with artist friend… only time in Greece. Then there was lunch in Italy. Only time there… I want to know all the little stories about mens’ toilets, perusing islands, and a description of photos you WISH you’d taken!

Frankie Knight: I’m sure we’d love to see you here, Nancy….

Dodie Shea: Good morning Judi. I hope you’ve been able to get your painters straightened out. Be certain to pull a drop cloth over you so as not to get spattered while dealing with us!

Jude Mossad: Frankie I didn’t know that was how you knew Judi – I worked in the tile industry too.

Frankie Knight: Yes, her company and mine shared a showroom in Chelsea, although Judi worked out of Ruabon.

Nancy McBride: Off subject… I haven’t seen Janet weigh in…is she away? OK?

Frank Kusy: Blimey Judi, I wouldn’t have thought there was room in the gents toilet for Bernard Manning, let alone you. How did that work out?

Frank Kusy: Janet’s in Heanor, UK, prolly hasn’t got a pooter

Frankie Knight: I agree Nancy. She’s normally on hand with food and drink for us all. Hope she’s not still baking it all in the kitchen? More like drunk it all, I suspect!

Nancy McBride: Pooter? Could be sad, or a relief, methinks, unfamiliar with the term…. Thanks, Frank! Off to water aerobics… later dudes and dudettes…

Charlotte Smith: Yes Nancy McBride. Janet has left Pancho in charge!

Becky Corwin-Adams: I have missed Janet, too.

Nancy McBride: I miss her for her company, not JUST her fine offerings of food and drink… XO

— Judi, you were an early reader, what did you like reading at 3?

Frankie Knight: Mmmh!

Charlotte Smith: Fruit anyone?


Susan Joyce: Good morning from Uruguay, Judi! Having a piece of fruit before the cat eats it all, then will scroll through the Fred. Since you visited all of the Greek islands, do you have a favorite? Mine will always be Ios.

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Back now time to play catch up

–Sorry for that – chased out of the house now sat by the pool in the shade with computer

–OK Frank and everyone else now for Mr Manning. I was working for a tile company as a rep (well Northern area Sales Manager). It was in those days before mobile phones when reps had to find a phone box and phone into the office twice a day. I knew Jude but it was before she came to work with me.

–The office said they needed me to attend a complaint that afternoon in Manchester at 3pm. I was to meet a Mr Manning in the gents toilet of the Embassy Club. I thought it was a wind up

— Now our sales office manager was a frumpy single 50 year old lady with an incredibly sexy voice that belied her real personality. She was a high ranking officer in The Salvation Army and had probably never heard of Bernard Manning or The Embassy Club. I turned up and Mr Manning was very polite. He was very short and very wide from side to side but not from front to back. Looked a bit like Humpty Dumpty.

— He was less polite when I said I couldn’t help as they weren’t our tiles! Yes it was a tight fit

–Jude I don’t remember the 18 year old body builders. Is it my age? When I met Jude I was 32 and newly young free and single . She was 20, 21? and taught me everything I didn’t know

Jude Mossad: Selective memory I think they call it Jude

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Rowena. I mostly photograph birds and views though I am apt to catch people off guard. I have a great photo of Frankie taking her trousers off to be weighed at Fatclub. I can be bribed – usually by alcohol

–Charlotte Most are not accessible and it is time we saw more of Spain. We have lived here almost 10 years and I love it and love my life here

–Bambi sorry I didn’t have a camera with me. The toilets were very clean

Charlotte Smith: Let me know if you would like to visit Iznajar Judi – you can bring that Frankie Knight with you if you like!

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Nancy I love Hania. Crete is one of my favourite Islands. We had a wonderful holiday in Paliochora (excuse spelling)

Jo-Anne Himmelman: Good morning to everyone.10:11am here. Sitting with my coffee reading thru the thread. Mocha (my dog) asleep and snoring by my feet. Judi, were your art courses tied to photography. I have never been to Greece but that will be one of my next stops in my travels. Where would you recommend I focus my trip?

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Photos I wish I’d taken – mmmnhh the ones that got away. One really springs to mind. I was in my early 20s leaving Yellowstone National Park in the early morning and the sun was rising behind a stand of trees killed by a lava flow and the ground was steaming. I ought to paint it – I really ought to paint but that is another story. Painter’s block is just as bad as writer’s block and that huge sheet of white paper is scary

Jude Mossad: Judi and everyone in Spain – totally off topic but my daughter Bella is going to be working in a bar in Spain for the summer. She needs non slip shoes for the kitchen – the clog type in leather would probably be best like chefs wear. Anyone an idea of the name of a shop she should head for

Jude Mossad: please

Frankie Knight: Charlotte, what do you mean by ‘that’ Frankie Knight????

–Jude, there is a sports chain here called Decathlon and she may get them there but she will need something light weight for summer and not sure the sort you describe would be 100% suitable….

–I don’t remember you taking any photos of me with my pants down Judi? Aren’t you mixing me up with someone else???

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Jude I don’t know but I know a man who does. I’ll get back to you

–Favourite Greek Islands Susan? For my 60th I chose Santorina and a hotel right on the rim followed by a week on Symi and a week on Tilos. Last year we visited an island that was very difficult to get to until it got an airstrip and we were surprised to be newly enchanted by the whole Greek Island experience. Astypalia is a real gem. Here is the view from our apartment



Judi Bedford-Keogh: Jo-Anne The Cycades right in the middle are the classic white houses on rock but they can be busy. My first island was Skiathos and we went back a few years ago and although much busier it has retained it’s Greek character

Jude Mossad: its ok thanks frankie and judi I have pointed her at a shop in the shopping centre she is in and the words zapatos antideslizantes para usar en una cocina!

Jo-Anne Himmelman: Judi, what a beautiful view.

Judi Bedford-Keogh: No Frankie I got you and Barbara

Charlotte Smith: lol Frankie Knight! – Always good for a reaction!

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Nancy My brother is 5 years older than me and would come back from school and play teacher and teach me whatever he had learned that day. I can’t remember what we read but I do know that when I got to school and they were teaching us to read and write they just sat me in a corner with a book

–Frankie re the shoes I’ve asked Richard on the Almeria Food Forum

Jude Mossad: thanks Jude but I think we’re sorted

–she is at the Zenia Boulevard shopping centre

Susan Joyce: Judi, that’s a gorgeous view! I loved IOS because one could only get there by taking a 12 hour boat ride from Athens. No motor vehicles on the island. A very cool place with hippies hanging out in caves and smoking hash. Those were the days.

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Torrevieja?

Nancy Gould Gomoll: Hi Judi Bedford-Keogh. Just read your fred while drinking my coffee here in Michigan. It is still morning here. I love that you always have your camera with you. I try to always have mine when on vacation, and the few times I leave it behind (like at dinner) is when I REALLY want it!

Jude Mossad: yes I think it is in Torrevieja

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Yes Susan I have been to Ios and it is lovely. I still think the most exciting way to see the islands is to get to Pireus early in the morning and catch one of the big ferry boats

Nancy Gould Gomoll: The Greek islands sound fabulous and I love your picture. I old world charm of Greece intrigues me. Have never been there tho . Hopefully next year I will be going there.

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Nancy I have a small compact camera always in my handbag. I need something considerably bigger when photographing birds

Frankie Knight: It is a pain in the jacksie on occasion, Nancy- like when you’re getting ready to be weighed at fatclub apparently….

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Just popping out for half an hour

Susan Joyce: Judi, you mention Art college. What is your medium?

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Now be nice Frankie or I will post the photo

Frankie Knight: Humph!

Nancy McBride: Crocs.

Judi Bedford-Keogh: I did textile design at Art College Susan and have worked as a carpet designer, tile designer and interior designer before straying into marketing via sales. The tile design was fun as it was bespoke murals mostly municipal contracts. I remember doing one about the life of TE Lawrence for the church where he was buried. When I was an Interior Designer it was in Cheshire and I designed kitchens and bathrooms for many famous foot ballers including George Best

Nancy Gould Gomoll: I am waiting for the picture of Frankie!!!!

Susan Joyce: Judi, your design work sounds so interesting. Do you still do interior design?

Frank Kusy: Lol about Mr Manning, Judi, a friend of mine got stuck in a lift with him once, and he (Mr M) had been eating beans…

–You say you were reading at the age of 3, Judi, can you remember the first book you read? (and you should deffo write one of your own, btw, what a varied and interesting life you’ve led!)

Cherry Gregory: Of the many Greek islands you’ve visited, Judi, have you ever been to Ithaca?

Judi Bedford-Keogh: No I haven’t Cherry. One for the bucket list

–Susan No I got into marketing and took a post grad in it and enjoyed it more than design; more challenging.. I had my own consultancy and lectured in it. Jude used to do all my database work ; we were an unbeatable team. Remember the Las Vegas promo and the weighted dice Jude? I think I’ve still got one

–Frank, I once missed a train at Euston because Cyril Smith was wedged in front of me on the escalator. His trousers were full of cigarette burns

Jacky Donovan: I have very different recollection of him Judi Bedford-Keogh He seemed like a really nice guy too. I thought I was a good judge of character… clearly not!

Judi Bedford-Keogh: I thought Stuart Hall was lovely. I was show house designer for Barratt North West and had to organise the open days with a personality and the helicopter etc. We used Stuart a lot. He was good value for money, did more hours than he was paid for and was great with the kids ooops. Dennis Waterman was awful with the general public.

–Right off for a dip in the pool

Jacky Donovan: I guess sadly we have no idea what some people in the public eye are really like… Until the secrets of their true pasts come out.

Judi Bedford-Keogh: And now the guy has come to fiddle with the satellite dish. This morning it was the internet fella wanting to fiddle, then the painters here all day and now the sat man. It would happen today.

Nancy Gould Gomoll: Despite the interruptions at your house today Judi Bedford-Keogh, are you enjoying being Member Monday? I was very intimidated to have the spotlight, but really had a great day last week.

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Yes I am enjoying it. I sort of don’t do intimidated

–Is it time yet?



Susan Joyce: Judi, do you live alone or with family?

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Just me and my husband John Susan. I don’t have children, never really wanted them or had time, John has two from his first marriage who visit us from time to time

–Susan Joyce Thanks for the wine! Delightful!

Jude Mossad: Yes I’ve got a pair of loaded dice too

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Its Este from just up the valley,

Susan Joyce: A house with a pool makes for fun family get-together time..

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Jude I gave one to the son of my Spanish teacher it nearly caused a riot at the school

Jude Mossad: Remember you walking across the stage and the floor making a noise that sounded like a trouser cough. I forgot I was wired for sound and I said “Jude” really loud into my microphone which beamed around the lecture theatre. Everyone in the audience fell about laughing. Well it broke the ice and you weren’t as nervous then giving your presentation at Alton Towers.

Susan Joyce: Judi, I’m always curious about how people meet each other in this world of jet-setters. How did you meet your husband?

Frankie Knight: Susan, Judi has enough on her hands making sure I’m behaving without having children (same thing really, I suppose!).

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Here’s the pool Susan



Judi Bedford-Keogh: Susan in a pub

Susan Joyce: Gorgeous pool! Do you use it year round?

–Judi, surely you can provide more details about the pub scene? Photos perhaps?

Judi Bedford-Keogh: No we use the pool from May to October in a good year. No I didn’t carry a camera then 26 years ago

Susan Joyce: Congratulations for 26 fun years! I hope!

Judi Bedford-Keogh: The sun loungers are there ready for you all and the water is warm

–Yes fun

Susan Joyce: I only congratulate couple who enjoy being together. Good for you!

Cherry Gregory: That pool looks lovely!

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Susan I think we knew what we were doing though we had only known each other 14 months. I was 39 and John was 48

–Just done 30 lengths Cherry

Cherry Gregory: Well done. Your own pool…a fantastic way to keep fit!

Judi Bedford-Keogh: I have always loved swimming, swam competitively at county standard when I was at school, and having my own pool is the ultimate in luxury. 10 years ago I thought it was too small to really swim in but as I get older I am sure it gets bigger

–My other way of keeping fit is walking. 10km a day is fairly usual 18 – 20 not unusual

–Both Frankie and I wear pedometers

Frankie Knight: Yes,but I don’t do anywhere near the klms that you do in a day – average is between 6kms and 8kms for me. But then I’m loads older…..

Cherry Gregory: I’m very impressed. You must both be very fit!

Judi Bedford-Keogh: True. Now who wants to see the photo of Frankie sans culottes?

Cherry Gregory: Yes Please!

Judi Bedford-Keogh: I particularly like the day Frankie took her trousers off to be weighed (jeans can weigh as much as half a kilo) and held them in her hand stood on the scales!



Nancy McBride: Makes sense to ME!

Cherry Gregory: It’s the sort of thing I would do.

Susan Joyce: But of course. I’m also a walker. Allows my mind yo float.

Judi Bedford-Keogh: Can I please post the full version of the photo on the header. It shows my lovely husband who neither looks nor acts 75



Judi Bedford-Keogh: I agree Susan

Cherry Gregory: Definitely doesn’t look 75! A lovely photo of both of you.

Nancy McBride: Looks like a keeper!

Charlotte Smith: Lovely photo and you look like a couple of youngsters to me