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Lisa: Normal kindle vs paperwhite any thoughts before I click the buy button?

Julie I brought the HD kindle that was on offer until 1st December, 99gbp instead of 159gbp-I didnt really look at the spec, maybe I should have ! so I await your answers you receive!

Lisa  I had a normal kindle and gave it to my daughter because i got an ipad last christmas but the ipad and the kindle had the same issue in that you can’t read it in bright sunlight but i see the new normal kindle can be read in bright light (maybe they are telling porkies) so I was going to pay the extra and get the paper white but now i’m not sure.

Carrie  I love the Paperwhite. So nice to be able to read it anywhere, in any light.

Karen  I have a kindle touch and a kindle fire HD. I love the kindle fire for all the apps but it is far heavier than the kindle touch. Much prefer the kindle fire so user friendly, brilliant for browsing books on Amazon, great for FB, Skype but as I said its heavier than touch but saying that im so glad I upgraded!

Julie sounds good to me then Karen Lonsdale thank you for the input

Karen  My husband LOVES his paperwhite.

Jane I’ve had a Fire for 2 years (it’s dying and another one is being shipped as we speak – bought during holiday special pricing from amazon). I use it for everything as my computer – email, fb, banking, bill paying. However, got fed up with glare and bought the smaller one that’s not a paperwhite, just a Kindle reader with no web capability or extras. It’s the one that goes to the beach or anywhere I want to read outside. Can’t do without either in my life now!

Ciara  My Kindle Fire died while on my trip last week! I have to get another also.

Jane  I’m tired of using the stylus for all my typing (as now), so I bought the HDX with Bluray and then, for just $20, bought a wireless Bluray keyboard. Can’t wait for it to arrive – this stylus is going out the window!

Jennifer  oh paperwhite every time you can read in bed or in hotels with no bedside light

Lorna Sorry to throw a spanner into the works but I’ve heard the Tescos tablet is now one of the best…

Julie  but can you put your kindle books on itLorna Penfold, this is all new ground to me, I was a paperback girl til 4 months ago… 2 tablets later and a REAL kindle otw, I,m so confused dot com!;)

Jennifer I do not want to use my tablet for reading as too big (10″) would rather have a separate reading machine which for me is my kindle paper white the best thing ever

Lorna  Apparently if you download the kindle app for android, then yes.

Jennifer  but battery life is crap compared to a kindle or paperwhite if you can afford a separate kindle then it is like a book and is always available to read…if also used as a tablet I would forsee battery issues

Alan  The Tesco one is a tablet, so not sure about the reading in bright light, but as an all rounder have heard good things.

Jane  Yes, you can download the kindle app for free to any pad or tablet and it will become a reader. I looked at lots of others and their options – both pads and tablets – stayed with Kindle because of Amazon’s amazing customer service for all my stupid questions (and the new model has the mayday button that has an ENGLISH SPEAKING rep pop up for instant chat.) Plus, when all things compared well, Kindle was cheaper with sale price.

Sandy  The Paperwhite is better if you travel. I can read in any light and my boyfriend who has a regular kindle often has trouble reading his without a booklight

Lisa  Ordered paperwhite

Lisa  I bought my first kindle to stop me filling my house with books. I had an addiction. A bit of a book hoarder.

Betty Sue  Paperwhite works great. Easy on the eyes. I have read that it doesn’t disturb sleep to read on it before bed – but the Kindle fire or a regular tablet can disturb sleep.

Jennifer  I know you will be pleased, I never looked back after giving my husband my ordinary Kindle and getting the paper white….I agree entirelyBetty Sue Brewster as I read mine in bed every night and no longer disturb my husband with the light on

Nikki  Paperwhite every time, the normal kindle is better for sorting and storing books but the paperwhite is great for reading in any light at all and I love it

Jennifer  the other thing is the light/book turns itself off and so you too can sleep with your glasses on and see your dreams better:D

Jennifer  oh got the grin wrong

Jane  Like I said – need both of them to be a happy camper! Kindle probably planned it that way. But since I don’t have a computer, having 2 Kindles is like someone with a reader AND a laptop or Mac.

Jacqueline  kindle all the way, love mine and if I had the funds to upgrad to the larger one, I would. Plus when you travel, you can get online, check email, read, do searches, etc.

Henry  Having used both…. I go for the paperwhite

Wendy Just got back from UK, I tried to buy the Tesco Hudl but non available, they are also unavailable to order online as well. Was told the demand is so great they don’t know when they will be available!!!!

Alan  Really? I saw that people were using their vouchers and getting them for £20

Wendy  Just been on the web site and they are still unavailable.

Tricia  The Kindle is very much cheaper than the Paperwhite, but the Paperwhite has such clarity of type with or without the added light.

Paula  I would vote for the 7 inch fire or the paper white. I own the fire and the touch…what I like about the fire or paper white I no outside light source is needed. It I almost two am and I can read, play games or go on line without a light disturbing hubbys sleep.

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