WLM Spotlight Sunday – Becky Corwin Adams

Becky Corwin Adams

Alan Parks:

This weeks Sunday Spotlight author has been on fire in the group this week. Almost every prize winner has chosen Becky Corwin Adams book from the header. This is you chance to ask her your questions. Good Morning Becky, How is the weather?

Becky Corwin Adams:  Good morning, Alan. I just pried my eyes open a few minutes ago and it’s still dark outside.

–It’s 31 degrees, feels like winter has returned.

Janet Hughes:  Y’all let her wake up and have her breakfast, and that’s an order!


Becky Corwin Adams: Thank you, Janet. That looks awesome!

Gemma Murphy-Sanderson:  Morning Becky Corwin Adams.

Janet Hughes:  It’s a pleasure Becky, this is for the rest of the rabble, no pushing, get in line and stay in line!


Becky Corwin Adams:  Good morning, Gemma!

Anne Wine O’clock Durrant:  Morning sweetie – will this help?


Becky Corwin Adams:  Thank you, Anne, and good morning to you.

Anne Wine O’clock Durrant:  I have just been reading your profile on Amazon and it says ‘I walked to school each day – half a mile, uphill both ways, in all kinds of weather’. I am curious surely this can’t be possible?

Cherry Gregory:  Morning, Becky. I’ve got to dash off to my mum’s now, but have a good time in the spotlight and I’ll be back later to catch up on your interview and ask a few questions of my own. Enjoy!

Becky Corwin Adams: Anne we had a couple of hills by our house and we walked every day. My mom didn’t drive and dad was at work. School was rarely cancelled like it is now. I started that daily walk as a five year old.

Anne Wine O’clock Durrant:  My point is – uphill both ways – you would need to go downhill at some point lol

Becky Corwin Adams:  Yes, we went downhill, too. One day I remember there had been about a foot of new snow overnight and I had to forge a path all by myself. My sister was in high school by then and got to ride a bus.

Janet Hughes:  When did you start writing Becky?

Becky Corwin Adams:  I started writing stories about my cats when I was about six years old. I wrote my first “book” as a high school project. I wish I still had a copy of it!

Janet Hughes:  So you’ve always written stories. When did you start publishing?

Becky Corwin Adams:  My first book was published in January of 2013.

Janet Hughes:  Only a year ago! Have you been saving them up over the years, or have you turned into a writing wizard

Becky Corwin Adams: I had been writing stories for years. I write a newspaper column, “The Empty Nest”. I also wrote a couple of stories about my dogs that were published in a book of rescue stories. I wrote articles about our walking trips for another newspaper. When I finally decided to publish a book, I had a good start on the writing.

Shirley Ledlie:  hello Becky, what pets do you have at the moment and are you working on a book currently?

Anne Wine O’clock Durrant:  As you may know I love crafts – where can I find your patterns please?

Becky Corwin Adams: Good morning, Shirley. I currently have seven dogs. (DH is not a cat person). I am working on a book about my adventures as a square dancer.


Janet Hughes:  Like this Becky


Becky Corwin Adams:  Anne, my craft patterns were published in Crochet World Magazine in the ’80s. I have a big stack of the magazines in a drawer. I have never published a book of them. I don’t do as much crafting as I once did.

Anne Wine O’clock Durrant:  I think my favourite craft is Crochet – hope to do more of it now I am retired

Becky Corwin Adams:  Kind of like that, Janet. Mostly we danced in a square with eight people. One lady in our club was quite the character and she gave me lots of great stories.


Becky Corwin Adams:  My mom does lots of crocheting. She makes afghans and then she doesn’t know what to do with them. She crochets and reads a lot. I am a lot like my mom.

Karen Knight:  Morning Becky , what is your favourite book that you have read?

Becky Corwin Adams:  Good morning, Karen. I have read so many, it is hard to say. I read lots of Amish fiction and mysteries, as well as memoirs. Recently, I have enjoyed the Baby Boomer Mystery series by Susan Santangelo. I emailed the author a few times and she actually responded. I her books.

Becky Corwin Adams:  http://www.amazon.com/Reunion…/dp/B00DVLLK0Y/ref=sr_1_3…

Karen Knight:  It’s lovely when you get fees back from an author. I too have read some Amish material. Can you recommend any titles/authors please

Becky Corwin Adams:  This is the latest one I have read. We have a big class reunion coming up next year.

–My favorite Amish fiction author is Sarah Price. Kristina Ludwig is a newer Amish fiction author. She write YA novels. I have really enjoyed Kristina’s books, too. I am friends on FB with both Sarah and Kristina, so I hear about their new releases right away.

Karen Knight:  Love the picture of your dogs on the bed. Do you have cats too?

Becky Corwin Adams:  Thanks, Karen. We have no cats. Dh does not like cats, so I have not had one for almost 40 years. Someday I want to move to the country and get a cat or two.

–How could anyone not like cats?


Karen Knight:  Becky, do you knit or crochet your dogs sweaters?

Becky Corwin Adams:  Karen, I have crocheted a few sweaters for the dogs. I also bought quite a few this winter. It has been so cold all winter that they are almost always wearing sweaters.

–This is Buffie, an older girl we fostered for ten months. I made a lot of sweaters for her. She was always cold, even in the summer.


Karen Knight:  Awww that’s lovely. Have you fostered many dogs? How and when did you come to foster dogs?

–What gave you the inspiration to write cherished cats and childhood capers?

Becky Corwin Adams:  We have fostered a few. Several of them became “foster failures” (we adopted them). We are volunteers for a cocker spaniel rescue. We adopted a dog from them 8 years ago and became volunteers. Now I just sell on Ebay for the rescue and all of the proceeds from my dog book are donated to the rescue. We’re obviously not good at fostering dogs.

–Karen, I wrote the book so my grandkids and my sister’s grandkids could see what life was like before computers and video games.

Karen Knight:  Must get it and put it on my to read list, what a fantastic motivation for a book

Terry Bryan:  G’morning, Becky. Do we have to be cold again? Are you expecting snow?


Becky Corwin Adams: Good morning, Terry. It is cold here with snow in the forecast for Tuesday. I don’t think it will amount to much at this point. My grandkids live three hours north of here. They have missed at least 18 days of school.

Julie Haigh:  Becky your book is amazing! It was so wonderful and nostalgic to read- many of your memories- I remembered the same things, same brands. I will be doing a five star review to add to all your other five star reviews on Amazon. Something I always wonder is: do authors get notified every time a review is posted somewhere? Or do you check every day to see if any reviews or do you not like looking in case anyone has put something that’s not very nice?

Becky Corwin Adams:  Getting back to Karen’s question about fostering dogs. One of our more recent foster dogs was named Goldie. She was a beautiful cocker spaniel but she didn’t get along with our other dogs. She was always starting a fight. The “perfect” family adopted her. I didn’t hear from them for 7 months. One day they sent a bunch of photos of Goldie. A week later, I got a phone call that Goldie had died.

–Here is Goldie. She died a very tragic death. The people “always” put her on a chain on their second story patio. One day she saw something and jumped over the railing and hung herself. I never knew they were chaining her since they had a fenced yard. The image still haunts me. After that, we stopped fostering dogs because we were afraid to let them go to the “perfect home” and end up like Goldie.


Becky Corwin Adams:  Julie, thank you so much. Yes, authors love reviews – especially good reviews. I usually check my reviews and book sales every morning. Amazon doesn’t alert us to new reviews. I’m glad you enjoyed the book. Now I need to get the grandkids to read it.

Julie Haigh:  Thanks for that Becky- it’s something I’ve wondered about for a while. I think if I were an author my heart would be pounding going checking on Amazon every day-I would be a nervous wreck wondering what people had put!

Becky Corwin Adams:  Yes, Julie. Not all reviewers are nice. If they give constructive criticism, it’s one thing. To just leave a negative review to get back at an author is not nice.

–Here is a photo of my grandkids and my oldest son and his wife.


Laurie A. Grundner:  When I read that you walked to school uphill in the snow it made me laugh. My husband always says that about his childhood, but he is full of it. I remember putting bread bags over our feet before putting them in boots before we went out in the snow. Did you do that too? I too loved the picture of the dogs all sharing the bed. It’s 21 and snowing here. My daughter has had so many snow days this winter the school just took away one of their Easter vacation days. Okay now a real question. Did you find that you forget a lot about crocheting when you put it aside for a few years?

Karen Knight:  Thank you Becky , so sad about Goldie. Have you got a link to your eBay site?

Frank Kusy:  Hiya Becky, I finally scraped Sparky off the p.c. screen and can join the party. I LOVE all your books, esp because they transport me back to simpler times, childhood times, you have a real knack for bringing up the goosebumps! I wrote my first cat book when I was 8, btw, it was called Jessie the Cat and even my mum liked it. At that time my fave film was The Three Lives of Thomasina. Can you remember what your fave childhood film was?

–Oh, and I meant to ask, what is the fave book of your many publications, which did you enjoy most writing?

Becky Corwin Adams:  Hi Laurie, I don’t remember using bread bags in the boots. My kids and grandkids never had to walk to school. I used to walk home from school in Junior High (about a mile) because I didn’t want to ride the bus. I have been crocheting since I was six years old, so I can just pick it up anytime. Knitting is another matter. I can do it, but not very well.

–Hi Frank, Thanks for the kind words. I often wish we were still living in simpler times. My family loved “The Wizard of Oz”. Even my dad liked it. Mom always wanted a dog like Toto and she got one 13 years ago. Emmett is the meanest dog ever, even now that he is so old.

Laurie A. Grundner:  The reason I asked about crocheting was I learned as an adult. I hadn’t done anything in about 10 years and forgot a lot until I was a few hours back into it. Do all your dogs get along or does one think that they are the leader? I have only had cats and that is how mine have been.

Becky Corwin Adams:  Frank, I think I enjoyed writing my dog book the most. It is something I had wanted to do for awhile. It seemed like we kept adding dogs. I had to keep changing the book as the cast of dogs changed. I finally got the book done a few months after we adopted our last dog.

Frank Kusy:  Lol about Emmett, and I loved TWOO too, they had to drag me out of the cinema, I watched that (and Snow White and 7 Vertically Challenged Persons) four times in one day!

Becky Corwin Adams:  Karen, here is my Ebay link. http://www.ebay.com/sch/3dognight74/m.html?_ipg=50…

3dognight74 | eBay



Charlotte Smith:  Hi Becky. Anyone who has seven dogs on the bed must be a very good person indeed! I will read your book soon I promise

Becky Corwin Adams:  Laurie, I’m not sure how it would be if I learned to crochet as an adult. My mom taught me at a very young age. LOL Our dogs get along really well. We have one who is the boss and the other dogs respect that. She growls at the others when they get in her space, but that’s as far as it goes. Our oldest dog hates all other dogs except the ones she lives with. Taking her to the vet or on a walk is a challenge. I keep her safely away from strange dogs. The main problem is dogs running loose that get in her face. She had a go-around with two loose dogs the other day.

–Hi Charlotte, thanks for the compliment. I would say either very good or crazy. LOL

Karen Knight:  Thank you Becky

Becky Corwin Adams:  Frank, my mom’s dog is crazy. We call him the “Cairn Terrorist”. He has bit everyone in our family at least once. My sister showed up one day with a bandage all the way up her arm.

— The “Cairn Terrorist” aka Emmett Ezekiel Corwin.


Frank Kusy:  Maybe you shouldn’t have called him Ezekiel, lol

Becky Corwin Adams:  Mom named him. I had to laugh at the name, too. She tells everyone she always wanted a dog like Toto and I remind her that Toto didn’t bite anyone except for Mrs. Gulch. .

Frank Kusy:  This is a question that Alan (Parks) asks, Becky. If there is one book in history that you wished you could written, what would it be?

Karen Knight:  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Becky Corwin Adams:  Tough question, Frank. I think maybe it would be the Nancy Drew series. I loved those books as a child (still love them). I don’t think I would be good at mystery writing. It would be a challenge.

–Karen, I think I would like to live in Spain after reading Alan and Lorna’s books. It seems so quiet and laid back and the people seem very nice. I do know a little bit of Spanish. I was actually an A student in Spanish in high school. I got into a bit of trouble with my parents and the school when I got an A in Spanish and an F in English one semester.

Karen Knight:  Brilliant Becky, love it! Xxx

Becky Corwin Adams:  I was preoccupied in English class by a good looking classmate. I was too distracted to study. I met dh in an English class a few years later. English class seemed to be the place to meet guys.

–The newest member of our extended family. This foal was born today. Our son owns race horses and he has high hopes for this foal.


Gloria Dunham:  After looking at this question and answer posting I’m probably going to read one of your books. Which one should I start with?

Karen Knight:  So beautiful. The miracle of nature

–What does DH stand for?

–Do you have anything to so with your sons horses?

Becky Corwin Adams:  Gloria, here is my website where you can see all of my books and read a description. “Cherished Cats and Childhood Capers” is my memoir from birth to high school. “Adventures of an Air Force Wife” took place right after high school. https://sites.google.com/site/beckycorwinadamsauthor/


Frank Kusy:  Aww…

Becky Corwin Adams:  Karen, I have not seen the horses yet. They are in Arkansas and race at Louisiana Downs as well as in Arkansas. I rarely see my son. He works in Afghanistan and I am lucky to see him once a year.

Frank Kusy:  I’ll be onto Air Force Wife soon Becky. Are there any animals in it?

Becky Corwin Adams:  Just hamsters, Frank. We couldn’t afford pets then.

–Here is my youngest son. He has had a variety of pets but no children. He’s been married for 16 years. They have had cats, dogs, and a chinchilla.


Karen Knight:  My son is leaving tomorrow to work abroad in Turkey for 8 months. It’s hard isn’t it. Do you get to Skype your son?

Becky Corwin Adams:  Karen, we do Face Time a lot. The connection seems to be better than Skype. He was in the Navy for 5 years and was overseas a lot. He has been doing this contractor job for about four years. He started out in Iraq before the US pulled out of there, then he went to Afghanistan.

Karen Knight:  What does your son do in Afghanistan ?

Becky Corwin Adams:  Casey is a US government contractor. He retrofits airplanes for the war (which is supposed to be winding down). I’m not sure how long he will be there yet. He is also a certified scuba instructor, so on his time off as a contractor, he does the scuba thing in Roatan. Next month he is going to Taiwan. He is rarely in the states anymore, so seeing him in person is hard.

Karen Knight:  FaceTime/Skype makes the world seem slightly smaller

–I do feel for you and DH xx

Becky Corwin Adams:  Yes, it does. Were able to Face Time with him at Christmas when the entire family was there so it seemed as if he was there, too. It’s much better than his Navy days in the late ’90s when we had to depend on email. We didn’t even own a computer then. We had to go down to our business to read email.

–Thanks, Karen. I am getting used to it after so many years. This year we have our granddaughter away at college. The family is spreading out.

–Karen, what is your son going to be doing in Turkey?

Karen Knight:  He is going to work for a travel company, working in a holiday village as a football coach.

Becky Corwin Adams:That sounds like a great job. Casey visited Turkey when he was in the Navy.

Karen Knight:  He has always wanted to play football in the sun. Since he was small it’s always been his dream x

Becky Corwin Adams:  It’s good to follow your dreams! My youngest son definitely does that. His brother is the total opposite. He never goes far from home.

Karen Knight:  My daughters are very much ones to stay close to home too xx

Susan Joyce:  Good morning Becky Corwin Adams from Uruguay! Just reading through your fun interview. We also obviously are not good at fostering animals. Somehow we always decide to keep them as part of our family. I admire people who can foster and then let them move on. I’ll catch up on your answers to questions before I ask you one.

Becky Corwin Adams:  Karen, my granddaughter is that way. She is planning to get her teaching degree, marry her boyfriend, and teach in the small town she grew up in.

Karen Knight:  Good luck to her, I hope her dreams come to fruition x

Becky Corwin Adams:  Good morning, Susan Joyce. I’m glad to see I am not the only foster failure. We had no intention of keeping our last foster dog (Braggs). No one wanted to adopt her because she was 10 years old, so we adopted her. She is almost 12 now and she has had a ton of health issues lately. Nothing that can’t be controlled with meds. She is the spunkiest happy girl and she loves her toys and walks.


Susan Joyce:  Braggs is a beauty, and she look intelligent.

Julie Haigh:  She’s gorgeous Becky

Becky Corwin Adams:  She is a great dog. She is very attached to me. She never barks, but she sure can howl. She howls when I go to work and she howls when she hears my car pull in. It is pathetic. It sounds as if she is in pain or something.

Susan Joyce:  The “Cairn Terrorist” reminds me of our neighbor’s dog Star. She is petrified of storms and stays out all night long barking at the thunder and lightening. She also is a rescue dog.

–Love the DH. I have one of those.

Becky Corwin Adams:  My mom bought the terrorist when he was a puppy. She had not had a dog since my childhood cocker spaniel who died in 1962. Mom knows nothing about training a dog. I told her I would take Emmett if he outlived her. I later told her I couldn’t do it after he bit everyone. It’s not too much of a concern now that the dog is 13 and Mom is 84. My sister and her 3 dogs moved in with Mom, so I think I’m off the hook.

Susan Joyce:  Becky, I’m impressed with your line-up of books. I will definitely be checking them out. I’m off to lunch with friends. I’ll check back in later. Thanks for being in the tell-all seat today.

Becky Corwin Adams:  Thanks, Susan. Enjoy your lunch!

–Does anyone else find it sad that the younger generation don’t seem to be readers? My grandsons prefer their video games. I have seen the older one (8) reading a few times. He is supposed to read a certain number of books at school. The last time I asked him about it, he said, “Do you expect me to read hard books?” I replied, “Well, yes, I do”.

Julie Haigh:  Yes I agree with that Becky, anyone who doesn’t read is missing so much. I must admit I used to find it hard to read some of the books at school-where you had to read it and it wasn’t your choice and you were told you had to get to the end of a particular chapter by Thursday or something. It took all the pleasure out of it somehow.

Becky Corwin Adams:  It has been a lot of fun chatting with everyone. I’ll keep checking in to see if anyone has any more comments or questions for me. Many thanks to everyone who participated today! xx

Cherry Gregory:  Just returned from my Mum’s (we had to mend her leaky sink!) and I’ve really enjoyed reading through this entertaining interview. I think I would be hopeless at fostering dogs too…I’d get miles too attached and would not be able to let them go. And Becky, your books are such a wonderful gift to your grandchildren. They capture our world of the sixties and seventies so well and reveal so much about you and your family. I would just have loved it if one of my grandparents had written such a book for me!!! I loved my maternal grandfather and adored it when he told me tales of his childhood, but I wish somebody had written them down so I could remember all of them! Maybe it doesn’t seem so important when you’re a child but your grandchildren will know you so much better because of these books. I’m sure they will learn to treasure them.

Karen Knight:  Thank you Becky for such an entertaining and informative chat. Your family and grandchildren are very blessed to have their family history recorded in your beautiful books. Xxx

Becky Corwin Adams:  Thanks, Karen and Cherry. My granddaughter has read all of my books. Someday her brothers will read them, too. My mom wrote a memoir of her life (handwritten on notebook paper) but I have not yet received a copy. I did an interview with my grandma when she was in her ’90s and wrote down what she told me.

Cherry Gregory:  So glad your granddaughter has read your books and it’s fantastic that your mother also wrote a memoir. What a brilliant family!

Karen Knight:  Let’s hope your granddaughter also follows in your footsteps and also becomes an author

Becky Corwin Adams:  Thanks, Cherry. I offered to type up the memoir for Mom but she won’t hear of it. She hates technology. We gave her a cell phone and an iPad and she returned them both to us. She calls the microwave “that box that you heat things up in”.

— Karen, I could see my granddaughter writing children’s books since she is going to be a kindergarten teacher.

Karen Knight:  You will have to get her to join WLM so we can follow her progress x

Linda Kovic-Skow:  What a great interview Becky Corwin Adams. I enjoyed your book “Cherished Cats and Childhood Capers” very much. As I said, it brought back so many memories. Have you had a chance to travel much? Where is your favorite place you’ve been? Besides Spain, is there another place you’d like to see?

Becky Corwin Adams:  I have traveled mainly in the US and Canada. I wrote about my travels in my book “Tails Along the Trails”. Most of our vacations have been walking trips. Maybe someday I will renew my passport and travel overseas.

–My favorite place is Las Vegas. I’ve been there five times. I’m not a gambler, but I love to walk around and see the sights. We visited Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and took a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon.

Micki Stokoe:  Hello, Becky! Just read through the thread after returning from an extended lunch with friends & have enjoyed reading the questions & answers! I love the descriptions of the dogs in your life. My DH is a dog lover, & we have a Jack Russell, but is amazed that one of our 2 cats actually likes him & chooses to sit with him! Do you think your DH will change his mind at some stage?

Becky Corwin Adams:  Micki, I doubt it. He has never liked cats. I didn’t realize it until we were married.

Frank Kusy:  Ha ha Becky my DW didn’t like cats when we first met. She was a dog person. She in fact thought I was mad when I dressed up my two cats in costume and began singing to them on the stairs.

— p.s. loved that pic of yore doggy wogs sitting all polite like at the table waiting for din dins. You have got them well trained!

Susan Joyce:  Becky, I see you are signing off now. I’ve just returned and look forward to reading through the interview. A long day for you. Have a lovely evening and thanks for your time with WLM.

Micki Stokoe:  A long day indeed! Thanks Becky – I’m looking forward to reading your books!

Cherry Gregory:  Becky, my husband didn’t like cats, but when I took in Thomas (because he was being badly bullied by another farm cat on the farm he was living on) Keith was mortified that Thomas was scared of him. At first they were both wary of each other but now they’ve grown to like each other! So there’s always hope!

Becky Corwin Adams:  Thanks, everyone. I was just relaxing and doing a little reading. Frank, I can’t imagine you dressing the cats in costumes. Yes, my dogs are well trained…..to beg for food from us humans. LOL

— Cherry, I’m not sure a cat would survive here with the dogs. Some of them have never seen a cat up close. Our vets have two office cats that like to roam around. I have just about figured out which dogs like cats and which ones don’t.

— BTW, my dog book is on a Kindle Countdown deal for 99 cents (USA only) – 3 days only! http://www.amazon.com/…/ref=la_B00BMV2LHQ_1_2_title_0…


Linda Kovic-Skow:  Thanks for the interview today Becky – very interesting. Off to go on a hike.

Becky Corwin Adams:  It was my pleasure, Linda!

Karen Knight:  Thanks again Becky, is your book also going to be reduced on Amazon.co.uk?

Becky Corwin Adams:  Not at this time, Karen. I am still working on that. I have to raise the price of my books on Amazon.uk before I can run a Countdown Deal. It is kind of crazy.

Karen Knight:  Okay Becky. Have got a guinea pig tales and airforce wife and tabby cat tales so will read those and leave you a review. X

Becky Corwin Adams: Thank you so much, Karen. xx

Anne Wine O’clock Durrant:  I am absolutely delighted that my two youngest granddaughters love reading, but then again both their parents do too. My son takes after me for that. I was impressed last year when Lucie aged 10 read her first James Patterson book in the Maximum Ride series and she really enjoyed it.

Becky Corwin Adams:  That’s great, Anne. I am hoping my grandsons get more interested in reading. Their dad is a reader. He has read every Stephen King novel.

Anne Wine O’clock Durrant:  Just come back to read all the comments as I have been watching Mr Selfridge – thanks so much for a very interesting day – hope you enjoyed it as much as I did – thanks and goodnight, sweet dreams

Cherry Gregory:  Becky and Anne, I think it’s always a great help to reading if a child’s parents enjoy it. It doesn’t even matter what’s being read, as long as the child sees that reading is a pleasure!

Frank Kusy:  Great interview Becky, really great to get to know more about you. prrrrps! and good night x

Cherry Gregory:  Thanks for your Spotlight Sunday, Becky. Sweet Dreams!

Becky Corwin Adams:  It was my pleasure!

Victoria Twead:  Thank you, Becky, for a fantastic Spotlight Sunday! So good to get to know you better as you were one of our first WLM members I believe.

Terry Bryan:  great interview, Becky. I enjoyed reading it tonight. I suspect those kids will learn to enjoy reading since the rest of the family does…they will probably do it on a Kindle. Thank you!

Becky Corwin Adams: Thanks, Terry. They each have a tablet but they use it for game playing.

Terry Bryan:  They will change…good influences win out!

Janet Hughes:  Brilliant interview Becky, I bet you’re exhausted now. Have a lovely relaxing day today.


Woofie Wotsit:  Yeah, wot Janet Hughes sez

Victoria Twead:  Announcing the winners from the Sunday Spotlight fred. *Ta da!* Becky has picked Julie Haigh and Susan Joyce! Congrats to both, and an ecopy of Cherished Cats will soon be on its way to you both. If either of you have already read it, let me know!

Julie Haigh:  Thank you Becky, I am honoured to have been picked. I have read Cherished cats, Victoria which was wonderful.

Susan Joyce:  A winner? Yea! Many thanks Becky! Great interview! I look forward to reading Cherished Cats. Thanks Victoria for sending it.

Janet Hughes:  Susan and Julie…


Victoria Twead:  Julie, I’m sure Becky Corwin Adams wouldn’t mind sending you another of her books, she has lots to choose from! Becky, can you send Julie another please?

Julie Haigh:  Well that would be wonderful, Victoria, because I have put the forces wife one and retail one in my ‘to get’ list. Or any other of her books, I love her writing style.

Micki Stokoe:  Well done, Susan & Julie! Thank you again, Becky!

Karen Knight:  Well done Julie and Susan xxx

Terry Bryan:  Susan and Julie


Susan Joyce:  A book and prizes? Thanks Terry and Janet!

Victoria Twead:  Sent, Susan Joyce

Becky Corwin Adams:  I am just now seeing this. Julie, let me know which book you would like and I’ll get it to you. Thanks.

Julie Haigh:  Well if I could have the follow up to Cherished Cats-was it Adventures of an Air Force Wife? that would be wonderful. Thank you.

Becky Corwin Adams:  I’ll get it to you ASAP!

Julie Haigh:  Oh thanks so much Becky. I know I’ll enjoy it.

Becky Corwin Adams:  Julie, the book was just sent to you!

Julie Haigh:  Thanks Becky, I have just checked my email and sent it to my kindle now.

Becky Corwin Adams:  Enjoy!

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