Puppy problems and papier mâché

I didn’t know much about Spoodle puppies before, but since Lola came into my life, I have become quite an authority. I now know that Spoodles are very bright, very affectionate and have limitless energy. So I set about finding toys that would occupy her.

Chewing cardboard

Any toys that squeak are an immediate hit. That’s good. We now have a variety of rubber chickens, pigs, and even a hamburger that squeaks. They litter the floor and constantly trip Joe up.

But then I discovered something else. Even better than squeaky toys is…


That’s not so good.

Actually, it doesn’t even need to be cardboard, paper will do. This means that nothing is safe. Receipts, bills, newspapers and bank statements are reduced to soggy lumps of papier mâché. The estimate for a new car port, application form for the library, the reminder to have the car serviced. Papier mâché. Our new 2016 calendar. Papier mâché.

Confiscation is futile because the only rule of the game is: how small can I shred this piece of cardboard or paper? Thus anything wrested from Lola’s jaws is unrecognisable and useless.

Luckily, she doesn’t swallow any of the pieces, but I’m looking forward to the day when she tires of this game. In the meantime, I’m keeping my notes for the next Old Fools book well out of her reach…