Official. The best, most loyal readers in the world.

It was a tricky one, this book. Two Old Fools Down Under took me two years to write and is the sixth book in the Old Fools series. I laughed and cried all over my poor laptop as I worked. Parts of the book were painful to write, while other bits made me chuckle all over again.

Finally, Joe wrestled it off me. “For goodness sake,” he said, “the book is finished. Give it to me.”

He polished and scrubbed it, then passed it to my wonderful beta readers. At midnight, on December 1st, I held my breath because that’s when more than a thousand pre-ordered Down Unders flew onto readers’ Kindles.

I couldn’t sleep. Would my readers like it?

I needn’t have worried. Two Old Fools Down Under shot up the Amazon ranks to Number 1 position in a heap of different categories in the UK, US and Australia. It was in the top 1000 of ALL the millions of books on Amazon for a day or so.

Then the lovely messages, comments and emails started flooding in, and they haven’t stopped since the launch.

Then, to my absolute delight, the reviews began to appear. Reviews are absolute gold-dust to authors.

I am SO GRATEFUL! I seriously have the best, most loyal readers in the world.

When Vicky and Joe wave goodbye to their beloved Spanish village, they face their future in Australia with some trepidation. Now they must build a new life amongst strangers, snakes, and spiders the size of saucers. Accompanied by their enthusiastic new puppy, Lola, adventures abound, both heartwarming and terrifying.

Will the Two Old Fools embrace the Aussie way of life or is it time to stop gallivanting around the globe and return to Britain?

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