The other young fool

Here’s a date that’s written in red and underlined on our kitchen calendar. September 9th 2016. Why? Because that’s the date when Joe’s memoir, One Young Fool in South Africa, will be launched.

It’s already available on Amazon to pre-order. If you pre-order, the ebook will magically float onto your Kindle or reading device on the 9th of September. It will also be available as a paperback and Large Print paperback, ebook for Kindle, Nook and Kobo.

Fancy a preview? You’ll find that here.

One Young Fool in South Africa

What’s the book about? Well, here’s the description:

Who is Joe Twead? Where did he come from? What happened before Joe met Victoria and they moved to a crazy Spanish mountain village?
Joe Twead’s early life in South Africa was very different to Victoria’s in leafy Dorset. Sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and often magical, his childhood memories are vividly portrayed and give the reader a snapshot of a time and lifestyle that has all but disappeared.