Stephen Fry, Tony Benn and Chickens

Hurrah! ‘Chickens is finally out on Kindle. And you don’t even have to own a Kindle… If you prefer to read it on an iPad, Android, iPhone, pdf, Backberry, Mac or whatever, you can download it in 60 seconds.

It’s on where you can order it from anywhere in the world, and Barnes & Noble Nook, and now it’s available on Amazon UK as well..

Stephen Fry reading Chickens

I love the imaginative ‘photo’ above of Stephen Fry unveiling his new iPad, but I also LOVE this screenshot of the Amazon Memoirs Bestsellers. ‘Chickens’ is standing on Tony Benn’s head..


Amazon Review of ‘Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools’

“I bought this book after being recommended it by friends who had learned about it on Twitter. I had actually bought the paper version but seeing it available on Kindle I couldn’t resist pressing one button and having a digital version appear on my iPad.

The purchase process couldn’t have been simpler. One click and the book was transferred onto my iPad and ready for reading.

I intended on reading a chapter a day, but the writer managed to keep me from putting it down, and without thinking I actually managed to read the entire thing in one go. When I looked up it was light outside and an entire night had passed. These days I find myself distracted just reading a short news story on the web, so it’s a real testament to the writer’s ability to tell a story that she kept me so focussed, with plenty of laughs along the way.

I have to say, the story struck a real chord with me. I love the idea of dropping everything and upping sticks to a rural village somewhere remote. I think most people would never take the risk themselves, but the author’s experience is enough to make you consider it. I think I have a few more London years in me yet, but I do plan on moving to the country somewhere eventually, and when I do, I shall read this book again, hopefully sipping a cold local beer of some kind.

One more thing to consider when buying this book. Apart from the wonderful story, the book is packed with authentic local Spanish recipes to try out. Something I will certainly be doing myself soon as they look delicious.

So, I heartily recommend this book, for both mind and stomach!”      R. Shackleford