Wareham Quay

Big thanks to Zoe Marr who took this fab picture of Wareham Quay this week as she passed through on her way to Swanage. Why do I love it?

Wareham 2015

I love it because it’s exactly the same angle as my One Young Fool in Dorset book cover, painted by Nick Saltmer. See below.

You can see the fish on the church spire and the Old Granary where I was a (very bad) waitress in my teens. If you’ve read One Young Fool, you’ll know I deserved to be fired from that particular job.

One of my readers, Maggie Cluett, contacted me because she actually live in Wareham now. She said, “Wareham’s not changed a lot, people still shop carrying wicker baskets and a trip by boat up the river from Poole Quay with fish and chips from the ‘chippie’ is a still a good day out.”

Sounds lovely!

Oh, and the lady leaning on the maroon car is Zoe’s mum.

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