I’m Lola, and believe me, I’m cute.

I’m eight weeks old and I’m a Spoodle. Some people would call me a Cockapoo. Whatever, I’m a cross between a Cocker spaniel and a poodle, and people pretty much drool over me whenever they see me because I’m very cute.

Today was a pretty hectic day. It was my first experience at the vet’s surgery, and I wasn’t at all sure about it.

“Isn’t she cute?” said the vet’s assistants as they put me on the table.

“Oh, yes, very cute,” agreed the vet, but that didn’t stop her poking and prodding me and giving me and my sisters an injection.

With my sister

Then my new owner, VT,  arrived.

“Awww… Isn’t she cute?” she breathed and gave me a big cuddle.

(You see? I told you I was cute.)

I was pretty tired by now, but VT seemed nice so I fell asleep as she carried me to the car. Four people stopped to stroke me, but I hardly woke up.

“She’s so cute!” they all said.

(Did I mention that I’m cute?)

I left my brown and white sisters behind, but I didn’t mind because when we got home, I met VT’s three year old grand daughter, Indy. What fun we had! We played chase, and we both got into the pet carrier, then we played chase again, then we had a rough and tumble, then we played chase again. We tired ourselves out. VT snapped a picture of us resting.

Indy and Lola - Besties

“How cute!” said everybody on Facebook.

Just to show what fun I was having, I left quite a lot of small puddles and a couple of little mounds on the floor.

Funny. VT never said they were cute.