I wish I could read Polish

The title is, ‘U mnie zawsze świeci słońce’ which my google translator  insists means, “U me always lit the sun”. Really? No chickens? No mules? Hmmm… Those nice people at Pascal Publishing in Poland have now translated ‘Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools’ and it’s already on sale in Poland.


And here’s the blurb:

“May abandon the gray everyday, to the picturesque villages in sunny Andalusia and there find your paradise on Earth? Victoria urges her husband to move from wet England to southern Spain. Henceforth be guided by only hearts. Buy ruins in the tiny village, meet new friends, biesiadują with wine, become part of the principal world of fascinating culture. Zaprzyjaźnią with osiemdziesięciopięcioletnią, popalającą trawkę seksbombą. Are growers of hens and their eggs are? its hottest commodity? in the native village. Do not expect, however, that this place has pretty good zażartować from received. Let uwieść czarowi small, Spanish town, where life becomes sielanką … with a little chilli. A lovely, warm story. Superiority of the scene.”

I just hope it makes more sense in Polish, haha!