Old Fool’s Blog – BugEye

A new pet for Joe

Apart from the chickens and two semi-wild cats, we don’t have any pets. I’d love a dog, but we still travel abroad quite a bit, so that’s probably not a good idea. However, something green and about six inches long has adopted us. Our logs are stored in the woodshed, and it is there where our new pet has decided to live.


Meet BugEye. He’s not furry, or fluffy. He doesn’t do tricks or obey commands. He doesn’t answer when spoken to, or ask for walks or food. He just sits there, whatever the weather.

I often hear Joe talking to him. “Hello, Bugeye, how are you today? Bit chilly, isn’t it? No, don’t move, I just need this log over here. No, you’re not in my way. Sorry to disturb you, mate, this won’t take a minute.”

BugEye never replies.bugeye