WLM Member Monday – Frankie Knight

Frankie Knight MM

Alan Parks:  It’s Monday and you know what that means!! Today’s member in the spotlight is Frankie Knight. Frankie has to pop along to the vets this morning, but will be here in a bit. Give us a shout when you get back Frankie, how is the cat?

Victoria Twead:  Hi Frankie Knight! Thanks for sitting in the hotseat today! Gosh, you modelled swimwear for Marks and Spencer? How did that come about?

Sue Clamp:  Hi Frankie! I’d also like to ask about your cat. How’s he doing? Can I also ask where you were standing when you saw Jude Law naked?

Gemma Murphy-Sanderson:  Hi Frankie. I would love to hear the Jude law story too.

Shirley Ledlie:  Hi Frankie, I have to go out shortly to the dentist so just wanted to get in with the details please of the Jude law story lol sounds interesting?

Michelle Ingel:  Hello. What is MS? and what gave you the guts to leave the hairdresser without paying?

Amy Jo Newell:  Hi Frankie! What were you doing when you were shot at in Turkey?

Frankie Knight:  Hiya everyone, I’m back to find disaster – only small sip left in brandy bottle to have with my coffee which is percolating now.

Sue Clamp:  No emergency supplies tucked away anywhere?

Frankie Knight:  Right – Jude Law – I was friends with Pete and Maggie, Jude’s parents back in the 70’s and used to occasionally babysit which meant nappy changes!!!

Sue Clamp:  OMG!

Frankie Knight:  Rojo is much better so I may get to sleep in my own bed tonight instead of sitting with him in the rocker/recliner.

Sue Clamp:  That’s so good to hear, Frankie!

Frankie Knight: M&S Michelle, is a chain of stores around Uk and with some in Europe. At one time it was THE place to shop. I was working there as a temp and the manager asked me if I would go up to London and audition for a fashion show. I said Yes. Went along and was picked along with about 10 others. We did the show in Tunbridge Wells and Tony Hancock was compere. It was shortly before he committed suicide in Australia. Realy nice man. Us girls all got to keep the clothes we modelled, which was nice as I was broke at the time.

— After my divorce, Amy Jo, I bought an old Citroen 2cv estate (with corrugated iron roof) and bummed around Europe in it. I had no money and was stealing tomatoes from a field when one of the workmen who was sitting having his bread and wine lunch, stood up and shot at me. I’ve never run so fast in my life to get back to the car – taking the tomatoes with me, of course!!

–A few weeks ago I went to the hairdresser and asked her to layer the bottom inch of my bob so it sat better. She grabbed about 4 ins at the back and lopped it off – I shot in the air shouting “What the f***k have you done?”. She nearly dropped the scissors in fright. She’d obviously heard ‘layer’ and nothing else. Consequently I now have a cut which I could have done 10 times better using a knife and fork in my kitchen. She wittered on about what lovely hair it was and beautiful colour etc etc and I said not one single word. When she finished I picked my bag up and left, leaving her stood in amazement. I have subsequently discovered she is not qualified – it shows!!!

–Right pour coffee and return shortly

Sue Clamp:  How does benign MS manifest itself?

Karen Young:  OMG Frankie you will have to pm me as to which hairdresser it was – now Alice is back in Norn Iron I need to know who to avoid!

Frankie Knight:  I lost my sight for about 24 hours 8 years ago and was sent to the optician at the hospital. He asked for a scan and when I went for the result he told me the sight loss was due to my MS. I said I didn’t have MS – “Oh, yes, you do”. I left there in a whirl and didn’t hear much else of what he’d said apart from having an appointment to see another doctor in the morning.

–I have what I refer to as ‘my rickety turns’. These can be intense muscle ache, eye problems, joint pain and general inability to do very much. On those days I simply sit and read and take it easy. I cannot now walk as far as I could even one year ago. It’s generally a bloody nuisance more than anything else.

–Karen, behind Rizos!

Karen Young:  Thanks for the heads up! I went to Julie last week, in Arboleas and she did such a good job, my hair looks great!

Ben Hatch:  Loving these stories Frankie!

Frankie Knight:  You have a bob as well Karen,so can you imagine how I felt when the stupid woman lopped it off? If you see me, you’ll walk past thinking I am Boris Johnson!

–Thank you Ben! These are the sort of things I put in my column in the Costa Almeria news. The things that happen to me could not be made up, honestly!

–Right, finished the coffee, now having the brandy chaser, or rather chaserette as it’s so small. Possibly a UK measure but certainly not a Spanish one!

–Right, brandy gone, if anyone’s passing my mountain can they please drop another off, looks like being a long day!

Dodie Shea:  How long have you lived in Spain Frankie?

Sue Clamp:  Good heavens, Frankie, the optician’s news must have been a terrible shock! You always sound so positive and cheerful! Good on you for making the best of enjoying your life!

Frankie Knight:  It’ll be 10 years on 27th of this month. Seems to have flown by!

–Sue, it possibly sounds worse than it is. Yes, it was a big shock but the friends I have here would never allow me to wallow in self pity. Also, living alone, I just have no choice but to be positive.

Jacqueline Brown:  Wow! Frankie your life is an amazing story. I’m off to pour myself a brandy as reading this has exhausted me, that and finishing the quarter end accounts!

Dodie Shea:  What lead you to Spain?

Frankie Knight:  I had retired and was living on the Essex/Suffolk borders and in the summer of 2001 or 2002 it did not stop raining. My hobby was growing exotic plants which went into the local nursery in winter. This particular summer they were drowning. I was driving down the motorway in August at 25 mph and thought, “What the f**k am I doing here?”. That night the house went on the market. Sadly, as I lived next door to gypsies who were also drug dealers, this did not prove a simple job. People would draw up to view, see the mess and drive off. In the end I paid to have it all removed, had the outside of their house painted and sold it eventually. Why Spain? It was hot and sunny, I had previously owned a house in Nerja, thought it would be hot and sunny, then moved to a mountain which has minus 12 in winter and up to a metre of snow!

Jill Stowell:  Hi Frankie Knight. You’ve probably spoken about this when it happened but I’m not always around to read all threads. How did you roll your car? Were you on your own when you did it? What’s the recovery service like in Spain?

Becky Corwin-Adams:  Good morning, Frankie. It sounds like you have led a very interesting life. Have you ever considered writing a memoir?

Frankie Knight:  Hi Jill, Yes, I was on my own. Took a corner too wide, hit gravel and lost my steering. It felt as if it rolled a dozen times but think it was 1.5 times. Landed up on drivers side with passenger side in the air! Fortunately it slowly rolled right way up and I was able to get out, covered in glass. Three cars drove past me!!!!! Then a friend, that I was supposed to be meeting turned up with the Guardia who sorted out tow truck etc while I was taken to Urgencia to be checked over. I had bad bruise on my shoulder (seat belt) and another on my thigh (steering wheel) but apart from breaking a couple of nails, was OK!

–Sort of Becky, but I have the attention span of a flea and can only sit and write in small doses. JudiBK and I have talked about putting all my articles together into a book which she would edit but that’s as far as we got.

Becky Corwin-Adams:  You should do it, Frankie.

Judi Bedford-Keogh:  Damn the only one I didn’t know about was Jude Law so no questions to ask. Frankie and I met up 10 years ago this December and realised that we knew each other as we had worked together over 30 years ago.

Jill Stowell:  I can’t believe that 3 cars went past you! That’s awful. Did an accident like that which obviously shakes up the body trigger your MS and what are the implications of it being benign, how does that work?

Judi Bedford-Keogh:  She didn’t tell you she came off the road in the same place about 4 years ago

Frankie Knight:  Surprisingly not Jill! I think I am so drugged up on a day to day basis that I just went with the roll…. It is benign, they say, because it did not manifest itself until I was in my late 60’s. I have probably had it for quite some time and on reflection can see small incidences, which I’ve ignored, which could have been MS. I am lucky in the respect that I am generally able to lead a ‘normal’ life, although don’t like to think of myself as ‘normal’ LOL!

–Ah, yes, was hoping not to mention that Judi!!!

Valerie Robson:  Hi there, just doing my log-on so that I can stay with this fascinating story… Is your mountain part of the climbing trails that I read about? xxx

Frankie Knight:  Don’t think so Valerie, but the ancient goat trails are still visible especially when the vegetation dies down. Mind, as we’ve had no winter rainfall, you can see them now.

Jill Stowell:  Interesting about the MS thanks for the explanation. Interesting fact also that you’ve come a cropper on the same stretch of road, which might say more about you than the state of the road. In six words how would you describe your personality Frankie?

Frankie Knight:  Loud, blunt, antisocial and an introverted extrovert! Ooops, sorry, that’s seven!

Janet Givens:  The 27th of April? That’s my son Dave’s birthday too. He’ll be 41. Do you remember your birthday 41 years ago? Happy early birthday, btw. You certainly lead a full life.

Jill Stowell:  Haha. Did you miss out impulsive deliberately Frankie?

Frankie Knight:  Yes, Janet, I’d just returned from 3 years living in Tucson, Arizona after my divorce. I think I was temping as telesales on women’s magazines.

–Moi? Impulsive? Nah!

–Have to keep shooting off to check on Rojo who is currently sleeping under the flowering jasmine. Don’t want him wandering off in his confused state….

Janet Hughes:  They’re not looking after you very well are they Frankie Knight?



Victoria Twead:  Janet Hughes, we rely on you for refreshments, and cute waiting staff to serve them…

Frankie Knight: ooh, Janet that looks far too refined for my palate. I buy the cheapo stuff from Merkies here. Last summer I was persuaded to try a brandy which the barman said was good. It wasn’t as nice as my usual one. Discovered afterwards it was €15 a glass and €135 a bottle…..

Janet Hughes:  Does it taste any better now?

Sue Clamp:  I’m suddenly developing a thirst…

Frankie Knight:  No, no, no Janet. Can’t stand blokes who are prettier than me….

Janet Hughes:  Here you go Frankie, you should have enough now to share



Frankie Knight:  Especially ones presenting me with – orange juice??????

–Ah, that’s better but I don’t do sharing!

Janet Hughes:  Just for you Frankie *rolls eyes*



Janet Hughes:  Sue Clamp looks like the waiter and the Buck’s fizz are all yours

–Right then, I’m off to North Walsham now, catch you later

Frankie Knight:  Spot on Janet. Providing he has his own hair and teeth and is able to walk unaided?

–Cannot believe the number of spelling mistakes I am having to go back to and correct!

Sue Clamp:  Are you sure you didn’t have a secret stash of brandy, Frankie?

–Tell us more about your time in Munich.

Valerie Robson:  Leave them, we will understand. My lil phone makes up new words all the time… xxx

Frankie Knight:  Sue,it’s possibly lack of that’s the cause….

–Ok, Valerie, I will from now on….

–Munich. 1972. Olympic Games. As usual I had no money so wanted to go and see what was happening. I was returning from Istanbul in my old banger and took a detour. Found a junk yard where the owner was allowing people to park their cars. Took off on foot (accompanied by Son Of Coca Cola, no less -but that’s another story!) and found there was no way either of us could afford tickets to see anything. It was fantastic atmosphere though. Decided to sleep in the car overnight and set off for Dover in the morning. Next day we found the Army and police were everywhere, on street corners laid flat with rifle sights in front of them! Scary. Also we were stopped at several roadblocks as we looked rough and smelly hippy types. Had no idea what was going on. It wasn’t until nearly 2 days later, waiting in the queue for the ferry and after picking up 2 backpackers in exchange for petrol money (!!) that we found out about the dreadful shootings.

Susan Joyce:  Good morning from Uruguay! Frankie, just read through your Fred and have discovered you are a corker. A fun one! After you tell us about your time in Munich, I want to know how you ended up in Tucson, AZ.

Janet Givens:  Yes, I’d like to hear about Munich too. 1972. The Olympics. I remember watching it unfold on TV. I’d be very interested to know how it was all treated in the German press. Btw, I lived in Ohio at the time, only a few miles away from the family of one of the victims.

–Ok. This will peg me, I know. But, what is a corker?

Susan Joyce:  An outstanding or astounding person or thing.

Frankie Knight:  Morning Janet! The sister of my ex was married to a GI just back from Vietnam. She was working on a drug rehabilitation programme in Tucson. Most of the men had been fed a cocktail of drugs in order to keep them fighting fit but resulted in a huge problem on their return. I flew over and landed up staying 3 years. I worked illegally doing all kinds of menial tasks (was sacked from a fast food place for refusing to wash the disposable knives and forks) in order to survive. In the end I got fed up with lack of rain (can you imagine?) and returned to UK. Big mistake.

Gemma Murphy-Sanderson:  Frankie Knight I have just realised it is your column in the cost almeria news that I have read loads of times when I visit my grandad. He lives Albox. Near Judith Benson actually.

Frankie Knight:  Oh, an almost fan!

Susan Joyce:  Frankie, other than being shot at while stealing tomatoes in Turkey, did you find Turkey fascinating?

Valerie Robson:  My phone stopped this fred at 80 comments, about 40 minutes ago!

Was it something I said?

–Or just an Africa thing?

–Hope this gets me back in the loop… xxx

Janet Givens:  Thanks Susan I was beginning to think it had something to do with a wine bottle. .

Susan Joyce:  Janet, it also means someone who corks containers. My dad used to use that word often to describe interesting characters.

Valerie Robson:  I seem to be back, yayeee!

–Maybe it was siesta time… xxx

–Was it siesta time? xxx

Frankie Knight:  Susan, I loved turkey back then. It wasn’t the tourist place it is now and the bridge hadn’t been built across the Bosphorus. It was exciting getting the ferry across to Asia. That was where we ate sheep eyeballs without knowing what they were! The people grabbed us and wanted us in their homes. They insisted on feeding us and were fascinated by my long red hair and Son of Coca Cola’s (wish I could remember his name!) which was long and he wore a head band. They called him Cochise where ever we went. We lost count of the number of times we were offered hashish to buy but always declined. Just as well as when we left to drive into Bulgaria the border guards took the car apart virtually!

Susan Joyce:  Frankie, I also love visiting Turkey. Wouldn’t want to live there, but during my time living in Cyprus, I went there often. A truly fascinating country. Did you go to the Gorme region?

Frankie Knight:  No, sadly not. I had arrived there by accident as had no idea where I was going when I took the ferry across the channel! Just kept driving and stopping overnight when I was tired!

— It has just dawned on me why I am making spelling mistakes – I have Katykat on the table between me and the laptop! She’s finally emerged from the bathroom after smelling Rojo when he returned from the vet on saturday! Joey wouldn’t come in the house until this morning. Powerful pong, that vet’s got!

Terry Bryan:  Go check Rojo, please. Thanks.

Susan Joyce:  Frankie, are your cats OK?

Frankie Knight:  I can see him sleeping under the BBQ from here, Terry! Susan, yes, it looks as if Rojo is pulling through slowly. Liver damage takes a while to repair. I am feeding him via a syringe after mixing cat pate with water into a soup. Yuck!

Susan Joyce:  Frankie, happy to hear he’s improving.

–Frankie, surely you knew you were driving in the direction of Turkey? Or is this a DON’T ASK, don’t tell story?

Frankie Knight:  Trying to attach photos of Rojo and Katykat but seems to just be Rojo here…



Frankie Knight:  Susan, it was raining as I left Yugoslavia (or was it Greece?) at night and had no idea which direction I was going in. Didn’t seem to matter at the time….

Susan Joyce:  Sweet photo!

–Frankie, I know that feeling. Do you still write a local column?

Frankie Knight:  It’s incredible as I am answering your questions, so many memories are flooding back! I appear to have done a lot of things with my life – far more than I realised – and I haven’t even touched on the 80’s/90’s and 21st century! LOL!

–No Susan I don’t. About a year ago they reformatted the paper to include a pull out section of Tv times and my column, after 4 years, was pulled. The other one, a gardening article, had gone previously during one of my Rickety turn periods. They continued publishing all the previous articles again for some time, though. I still get people asking me what happened to BUD (Big Ugly Dog) who adopted me against my will, for a year and a half, and whom I wrote about until he decided he preferred whatever the goat man up nearer the village was providing and left me…

Susan Joyce:  Frankie, your BUD the dog story reminds me of our sweet Dogita (combo of dog + little in Spanish) whom we adopted while living in Mexico. She’s not the most attractive dog (my artist husband refers to her as a “poorly drawn dog.” But she’s a good kid and we love her anyway.

–Frankie, I hope you will write about your bizarre adventures. You’ve had a few. Seems you’ve had a full to overflowing life.

Gemma Murphy-Sanderson:  Frankie Knight how did you come across WLM? X

Frankie Knight:  I arrived via my friend judibk who is also a member and lives in Spain here about 25 klms from me, lower down the valley where it is much warmer (and she’s got central heating!!!).

Alan Parks:  Central heating! That doesn’t count as living in Spain!

Frankie Knight:  Exactly Alan. If you aren’t humping wood, dealing with ashes and chimney fires, smoke in the living room and freezing bedrooms it ain’t worth being here!

Alan Parks:  What would we have done if people had told us winter in Spain was too cold, and the summer was too hot! I do like April, May, September and October though!

Frankie Knight:  I suspect that many, like me, thought it would be warm and sunny 365 days a year. Certainly no snow or frost! I had a house before in Nerja (or Frigliana) and that was nice and warm as it was on the coast.

Terry Bryan:  Okay…it has be asked…were you a wild child? Maybe I’m reading stuff into stuff (this is why I’m not a writer ) but it seems to me I might have been jealous of that girl. Keep talking, please.

Cherry Gregory:  Hi Frankie, you’ve certainly had an adventurous life! Is there anywhere else you’d like to travel to?

Frankie Knight:  Something I maybe ought to mention is that when I settled down and became slightly more adult, respectable and conventional, I joined the Metropolitan Police! My father had been in the police as a dog handler and wanted me to follow suit. Naturally, it was the very last thing I wanted to do – I was going to be an actress, after all, and follow my mother onto the Boards.

Terry Bryan:  Keep writing…the plot thickens…

Sue Clamp:  There’s definitely at least a memoir, if not an autobiography, here, Frankie!

Frankie Knight:  Oh, you mean like the time we were called out to an affray in a pub on New Year’s Eve. Frankie first through the door (let me at ’em) and a drunk, believing I was a kisso’gram, undoing the buttons on my tunic (it was the days before wooly pulleys and all their frippery they’ve got now). The expression on his face as he saw the Heavy Mob following behind was a sight which will for ever live with me!

Lorna Penfold:  Hi Frankie, as the mum of a ‘Frankie’ is your name short for anything? My daughter’s name is Francesca but I fell in love with the name Frankie first.

Frankie Knight:  Yes, Lorna it is but only when I’ve been very, very naughty!

Lorna Penfold:  That sounds familiar

Judith Benson:  My stepchildren call me Judy and the Spanish call me Julie but my mum always called me Judith. My husband calls me Judith occasionally though mostly Jude!!!!!!!

Linda Kovic-Skow:  Frankie Knight I wanted to pop in and say hello. I have friends in town today and have to meet them shortly. I’ll catch up on this thread when I can. I hope you’re enjoying the questions:)

Micki Stokoe:  Hello, Frankie! Enjoying the Fred! Do you have a favourite exotic plant & can you grow it where you live now?

Frankie Knight:  Oh, boy am I enjoying this! Terry -a wild child – no was very much repressed by a draconian, bullying father and an acerbic mother. Think I let loose when I left home. Cherry, I would love to take the train across Canada in the Fall and alos go to see the tombs in Egypt.

— Exotic plant Micki? Yes, The beautiful Datura>Brugmansia?Angel’s Trumpet. I grew them in Uk and to a lesser extent, here in Spain. They love to have a gentle heat and I have to put them in shade in Summer. Also, due to my stupid physical problems, all my garden is now in pots so’s I can manage them. In Uk they grew up to 5ft tall but here they are much shorter and with fewer of the exotic, highly perfumed flowers.

–I’m multitasking right now – unusual for me. I have washed my chopped hair and am trying to make it look 6inches longer, and at the same time I am cooking dinner. Now, I do not do cooking! My philosophy is if it takes longer to cook than to eat, forget it. Pasta and tomato sauce for main and strawberries with squirty cream for pud.

— Right, now pouring a glass of the red stuff and off to eat my gourmet meal. See yas later….

M icki Stokoe:Enjoy! I like meals I can prepare & cook in 20 minutes. Love Brugmansia & container gardening is fun!

Jo-Anne Himmelman:  Frankie Knight, you have led a very exciting life!

Cherry Gregory:  Frankie, I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt for that very same reason, ever since reading about them as a child. And my husband wants to take a train across Canada. Do you think you will? For various reasons, Keith and I haven’t done much travelling aboard but when he retires in about a year, we hope to change all that…so I’ll see you in Egypt and Canada!

Frankie Knight:  Cherry, I wish I could say yes, it’s date but due to being fleeced when I first came here to Spain by a couple of Brit ‘builders’, funding could now be a problem (c’mon EU lottery!).

Susan Joyce:  Frankie, you have a perfect writer name. I want to hear more about when you were a cop. Bet you have a zillion unbelievable tales. Did you enjoy being in law enforcement?

Frankie Knight:  Yes, I did but doubt I could cope now. Things were getting far too politcally correct when I left (a long while back) but now there are far too many people suing for no reason. The police are almost scared to confront anyone as they will receive a complaint against them which must be investigated. I finished up in Child Protection and that finished me….

Susan Joyce:  Child protection services would be a tough department to work in.

Micki Stokoe:  I’m not surprised. It must have been very difficult to cope with.

Jo-Anne Himmelman:  I agree. You could never leave the job at work

Susan Joyce:  Frankie, do you have family nearby in Spain?

Frankie Knight:  No Susan. I am an only child and now have no living relatives apart from 2 adult sons. One was in the Army as Media Ops which meant he was a photographer in many war zones. Thankfully, now aged 51 and finally married with a 3 year old daughter, he is retired. They live in Iserlohn in Germany. The other, still single at 48, is an architect. and lives in London Currently working on a project in Uzbekistan.

Sue Clamp:  Blimey, Frankie, you must have started young! You don’t look old enough to have a 51 year old son!

Frankie Knight:  I’ve done my 3 score plus 10 Sue!

Cherry Gregory:  You look nowhere near.

Frankie Knight:  Before I forget, I have to thank Judi Bedford-Keoghbk for unearthing the picture of me at the top (taken last summer), as there was no way I’d advertise my current hairstyle – think Monk’s tonsur!

— I could really get to like you Cherry!

Sue Clamp:  Please tell us what anti-wrinkle cream you use!

Frankie Knight:  Brandy!

Linda Kovic-Skow:  I very much enjoyed this interview Frankie Knight. You have led an amazing life. I can certainly relate to leaving behind the rain – that’s why I left Seattle, Washington and moved to Arizona! Are there things you miss from the UK now that you live in Spain?

Gemma Murphy-Sanderson:  Wow thanks for sharing Frankie. C

Sue Clamp:  Preserved in alcohol! Love it!

Frankie Knight:  Linda, where in Arizona are you? I lived in Tucson way back in the early 70’s. I miss a couple of the Brit shops here. The clothing for the more ‘mature’ lady leaves a lot to be desired here – I am not into crimplene tent dresses. Back in Uk the shops cater to us far better. Foodwise, there is nothing that I need which I cannot now buy. If required there are now specialist Brit shops, with well over inflated prices,should I need them.

Jennifer Herrick-Weatherstone:  Sorry I have not been here to support you Frankie Knight my charity working day and so not home until late avvo. Hope it went ok you are special

Frankie Knight:  Jennifer, sitting in my chair last night I was convinced I would be the first to have NO ONE ask me anything!!! Hasn’t happened and I’ve so enjoyed it!

Jennifer Herrick-Weatherstone:  Very pleased, you are braver than me!

Fay Kearney:  Just read your interesting thread, you’ve certainly had a full life Frankie! Hopefully the Euro lottery will pay out and you can carry on your adventures

Frankie Knight:  I doubt that Jennifer! Oh, Fay that would be so good!

Gemma Murphy-Sanderson:  It has been a fantastic conversation thank you Frankie Knight

Frankie Knight:  No, thank everyone who has contributed today. I’ve really, really enjoyed it!

Susan Joyce:  Frankie, it’s been a great interview. I know Tucson very well, spent 13 years there as a kid. The desert seemed magical then. Thanks for sharing your time with us today. I also hope you win the lottery and make that trip to Egypt.

Sue Clamp:  I hope you’ve had fun today, Frankie. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all your fascinating stories!

Alison Teeshirts:  Sorry I’ve missed you today, been travelling across to Spain. Hope you’ve had a great day

Cherry Gregory:  Thank you, Frankie, for this fascinating thread. I’ve enjoyed being part of it!

Julie Haigh:  Great comments Frankie, Amazing! This is so interesting. Most of my questions have already been answered. You are such an interesting person, talk about the phrase ‘I could write a book’-you certainly could with all these experiences! Glad you’ve been enjoying your member Monday.

Micki Stokoe:  Glad you’ve enjoyed it, Frankie – you’ve shared some great stories. Thank you!

Victoria Twead:  Frankie Knight, what an aaaaawesome Fred! And you were worried? Thanks so much for letting us into your life!

Janet Hughes:  What a fab fred Frankie aren’t you just an enigma! Buenos noches

Valerie Robson:  Goodnight all… xxx

Terry Bryan:  What fun, Frankie Knight. I just thought you might have fun…so happy to read you did. You really have had an interesting past. I’d like to live near you…not too close, but enough so we could visit once in a while. If you get to Virginia, you’ve got a free place to stay.

Susan Joyce:  Terry, nice!

Terry Bryan:  One more thing…I don’t know what the hairdresser did to you, but I like the cut in the picture, Frankie Knight. Looks good!

–From your description of yourself, you should have this…he says, “Welcome. How long are you staying?”

Later the next day …

Linda Kovic-Skow:  Just saw your question Frankie Knight. My husband and I moved to Gilbert last April. Loving it!

Frankie Knight:  OH my goodness! I have an enormous apology to make – after my last post, I had dinner and sat down in the chair with Rojo on my knee – just for a minute – and promptly fell asleep! That meant I was not around later in the evening to speak to you all. I think it was the combination of two nights spent sitting in the same chair with Rojo on my knee as I was so, so worried about him and the excitement of spending the day with so many lovely people! So hope you will forgive me? To say I enjoyed yesterday is truly an understatement. Also, due to so many kind words of encouragement from you, it has made me think that maybe, just maybe, I might have something to say bookwise after all……..

Sue Clamp:  Yay!

Julie Haigh:  Brilliant! Better get cracking then, we’re all here waiting to read it!

Victoria Twead:  Hi Frankie Knight and thanks again for the fab MM. When you’ve recovered, could you choose 2 winners of books from the header, please? Gonna be difficult!! Then start writing that book. If you’d like a copy of my How To, I’d be very happy to send you one, maybe that’ll get you started.

Frankie Knight:  Have spoken with my editor (Judibk) this morning and we will discuss further tomorrow, maybe over a glass -or dozen, of vino collapso!!

— I have really busy day today with yoga, vet visit and hospital for scan so will try and choose 2 winners (now that’s really gonna be hard!) tomorrow, if that is OK? A ginormous thank you Victoria for inviting me to sit in the hot seat yesterday – really enjoyed it!

Charlotte Smith:  I’m so sorry I missed your Member Monday Frankie Was tied up all day yesterday. Looks like you had a lot of fun though

Jill Stowell:  We knew you would Frankie Knight. underneath that, what was it? Oh yes, “antisocial, introverted extrovert” exterior is a veritable dynamo! And what a life! You sure packed a lot into it so far.

Susan Joyce:  Go Frankie!