Two Old Fools on a Camel is out!

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Hurrah! Just in time for Christmas, Two Old Fools on a Camel was published! Joe edited it, and it’s been professionally edited again by the lovely Mindy Sampson. My son designed the cover, Ant Press converted it for Kindle, Kobo and iPad, so there was nothing left to do except chew my nails and wait for readers’ reactions…

Actually, I didn’t have to wait long! Within 24 hours, my first review popped up on Amazon UK:

By Ian Smith
Format:Kindle Edition
Absolutely amazing, couldn’t put it down. Was waiting patiently for the release of the book and wanted to read it slowly but alas NO. Had to race to the end. Victoria’s writing skills make you feel as if you are there with them in Bahrain, having her and Joe’s feelings and being in both the classroom with the students and also in Brannigan’s bar. I love all the characters from the Three Fat Ladies, Must-have-a-camel, Rashida, Jake and Colston, Fatima’s mother and of course Victoria herself.
I was so delighted to be back in El Hoyo with them, bringing their suitcases down the track on the donkey.
Bring on the next book, I wish Victoria Twead could write one every week.


Thank you, Ian, and thank you to all my loyal readers. Thank you for your feedback and thank you for all the wonderful emails. I feel very lucky and blessed to have contact with such an amazing bunch of people from all over the world. :)