Old Fools’ home for sale

This is probably the hardest village update that I’ve ever had to write since I began in 2008, so forgive me if I keep everything brief.

For Sale

Those of you who are subscribed to our newsletters were probably able to read between the lines, and maybe guessed that all was not well.

While I went to Australia, poor old Joe went to the UK to get his health checked out, and the news wasn’t good. I won’t go into detail, but Joe is now in the UK and has begun treatment for cancer.

Of course this is life-changing for us. We have decided the time has come to sell our lovely home in the Andalucian mountains. I will stay in Spain and sort that out while Joe concentrates on his recovery. Then I’ll go to Australia, near my daughter and family, and set up a new home. As soon as Joe is well enough, he’ll join me.

We’re optimistic, but this has rather knocked us sideways.

Hoping we’ll have better news soon,