Lola the Spoodle and her new treasure

Just in case you were wondering how Lola is – here’s an update. Of course I don’t mean Lola Ufarte, the young lady who frequently shocks El Hoyo. No, I’m talking about Lola, our gorgeous but completely insane cocker spaniel/poodle mix. 

She’ll be three years old in August, unbelievable!

Lola only has one mission in life, and that’s to put her heart and soul into everything. So when she found a coconut on the beach, of course she wanted to bring it home.

“Mum! I found something!”


“I’ll rescue it.”
“This coconut is really heavy…”
“Hold on, I’ll just have a shake.”
“I’ll just play with it a bit.”
“Mum, can I take it home? Pleaaaase….”