Stages of a book cover

When I asked my cover artist, Nick Saltmer, to design a cover for C is for the Captain, book 3 of the Sixpenny Cross series, all I said was, I’d like a typical English village pub, please. Within days he had come back with the initial sketch. 

Not only had he sketched an English pub and its village surrounds, but he’d also taken great care with the composition leaving space for the book title, author, and description on the back. He’d also left the place where the barcode will go uncluttered.


Then he went ahead and painted the whole picture.

Fabulous! I love it! Plenty of mood, perfect for the story of C is for the Captain. Those threatening clouds and shadows speak of drama to come… Thanks, Nick – great job!

Then finally, the copy was applied, and the book jacket is now complete.

It’s being edited at the moment, but it’ll be available for preorder soon, and I hope it’ll be launched May 1st, 2018. 

Here’s the description.

Ageing bachelors, the Captain and Sixpence, are inseparable. They’ve been close friends and companions for decades, and are enjoying their twilight years at Sixpenny Manor. When Babs arrives to begin work at the Dew Drop Inn, the villagers of Sixpenny Cross accept the brassy new barmaid. But who is Babs? And what impact will she have on the Captain and Sixpence?