Two old fools

Two Old Fools and Homesickness

Another season is drawing to a close, can you believe it? Joe and I have never once suffered from homesickness since we left England in 2004. We adore everything about our life in El Hoyo; the people, the weather, the food and the slow pace of life centred around families. If only our family weren’t so far away…

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Spanish Oranges


At the bottom of our mountain, an elderly farmer sits on an upturned crate beside his ancient car at the side of the road. The wind is cold, and the old man wears woollen gloves and a scarf, his shoulders hunched in a heavy coat. Under his flat cap, he watches the traffic pass, waiting for people like us who can’t resist his wares.

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Two Old Fools & Memory Loss

Long before we moved to El Hoyo in 2004, Joe’s been forgetful. Before now, he’s  put the phone in his sock drawer, and he’s locked the keys in the boot of the car countless times.

Once he left the engine running in our parked car the whole time we were shopping, around two hours. He’s left the chickens’ gate open, allowing them to range freely through my precious raised flower beds, leaving nothing but stalks. Get the idea?

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