Grab a skillet, there’s a new Two Old Fools cookbook coming

What would you like to cook? Some delicious Spanish tapas? Or Middle Eastern delights? Choose from these and a host of others.

  • Classic Spanish dishes, like paella and tapas
  • Simple everyday Spanish and Arabic recipes
  • Recipes for Spanish fiestas and holidays
  • Spanish and Middle Eastern side dishes, soups, sauces and dips 
  • Spanish and Middle Eastern fish, meat and vegetarian meals
  • Spanish and Middle Eastern drinks and desserts

I’m so lucky to have Susan Franey on board. She’s a reader of mine, a foodie, and an amazing photographer in the UK. I wondered if anybody had taken any photos of our recipes, and up Sue popped.

“What with having no job to go to at the moment because of Covid-19, I’ve got time on my hands,” she said. “I’ll make some of the recipes and take photos.”

Then began a time when every morning I opened my emails, and there’d be one from Sue containing beautiful photos.

“We really like the Arabic salad,” she wrote. “We’ll be making that again.”

Or, “The pistachio and rose petal ice-cream was so delicious I made a double batch so we can have it tonight as well. I used roses from my garden.”

Lucky me. I’m really excited about the coming cookbook.

The Kindle edition is already available to pre-order. Two Old Fools in the Kitchen will also be available in paperback, and as a full-colour cookbook in September 2020.

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