Oops, she did it again

Yes, I’m sorry. I’ve just finished number six in the Old Fools series, Two Old Fools Down Under. It’s strange really, when I think that I wrote Chickens ten years ago, and I thought it would be the only one. A stand-alone book. A one-off. Hah!

To Joe’s horror, I don’t seem to be able to stop. I even wrote a prequel: One Young Fool in Dorset. Perhaps it was infectious because Joe stopped moaning long enough to write his own book, One Young Fool in South Africa.

We’ve been unbelievably lucky because we seem to have acquired a fabulous following of readers along the way who indulge my addiction to writing. They don’t beg me to stop, as Joe does.

And we’ve had another extraordinary stroke of luck. Discovering artist Nick Saltmer, who paints all my covers, was a glorious day. I adore all his cover designs, and I absolutely love the two naughty cockatoos on the front of Down Under. They look as though they are having a good juicy gossip, which is my big weakness, according to Joe.

I’m delighted to announce that the Kindle edition of Two Old Fools Down Under is available to pre-order on Amazon now. If pre-ordered, it will magically float onto your Kindle on December 1st 2019, launch day. Paperback and Large Print editions will also be available on this date. 

Will there be any more Old Fools books? Yes, unless Joe ties my hands behind my back. Most definitely…

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