My magnetic granddaughter

My littlest granddaughter, Winter, is walking now, and very mobile. She still pops everything in her mouth which is always a worry.

After putting the children to bed, my daughter came across a fridge magnet, minus the magnet…

She searched in vain for it. Had Winter swallowed it? My daughter phoned the hospital.

“I think my baby may have swallowed a magnet, is that dangerous?” she asked. “Should I be worried?”

“Well,” said the expert, “batteries are the most dangerous thing to swallow, but magnets come a close second. I suggest you come in for an x-ray.”

Of course it had to be the night  my son-in-law was playing ice hockey, so my daughter was alone. She asked her mother-in-law to look after Indy, then woke Winter and drove to the hospital. Winter thoroughly enjoyed herself and charmed all the nurses. Three hours later, the x-ray showed… precisely nothing.

Still, in spite of the worry, the time, and the expense ($350), we are happy in the knowledge that Winter doesn’t have a magnetic tummy.

“What?” said my son when he heard the story. “You should have passed her over some paperclips first, before dashing off to the hospital.”

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  • Cute blog. I am excited to read more!

  • Hi Victoria
    Just finished 2 old fools in turmoil which of course made me cry (sadness and happiness!!)
    I’m now starting on Joe’s book.
    Your writing transports me to where you are.
    I retired a year ago and we discussed (me and hubby of 47 years) leaving uk – especially after the disastrous Brexit vote.
    But (we were late starters having kids and son -36 has. O kids and lived in Cambodia , younger daughter – 32 no kids and lives I’m brisyol so when older (34( daughter had one and then a second little girl and lives in Chelmsford 20 minutes away, we realised we couldn’t leave.
    Even this last January in Cambodia was a long time!!
    So though Irish and resident for all our 47 married years, we are staying in Essex!
    You are so right, health and family are the most important things.
    Oh I have waffled I’m, sorry.
    Love your writing and I still have done if your books to read as I have read in a bizarre order !
    Please write more
    Btw I was on Facebook but with all the drama this past week I am closing my account.
    Do you have an email address?
    Best wishes in oz and g’dayto you all.
    Hoping joe is ok?
    Best wishes
    Ann Mahood

    • Hello Ann and thank you for the lovely message. As you know, I can quite understand the pull of family and one has to follow one’s heart. Essex is not a bad place to retire, I’m sure! I’m so pleased you are enjoying the books and thank you for asking after Joe. He’s okay, thank you, coping well.
      Yes, I have an email address: TopHen(at)
      Best wishes to you and your family,
      Victoria ?

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