WLM Member Monday – Janet Hughes

Janet Hughes

Alan Parks: I have a feeling today’s Member Monday could be a rowdy one! I would like to welcome Janet Hughes to the spotlight! Ask your questions!

Alison Teeshirts:  Morning Janet! has you previous occupation helped you understand your own mental health and cope with it?

Janet Hughes:  I promise to be on my best behaviour Alan *grins*

Alison Teeshirts:  you’re best behaviour gets you straight on the naughty step!

Jennifer Ziton Bendriss:  Tell me more about being a mental nurse…

Dee Allwood-Soden:  Wow! So many similarities in our lives!

–Was your father a 6ft tall dark haired, blue eyed sailor?

Janet Hughes:  Hi Alison, yes and no. Yes because I knew what clinical depression involved, that I had to take the medication, exercise be with people etc. No, because I knew what to say, so they they couldn’t section me. I couldn’t face being an in-patient myself. But being depressed is a lonely experience, and when I’m really depressed… it’s hard to be objective

Micki Stokoe:  Hello, Janet & Pancho! Have you always shared your life with cats?

Alison Teeshirts:  thats what i was wondering! i have yet to tell my Therapist i’ve written a short story that i am expanding, on suicide.. black humour though! lol

Fay Kearney:  Morning Janet, how did you end up in Catalonia? Is Pancho your first Spanish cat? I’ll catch up with you later, off to the dentist x

Janet Hughes:  Jennifer, when I finished my A levels, I started work as a care assistant in an old people’s home. I was so frustrated by my inability to help the residents with depression, dementia and schizophrenia; that I trained to be a nurse. What a shock I got! The old Victorian psychiatric hospitals were far worse than the purpose built Social Services residential home. But it was the patients I loved, the characters, idiosyncrasies etc. Once I qualified I worked in acute adult admissions, day hospital and community. Then I moved over to Rehabilitation (not drugs and drink), and eventually married the two together and worked a a Community Discharge Liaison Nurse in the acute sector.

–Dee my father is 5ft 11″ fair and grey eyed

–Micki, as a child we briefly had a stray cat called Henry. But we didn’t having cats until we moved here. You’re not Spanish, until you’ve been adopted by a cat We now have Pancho and Queenie, plus two dogs Kersty and Kezzy:-)

Dee Allwood-Soden:  Well that puts paid to that theory then.

Janet Hughes:  Well Alison, when you feel it’s the right time you can share it. It might be a way of addressing the issue. I personally don’t fantasise at all about suicide (however seductive it is) because is just drags me down further into psychosis. But that’s me. And everyone is different.

Jacky Rolls:  Mornin’ Janet I would be really interested to know whether you have found a way of coping with fibromyalgia (apart from the benefits of a warmer, drier climate)? If so, could you share your thoughts so I can pass them on to my daughter?

Janet Hughes:  Well, we had never been to mainland Spain until we came to live here. My husband was head hunted in 2003, seemed a no-brainer not to seize the opportunity! So we did. I love it here, all the advantages of Spain, plus more job opportunities for my sons when they enter the job market. And they usually work seasonally in the summer. The day that my parents die, will be the last time that I enter the UK. Hope that’s a long way away though

Alison Teeshirts:  its not something i’ve contemplated but i know a number of people who have. odd topic but i explored it! do you find the climate helps depression too?

Micki Stokoe:  I worked as a care assistant in an Old People’s home for a while – frustrating, but some lovely characters. Do you have a favourite anecdote about the people there?

Janet Hughes:  Fay, Pancho is the last in a long line of Catalan cats. Most of them feral. We had Gpara (G for gato), she was the first, then her daughter Zorro (who was reasonably tame) followed by Chicken Run (she snatched a chicken leg off the BBQ and legged it), Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo, Fussy Pussy, Gandalf the Grey And numerous others Once we got Kersty though all that changed. She accepted Queenie (no choice Queenie beat the cr*p out of Kersty on a daily basis) but all the ferral cats? Not a chance!!!!!

–Hi Jacky, Fibromyalgia is such a personal illness. But I take magnesium, co-enzyme Q10, multi vitamins for middle-aged ladies plus a massive whack of Venlafaxine 300mg a day. That lot helps me to get out of bed Plus I try to balance exercise with rest, (I need about 12 hours sleep a day ideally), eat less junk food. I make myself go out and mix with people at least 5 times a week. Brain fog? More like brain ham and pea soup! What ever floats to the top gets done Pain, regular pain I ignore. I laugh in the face of fizzy pain. Bash headaches with Ibuprofen and muscular pains with massage (if I can tolerate being touched). Burning pains are the worst, strangely a hot bath sometimes eases them, sometimes not On the whole I try not to let it dominate my life, on a mental level, but every now and again, usually in January it whacks me on the head and reduces me into Pajama Mode. Hey, c’est la vie!

Jacky Rolls:  I don’t ‘like’ that Janet, but you know what I mean! Many thanks – I know it is a truly personal illness, but I will pass your experiences on to Sacha. Thank you, onwards and upwards xx

Janet Hughes:  Well Micki, confidentiality issues aside. (Details have been changed to protect the identity of the persons involved). I often used to work nights, this particular night I was doing my hourly rounds (50 bedrooms) and one of the ladies was missing! not in bed, not under the sink, not in the wardrobe, not under the bed, not in anyone else’s room (checked all 50 of them), not in any of the bathrooms, toilets, linen cupboards, lounges, kitchens, staff rooms – not anywhere! All the external doors were closed, so we called the police to check the grounds, out buildings and streets. She wasn’t anywhere! Going a bit frantic by now! So we all went back to her room, by I tidied her bed and went to push it closer to the wall, but it wouldn’t move. Why? because her bed hadn’t been pushed back to wall when it was made. She had slipped down between the mattress and the wall, so you couldn’t see her from under the bed. She was fast asleep, oblivious to everything! I tucked her in, switched off the light and spent the next hour filling in reports

–Alison, climate helps a lot Not only on a SAD level but also a psychological level, it’s much easier to be positive when it’s sunny, I find that the sun motivates me to do things. The warmth helps with the muscular and arthritic pains AND I don’t have to walk about on icy pavements! I’m like Bambi at the best of times, add ice into the equation and I’m on my ass in seconds

Jacqueline Brown:  Hi Janet, I lost my two year old son in a hotel bed in a similar story, luckily no reports to fill in! You and I have a similar passion, I hate shopping too! Most women I know think I’m odd, even my Dad gets more enjoyment shopping than I do. Nice to meet you.

Janet Hughes:  I loathe shopping, sadly my husband LOVES it. After about an hour, he usually parks me in a cafe with a book and off he goes to his hearts content Me? If I need some new shoes, I go to shoe shops and only look at the type I want E.g. Black ankle length boots, as soon as I find a pair that I like (and that I can afford) I buy them have some lunch and off home. However, bookshops and wool shops are something completely different….. *grins*

–I love buying wool, I have a huge stash *looks guilty* I ‘get rid’ of it by designing and making dog coats for charity and little hats for the Innocence Campaign. My mum and I made 1,200 hats last year and about 100 dog coats of various sizes. In reality, I’m a frustrated potter, I would love to study ceramics and have a studio and kiln – maybe when I win the Lotto

Micki Stokoe:  Love your story, Janet! Rats – my phone needs charging! Laters!

Janet Hughes:  Bet the Damsters have been at it again, using it to skype Pancho

Jacqueline Brown:  Oh yes, book shops are a place of inner peace and beauty!

Janet Hughes:  And books, and books and books and some have coffee shops

Alison Teeshirts:  why dont you start doing the pottery with air drying clay?

Janet Hughes:  Not the same, I tried it Part of my love of pottery is the clay, using a natural product, learning about it’s peculiarities……

–Here he is, butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth



Jacky Rolls:  Have just sent him a picture!

Janet Hughes:  This is what I like to do, I love making heads, vases aren’t bad either



Alison Teeshirts:  like!

Janet Hughes:  I like your like

–Here’s Kezzy making herself comfy whilst I was away last week, way too comfy!! Off my bed!



Janet Hughes:  And The Dynamic Duo, doing what they do best – nothing!



Cherry Gregory:  Hi Janet, love your photos of dogs, Pancho and your heads…excellent. Now I don’t want to be negative and draw your attention back to depression again, but just to say I’ve had clinical depression and ME since the early eighties, so I pretty much know what you are going through. I was an inpatient in hospital when I was first ill. It may sound very strange but it was the most important few months in my life, far more life changing than university, voluntary work and travel…it was such a relief to have the weight of guilt I’d been carrying since a child removed from my shoulders and to have someone I could trust to talk too. (I was lucky, there were both good and not so good psychiatrists at the hospital and I was put under care of the best one. We got on very well.) I’ve had relapses since then and I take Venlafaxine too, plus a small dose of anti-psychotic and also Modifinil to keep me awake during the day, and my husband is very supportive and understanding. He’s fought my corner against many ignorant GPs in the 26 years we’ve been married! Sorry this has turned out rather long… wanted you to know you are certainly not alone in feeling exhausted, foggy minded etc. And I’m worse in winter too…November to March are my horror months but if I can ever find some sun in the not so sunny climes of the UK, I am a completely different person and actually become quite energised.

Janet Hughes:  Thank you sharing that with me Cherry. My mantra is ‘Spring is coming’ Already there’s pussy willow and catkins out, as well as snow drops and daffodils. Have you tried a light box Cherry? A lot of people find them very useful, especially if you use them first thing in the morning.

Cherry Gregory:  What a lovely mantra! And yes, my heart lifts at the sight of snowdrops and pussy willows. I’ve got a light box which does help (except when I get too tired to use it!) Also, when my husband retires (hopefully only a year now) we aim to go somewhere cheap and sunny for a couple of weeks at the height of winter. I think that will help!

Becky Corwin Adams:  I love your photos, Janet! The pottery is great. You are very talented. And your dogs are so sweet!

Cherry Gregory:  I’m very impressed by your aim to write your memoirs in Spanish. I’m afraid the only foreign languages I can speak are a few words in Welsh and school girl French! Why do you want to write in Spanish, not English?

Janet Hughes:  Thank you Becky, that’s lovely to hear

Becky Corwin Adams:  Can’t forget the cat. He reminds me of my childhood cats.

Janet Hughes:  Cherry, there are so many books written about foreigners coming to live in Spain that are written in English for English readers. I want to write something for Spanish readers, to give them an idea of what it’s like to be a ‘Guiri’ in their country.

–Are you on the WLM map Becky?

Becky Corwin Adams:  I believe so.

Cherry Gregory:  That’s a great idea, Janet. I wish you all the best with it.

–Becky, I’m reading your Tabby Cat Tales at the moment. It ‘s adorable!

Janet Hughes:  That’s great Becky, Pancho’ll pop over later, and you can tell him all about your childhood cats. Keep an eye on your kitchen sink cupboard, he’ll be there in a jiffy. Oh, if he brings the Damsters or Cyrano de Cavy with him, send them back to Micki Stokoe’s. You really don’t want them trashing the joint!

Cherry Gregory:  Have you thought about writing Pancho’s memoirs, Janet?

Janet Hughes:  Cherry, I have, but I don’t think that I could Any volunteers, Becky Corwin Adams, Frank Kusy just to name 2

Susan Joyce:  Good morning from Uruguay to Pancho and Queenie, Kersty and Kezzy, and the mother of all Janet. Glad to see you’re our Monday Member. I’m reading the Q&A now. Love your clay heads! Wow! Wonderful shapes.

Janet Hughes:  We are being very well behaved aren’t we. Henry Butterfield, some wine maybe?

–Susan, there is something very primitive about shaping a head in clay, whether modelling or coiling. I made hundreds, and gave them away as gifts. The Easter Island inspired head is the only one I’ve kept.

–I’m currently proof reading and editing a children’s story I wrote 13 years ago. Sue Clamp’s Agnil books reminded me of it, and there it was, all lonely and sad on a 3 1/2″ floppy disc. Pancho did something (I think Cherry’s husband helped him) and it appeared on my memory stick! Yay

Cherry Gregory:  That sounds exciting…what’s the story about?

Janet Hughes:  I thought this might be nice for a spot of lunch Pancho! Get those two weirdos away from our lunch!



Cherry Gregory:  I’ll get the key to Henry’s cellar and then we can have wine as well.

Janet Hughes:  Well… When I was in the UK I volunteered in My son’s school, and one of the things I did was to set up the school library. My story is about how a pile of books becomes a proper working library based around the Dewey Decimal System. Sounds dry I know, but what with some medieval drama, magic and humour, hopefully it will be entertaining

Cherry Gregory:  It sounds quite a creation and very original. I love medieval drama, magic and humour, so I’d love to read it!

Lindsay Quigley:  You have another member for the “I hate shopping club”, me. My mother never understood me, she was an avid window shopper even if she had next to nothing in her purse bar her bus fare home.

Janet Hughes:  Well, I’m going to take a break, have some lunch and then walk the dogs. We’re going to Solius castle. See you all later

Susan Joyce:  Janet, your book for children sounds like a winner. Every librarian will want it. What’s the title? You don’t have a studio? Where do you make your amazing clay heads? Have a good lunch. I’ll check back later.

Janet Hughes:  The working title is – THE FALL AND RISE OF POOWEY, GOOWEY AND DEWEY


The Incredible Story Of How

A Heap Of Books

Finally Became A Library

I made the heads when I was still in the UK, still miss making them though

Victoria Twead:  Janet Hughes, great Fred, (knew it would be!) excuse me for asking a tech question, but how did you get your old writing off the old floppy discs? I have that problem and was just about to chuck them all away having watched a Buried Alive hoarding show last night.

Fay Kearney:  Home from the dentist, all okay, phew. . If you could go back Janet would you still have married at 18?

Susan Joyce:  Janet, for kids you definitely want the Dewey part of the title up front. How about “Dewey and his Goowey/or Poowey Decimal Friends.” I can hear librarians cheering it now. A fun looking one to research is “Do You Know Dewey?”

–The history of the Dewey system is interesting. Of course you know all about it if you organized a library.

–Fay, glad you got a good report.

Fay Kearney:  Thanks Susan, I’m usually fine, thinking about going is usually worse than being there. I find a few drops of Rescue Remedy help to calm the nerves!

Susan Joyce:  Fay, I’m a real fan of Rescue Remedy. Great for calming.

Micki Stokoe:  I’ll have to give it a try!

Frank Kusy:  Blimey this is a long fred, but only to be expected with the super interesting Janet on show Love the pottery pic, and Pancho (who, me? I dun nuffink missus!) and the doggy wogs. I’m penning Pancho the Portal Travelling Pussy right now Janet, shall I make it a ‘kitchen sink’ drama?

Janet Hughes:  OK I’m back So Victoria, Pancho tells me that you need to buy an external floppy disc drive, which you connect to your computer using a USB. Install the drivers that come with the disc drive, and way you go.

–Susan I like your ideas I’ll PM you as soon as I’ve finished bashing the heavens out of the draft.

–Fay, 18 is definitely too young to get married, but it was what I thought I wanted at the time. If he hadn’t been so controlling (and aggressive) and if I hadn’t been so independent and stubborn we might have made a go of it. But he had an affair with my friend and I couldn’t live with it, so I left. I don’t regret a single minute of it.

–Frank, Pancho would be honoured if you write about him, his inventions, portal travels and all his friends in WLM land. PM me and I’ll sign a waiver.

Terry Bryan:  Fascinating read! Going water walking…please don’t go away…

Janet Hughes:  Did I tell you that I’m also a fully fledged TEFL teacher? Thought not. Do it now through the Santa Cristina Banc dels Temps (time bank). I use most of my vouchers for massages – how indulgent.

Susan Joyce:  Janet, happy to help in any way I can. You are definitely a Jill of all trades. TEFL also? Are you fluent in Spanish?

–I treat myself to a massage every week and consider it preventative medicine. Does it help with your fibromyalgia?

Janet Hughes:  Reasonably fluent, After 11 years I should be Catalan? I can speak it, but writing …

–Susan massage, if you can tolerate someone touching you, helps a lot with pain and muscle stiffness. I used to be a Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist as well – what a busy bee I was.

–I could effluerage with the best of them and my kneading and percussion were a thing of beauty

–I had to give up aromatherapy because the oils began to affect my mood and energy levels

–Must be time for tea, or merenda as they say here. Montaditos anyone?



Susan Joyce:  Oh yes, please! One of each! Interesting about the oils. Which were you using that affected your energy?

Janet Hughes:  All the calming ones like lavender, geranium, sandalwood etc. You have to treat the patient, of course the therapist inhales the oils as well… I continued to do massage, but found that I was channelling all my energy into the patient so I gave up My hands wouldn’t tolerate doing massage now.

Susan Joyce:  How true! Never thought of that. I put lavender oil on my pillow for a calm sleep. Which oils help you the most with pain?

Micki Stokoe:  Are there any jobs you would have liked to have done & haven’t tried as yet?

Janet Hughes:  I don’t use any oils now, I sold them all when I left the UK.

–Micki, I would have loved to have been a physiotherapist, or maybe a speech therapist. Alas I didn’t get the necessary A level grades (too busy getting married ) and you?

–I did go back to night school (UK) and collected A levels in psychology, sociology and English Language though.

Susan Joyce:  Congratulations Janet!

Janet Hughes:  Thank you Susan Help yourself to tapas, Pancho is serving tea, coffee, beer and wine on the terrace Just watch out he’s looking for volunteers for his new invention. Don’t know what it is yet.

Susan Joyce:  I’ll look for Pancho. Must be wine time somewhere in the world.

Janet Hughes:  Micki? Has Pancho been with you today?

Micki Stokoe:  Wow! I was a librarian for a while & at one stage wanted to be a speech therapist. I never had a clue what I really wanted to do, had a range of jobs, but am now happy being fully involved with Guiding & Scouting!

–He might have popped in, but only Sir Cyrano is in at the moment & it’s not a good idea to wake him up!

Janet Hughes:  Never did Guiding or Scouting, too much of a rebel me Did play a variety of instruments in marching bands though, that was great fun. Can’t imagine me having the puff to play trumpet, cornet or bugle now, and I certainly haven’t the energy play a snare drum. Might still manage the glockenspiel though if someone else could carry it for me.

–OK Micki, maybe he’s been at Woofie Wotsit’s. Woofie! WOOFIE! Oh my goodness, I think he’s propositioning Susan Joyce, best go and see what’s happening *dashes off outside, looking worried*

–No Pancho, I really don’t think that Susan wants to buy your new ‘No more Nose Hair’ spray! Remember what happened when Granddad used it? * Pancho grins evilly*

Susan Joyce:  Pancho is a great sales guy. I purchased all of his nose spray. I’ll pass it out at cocktail parties. That’s always when I notice nose hairs.

–You know, the dangling type.

Sue Clamp:  Hi Janet, I will read all this properly, but I was stopped in my tracks by the pottery thing! I went to pottery classes for about 8 years and produced all sorts of weird and wonderful things, including a vase almost identical to the one on the left of your picture. Mine turned out black, however, because it’s a burnished Raku fired pot. Have you ever done any Raku? If you’ve got a garden you could build your own little ‘kiln’ there. I used to love pottery and only gave up when the studio where I went closed down. Your pots look hand-built rather than thrown. Am I right? (Mine were all hand-built)

Linda Kovic-Skow:  Wow Janet Hughes, what an interesting interview. I love your pottery, the head is fantastic. So you are no longer a practising nurse, correct? Is that because of your illness? Do you ever think you would resume that profession?

Janet Hughes:  Hi Sue, yes I have used Raku in the past, but all fires are banned from March to the end of October here, because of the risk of forest fires. You need permission from the Ajuntamiento for any external fires as well All my pots are coiled or modelled. I never had the chance to throw pots, probably for the best

–Linda, my licence to practise expired in 2002. I would have to do the whole degree to practise in Spain. Nursing is something I loved, and having to retire was really difficult. But it belongs in my past now

Frank Kusy:  Loved your story about the old lady who fell between the mattresses and disappeared from sight, Janet. I used to run old people’s homes in S London, my fave story from those times was the little old lady who reached her 100th birthday. We all stood around and clapped while she carefully studied the card she got from Her Majesty the Queen. Then cracked up when she looked up at us, puzzled, and said ‘Oo is she? I don’t know ‘er!’

Sue Clamp:  It would probably be best to do pottery through the winter anyway. The clay dries out so quickly when it”s warm! Go on, build a Raku kiln next winter, you know you want to!

Janet Hughes:  I’ll get hubby on it

Fay Kearney:  Please could I have some of Pancho’s nose hair spray for my hubby , does it also work for ears?

Susan Joyce:  Fay, it works on hair everywhere. Be careful!

Fay Kearney:  It’s strange Susan but it seems to have gone from everywhere it used to be and appeared in his nose and ears!! Lol

Terry Bryan:  I can’t believe you never wrote a book! You have a fantastic imagination…I cannot be the only person who delights in your Pancho tales ( almost wrote tails) and your potions and portals…while you’re potting, get writing!

–BTW…here’s the chocoholic’s offering for tea.



Susan Joyce:  Terry, you should not have … Glad you did. Thanks ever so!

Janet Hughes:  Mmmmm nice Terry, thank you very much Pancho stop licking the pink ones! Go and get more No More Nose Hair, and some balding Pussy Rub, sounds like Fay’s husband needs some

–Flippin’ internet keeps crashing Result of living up a mountain with no phone line, have to rely on WiFi Max, which is about as reliable as a Reliant Robin!

Fay Kearney:  Aah thank you Pancho, I’ll let you know if it works .

Frank Kusy:  What’s your favourite book, Janet, and why?

Janet Hughes:  Let the party commence



Janet Hughes:  Without a doubt 100 years of Solitude in Spanish. Why? García Marquez writes so fluidly that he makes anything possible. He is The master of Magical Realism. Isabel Allende comes in a close second with The House of Spirits.

Susan Joyce:  Janet, I’m impressed that you can read it in the original Spanish. I love his fluidity, even in the English translation. He is a master storyteller.

Janet Hughes:  I must admit that I read it alongside the translation. A chapter in Spanish, then the same chapter in English to check that I understood it. Works well for me

Frank Kusy: And your favourite film(s)?

Susan Joyce:  Great that your Spanish is good enough to do that. Muy impresivo. Time for dinner here in Uruguay. Thanks for sharing slices of your life with us. What a fun day! Good night all!

Janet Hughes:  Night, night Susan, it’s been lovely to chat with you

–Favourite film, The African Queen and The Shawshank Redemption.

Frank Kusy:  Good calls, Janet, esp African Queen. Did you know that Bogie and Johnnie Huston were the only two people on set not to fall sick during that shoot – they drank only whisky!

Janet Hughes:  Natural internal disinfectant, along with Cola. When are you doing a spotlight, or have I missed it Frank?

Frank Kusy:  Ha ha yes, all the rest of the cast drank the local water, ran rapidly out of toilet roll, had to use leaves and bracken I had me spotlight munfs ago Janet, lot of fun innit?

Janet Hughes:  Sure is Frank

Anne Wine O’clock Durrant:  Hi Janet – sorry I am late – been really busy today – have just read all the ‘fred’. You are such an interesting person, and we have quite a lot in common, nursing (I am not trained though), apartment in Spain (sold today – fingers crossed). Arthritis not as bad as yours though. Crafts – and yes I threw a pot while I was at college. Failed marriage at 18. Love pussy cats – and would love Pancho to come visit – he sounds a bit like my late Klunk – I swear he was almost human. I think you have already covered all the questions I wanted to ask but just wanted to say hello lovely lady.

Janet Hughes:  Gonna hit the sack. Night night Alison, Frank, Susan, Becky, Sue, Linda, Victoria, Anne, Jacky, Cherry, Micki, Dee, Terry and everyone else.

–Thank you Anne, fingers crossed for your sale:-) I’m not quite decrepit yet

–Pancho will be round sometime, you can tell him all about Klunk.

Frank Kusy:  Nitey nite janet, hope you enjoyed yore interview as much as we did

–Pancho just turned up under my kitchen sink. Shall I feed him sum biskits?

Terry Bryan:  You can find Frank’s question-answer thingy on Victoria’s site, I think…

Janet Hughes:  Yes please, be careful if he gives you any No More Nose Hair Spray, ask him what happened to Granddad? Nite nite Sparky

Terry Bryan:  great interview…I want you to come to dinner!

Janet Hughes:  Why, you going to eat me?

Anne Wine O’clock Durrant:  LOL x

Janet Hughes:  Nite nite Andy, be nice to Pancho next time he’s over your way

Sue Clamp:  Goodnight, Janet! Thank you for such a fun and interesting Member Monday!

Janet Hughes:  Why thank you Sue Clamp

Terry Bryan:  To dinner, not for dinner…sighhhhhh

Janet Hughes:  *Whispers* “Have they all gone now?” * Looks around* “Well all the food and booze has gone, I’ll clear up in the morning” *Puts lights out and toddles off to bed*

Alison Teeshirts:  Night night Pancho x

Jacky Rolls:  Night night, thanks for a great day – sleep tight, you deserve the rest. Don’t worry, Pancho will clear up for you x

Fay Kearney:  Sweet dreams Janet, Pancho and family xx

–By the way, what did happen to grandad?

Becky Corwin Adams:  Good night. Sweet dreams!

Terry Bryan:  I’m gonna stop trying to be nice…”why, eat me?” my eye…*&*(%$

Micki Stokoe:  Night, Janet! Night, Pancho!

Dougie McPherson:  lots of similarities there Janet good luck in it all

Woofie Wotsit:  Dammit!! I had sooo much to ask and I missed all this cuz my Monday was chockablock with work crap…bah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria Twead:  Janet Hughes, you are a star! Have loved reading this Fred and chuckling my way through it. Thanks for entertaining us all day and do choose a coupla winners of books from the header.

Janet Hughes:  Terry, I am sorry I was going bozz eyed last night, and I didn’t read your post properly I would love to come and eat dinner with you and Andy. I’ll bring you a full set of all Pancho’s lotions, potions and sprays – the spider one is by far the best.

Janet Hughes:  Woofie Wotsit I missed you not being there yesterday, but you can ask me anything you like

–Fay, what happened to Granddad…


Janet Hughes I’d like to nominate Cherry Gregory and Susan Joyce for keeping me company yesterday. And a big ThAnK YoU to everyone else.

–Jacky, Pancho didn’t wash up, he got his friend to do it for him

[Insert Photo#10-Cat Washing Dishes]


Victoria Twead:  Congratulations to Cherry Gregory and Susan Joyce! Let me know which books you’d like.

Sue Clamp:  Congratulations Cherry and Susan!

Joy Hughes:  So sorry Janet, to have missed out on all the chit chat but on the other side of the world, work and sleep seem to get in the way of discussions. I have enjoyed reading the complete thread. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. We become stronger through our trials and you have certainly proved that to be true. Our journey through life is definitely a challenge, but one faced with a degree of faith and optimism to continue our travels. Big hugs.

Janet Hughes:  Thank you Joy, big hugs back at you

Fay Kearney:  Well done Cherry and Susan. ;D

–Janet, if this happens to my hubby it will be a miracle!!! Lol. x

Micki Stokoe:  Well done, Cherry & Susan!

Susan Joyce:  Joy, nicely said about life’s journey! Janet, it was super getting to know you. Thanks for the win. I’d love to have Dancing in the Fountain. Congratulations Cherry!

Cherry Gregory:  Janet, thank you for the marvellous thread and for choosing me and Susan! Victoria, I’d also like Dancing in the Fountain.

Janet Hughes:  You’re both very welcome Don’t forget to leave a review

Victoria Twead: Karen McCann, two Dancing in the Fountains flying out


Terry Bryan:  Cherry and Susan. Janet

Cherry Gregory:  Thanks, Victoria. Will enjoy reading and reviewing it.

Susan Joyce:  I know I’ll enjoy it and will definitely review. A must for readers and authors.