My magnetic granddaughter

My littlest granddaughter, Winter, is walking now, and very mobile. She still pops everything in her mouth which is always a worry.

After putting the children to bed, my daughter came across a fridge magnet, minus the magnet…

She searched in vain for it. Had Winter swallowed it? My daughter phoned the hospital.

“I think my baby may have swallowed a magnet, is that dangerous?” she asked. “Should I be worried?”

“Well,” said the expert, “batteries are the most dangerous thing to swallow, but magnets come a close second. I suggest you come in for an x-ray.”

Of course it had to be the night  my son-in-law was playing ice hockey, so my daughter was alone. She asked her mother-in-law to look after Indy, then woke Winter and drove to the hospital. Winter thoroughly enjoyed herself and charmed all the nurses. Three hours later, the x-ray showed… precisely nothing.

Still, in spite of the worry, the time, and the expense ($350), we are happy in the knowledge that Winter doesn’t have a magnetic tummy.

“What?” said my son when he heard the story. “You should have passed her over some paperclips first, before dashing off to the hospital.”

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