Many of these Spanish recipes were given to me by the village ladies, and also Gayle Macdonald from

Thank you to Nadia Sawalha for the Arabic recipes.

  • Grab a skillet, there’s a new Two Old Fools cookbook coming
    What would you like to cook? Some delicious Spanish tapas? Or Middle Eastern delights? Choose from these and a host of others. [Read more…]
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding a la Glennys
    When I asked if anybody had any photos of recipes they have cooked from the Old Fools series to be added to the new recipe book coming soon, I wasn’t prepared for a response like that of Susan [Read more…]
  • Fast Minestrone
    “Minestrone soup from your book, Two Old Fools Down Under! Along with tapas, lovely on a rainy British day!” Linda Powdrill [Read more…]
  • Traditional Garlic Mushrooms
    Have you ever wondered which of the Spanish recipes in the Old Fools books gets most mentions and positive feedback? Well, it’s this one! Six steps to heaven… [Read more…]
  • Easy Strawberry Mice
    Hard to believe it, but it’s true. My granddaughter Indy will be 4 years old on Monday. Her mum organised a cat theme birthday party, and all the food and activities had something to do with [Read more…]
  • Chickpeas and Paprika
    Spanish chickpeas are great for making a simple side dish, tapas dip or ingredient in a salad. Here’s a delicious recipe using chickpeas with paprika. [Read more…]
  • Chili Rubbed Steak
    If you enjoy a ‘kick’ of chili, (or chilli) then this chili rubbed steak recipe is for you! It offers a great flavour and takes on hints of smoky paprika. This simple recipe for Spanish steak served [Read more…]
  • Mushroom Tostada with Fino Sherry
    Mushroom Tostada with Fino Sherry 60 – 70 minutes preparation and cooking Tostadas are extremely popular in Spain and this dish is ideal served as a tapa or breakfast. [Read more…]
  • Chilli Chutney
    This chilli chutney is a great way of savouring the warm summer flavours, long after the heat of the sun has gone and winter draws in.  Seasonal eating is a way of life here and towards the end of [Read more…]
  • Lemon Sorbet
    Sorbete de Limon or Spanish style lemon sorbet is such an easy dessert to do. A most welcome refreshment in the heat of summer or a classy after dinner treat whenever.  With an abundant supply of [Read more…]
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