Presents from the UK

Question: What do you give a couple of old fools who live in paradise and have just about all they need?

Answer: The stuff on this table…



If you’ve read ‘Chickens’, you’ll know exactly who the Gin Twins are, and that they don’t do things by half. This was their seventh visit, and as usual, they came bearing wondrous gifts.

  1.  A HUGE box of Christmas crackers
  2. Extra hot curry powder
  3. Extra hot chili powder
  4. A tub of E45
  5. Choccy advent calendar (for Little Paco next door who has a starring role in ‘Chickens’)
  6. 2 packs of naan bread
  7. Sag aloo mix
  8. Fancy tin
  9. Reindeer antlers
  10. Blackboard for counting off the days until Christmas
  11.  Tin choccy biscuits
  12. Box of more choccy biscuits
  13. Christmas pudding
  14. Box poppadums
  15. Bread sauce mix
  16. Anti-bacterial counter spray (why can’t we buy that in Spain?)
  17. A little book of wine quotations
  18. DVDs for Joe (Great Escape, Battle of Britain, A Bridge too Far)

And best of all…

A copy of ‘Chickens’ – the first one I’ve ever seen, touched and smelled as my author copies haven’t arrived yet from the UK.

Thanks, Gin Twins!