Seven Ways to Make We Love Memoirs Work for You

We Love Memoirs is an absolute gift for us authors, and we’re glad you joined us!

Alan Parks and I created WLM (We Love Memoirs) on Facebook back in August 2013. Our aim was to bring memoir authors and readers together in a friendly, fun, non-pushy environment. This has been more successful than we could have dreamed. Readers DO NOT appreciate authors who push their books at them. There are plenty of book groups around filled with authors blowing their own trumpets at each other, with precious few reader members. We Love Memoirs is different – and it works!

(Note: Special thanks must go to the wonderful hardcore of authors and superb moderators we have in WLM already who are perfectly aware of all the things listed below and who have helped to make WLM such a big success.)

7 ways to make We Love Memoirs work for you…

Most important – DROP IN REGULARLY. 5 minutes per day will do it. Get your name seen, chat with the members, ‘like’ people’s posts, welcome newbies. Just turning up when tagged is not enough. When people notice and like you, they’ll seek out your books.

Want your book cover on the header? SPOTLIGHT SUNDAYS are a fantastic way to be seen and for readers to discover your books. If you’d like one, ask Julie Haigh. These places are much sought after and only go to authors who are seen in WLM regularly. Julie will need your cover image and mobi (Kindle) file to give away to prizewinners. (Not a problem if you are in Amazon’s Select as we are a closed group and bots cannot gain entry.) As a bonus, our members are brilliant at leaving reviews. Julie will solve mobi file questions.

If you have an Amazon countdown, or your book is being promoted, Julie Haigh is really on the ball and will probably have picked up on it already and advertised it in WLM for you. If not, tell her or another moderator about it. Another event, like a radio interview, or an award? Tell Julie Haigh or another mod, and they’ll announce it in the group.

We have just ONE rule: NEVER SELF-PROMOTE. Do not start a post by mentioning your own book’s title, link or link to your own blog. Thinly veiled mentions of your book in a post are not welcome either. These are BIG turn offs to readers and not allowed in WLM. If you spend time in WLM, readers will ask you about your books or seek them out. If anybody asks you a direct question, of course you can reply. It is perfectly okay to recommend other books, just not your own…

Be warned, if you break this one rule, Clarissa the Crocodile will eat your post. Break it again and you’ll be shown the door without warning.

Invite your readers, friends and bring in new members by mentioning us often on Facebook, Twitter (#WeLoveMemoirs) or blogs. Readers have voracious appetites, many read more than two books a week. If they like WLM, they’ll bring their friends. They’ll stick around and when you publish another, they’ll be waiting. If every author brought in 5 new reader members, we’d have well over 1500 new members instantly.

Follow @welovememoirs and Tweet using the hashtag #WeLoveMemoirs. Retweet other people’s #WeLoveMemoirs tweets and they’ll retweet yours.

Last, but a sure-fire way to get noticed! If you call into WLM regularly, you will know when we hold fabulous virtual parties
which give authors the opportunity to promote and give away their memoirs as prizes. Priority always goes to active members.

Anything Else?

Well, yes!

  • Alan runs the WLM Author Group (closed, so only we authors can find it or see the posts). We discuss covers, writing, anonymity, publishing, promotion, Amazon, advertising and a host of other vital booky stuff. Ask me or Alan, and we’ll let you in.
  • I also run a closed WLM Beta Readers Group. If you’d like to join to give your new book a final read-through before it is published, please message me. Our beta readers will also leave honest reviews when the book is published. Please note, this is not a proofreading service, just a final check.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy WLM as much as we do!

Questions? Private message me on Facebook, DM me on Instagram or Twitter.

Victoria Twead – co-founder of We Love Memoirs
New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author



Update – 2019

NEW! Terry Bryan’s WLM Author Categorized Memoir list

If a reader enjoys memoirs about particular topics, for example: Travel, Animals, or Family Relationships, they can now access a categorised list of books by WLM authors.  

Take a look! If you haven’t added your own book(s) to this FABULOUS list, Private Message Terry Bryan with the title of your book, and the categories it fits into.

NEW! Featured Friday Freebies

On the first Friday of every month, beginning in April, I intend to feature certain WLM memoirs and give them away to our members, free. This is a good way to increase visibility for new books, and is great for authors with series, or authors looking for more reviews.

If you would like to give away your book(s)), please email me attaching your cover(s) and mobi (Kindle) file(s), if I don’t have them already.

If you don’t know how to generate a mobi file, this may help:

Sign into your KDP account and click Bookshelf.

Find your book, and hover over the three dots, far right, under KINDLE EBOOK ACTIONS.

Click on Edit ebook content.

Scroll down to Kindle Ebook Preview, then click on blue Preview on Your Computer.

Ignore Step 1. Click on blue word MOBI. It will download a mobi file to your computer.

That’s it!

NEW! Sunday Fundays

Sometimes, instead of Julie Haigh’s Spotlight Sundays, we hold Sunday Fundays when authors have opportunities to display their books. Keep an eye out for these. Sunday Fundays are always announced in advance in WLM.

One Young Fool in Dorset One Young Fool in South Africa