Two Old Fools Down Under nearing completion…

It’s been nearly three years since the last Old Fools book was published, and a lot has happened. Now, I’m closing in on the last chapters of “Two Old Fools Down Under”, and as usual, they seem to be writing themselves. Things I had forgotten come flooding back and pour out as I type.

There is still much to do. My wonderful cover artist, Nick Saltmer, has had some great ideas for the cover, and he’s made a start.

“Down Under” will need careful editing, and I must put together the free Photo Book that accompanies it, like the ones I made for the previous books in the Old Fools series. If you haven’t seen those, pop over to my Free Stuff page.

Here’s the description that will appear on Amazon when the book is launched later this year.

When Vicky and Joe wave goodbye to their beloved Spanish village, they face their future in Australia with some trepidation. Now they must build a new life amongst strangers, snakes, and spiders the size of saucers. Accompanied by their enthusiastic new puppy, Lola, adventures abound, both heartwarming and terrifying.
Will the Two Old Fools embrace the Aussie way of life or is it time to stop gallivanting around the globe and return to Britain?

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Of course, “Down Under” will also appear in Paperback and Large Print editions. But for now, I must hurry up and finish it before you all lose patience with me…

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