Naked in Public

Writing a memoir and publishing it, exposing yourself and your innermost thoughts to the scrutiny of strangers is very hard. It’s like taking all your clothes off and walking around in public.

(How would you know what that feels like? I hear you ask. Actually, I did it for a dare when I was nineteen, at college. It was on the seafront at the dead of night, and I’d just drunk two glasses of cheap sherry. But that’s another story, another book maybe…)

One Young Fool in Dorset is finished and has been live on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and Nook for 24 hours. The first hours were difficult. I sat, holding my breath, chewing my nails, waiting for feedback.

I went to bed worrying. Would my readers like it? Would they criticise it because it’s not set in Spain?

This morning I woke to my first review.

Five stars. Thank you, Julie Haigh!


And now I shall stop worrying, because more lovely reviews are beginning to come in, and the comments on my Facebook timeline are wonderfully positive.

Thank you, readers, you totally ROCK and you’ve made two old fools very happy.

Victoria   🙂

One Young Fool in Dorset