More Spanish Owls

I love opening emails from readers. Some just say nice things, some tell me about their own lives, and others send photos of their pets or wildlife.



These really delightful owl pictures come from Dave Hemsley. He wrote:

Really enjoying the newsletter and of course the books.

Thought you might like to see the owls that were nesting in the Chocolate tree in ILBER VALLEY near To JALON (Xalon).

I was lucky enough to capture these shots, as the last of three chicks flew the nest in June 2008.

This particular chocolate tree has been the home of a family of tree rats, snakes and of course the owls over a number of years.

Looking forward to our next trip to the villa in September.

Your stories are so similar to our experiences.

Keep up the good work and making us smile.


Thanks, Dave. They are beautiful pictures!