The creation of Sixpenny Cross

The notes for the next Old Fools book are all set up, and I even have a title, but events have been so intense these past months, I haven’t actually started writing it yet.

Instead, I’ve taken my mind off things by doing something I’ve never tried before.

I’ve started writing a little fiction series.

Sixpenny Cross

I’ve invented a village called Sixpenny Cross set in the leafy county of Dorset, England, where I was raised. The characters are drawn from people I have met, both in England and here in Spain. Each story will be novella length, and they are crowding into my head already.

Nick Saltmer has agreed to paint my covers, which I’m delighted about, as I absolutely love his designs for all my Old Fools books.

The first Sixpenny Cross book should be published next month, and I really hope you enjoy them.

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