Free Old Fools Photo Books, help yourself!

Over the years, we’ve taken loads of photographs and it seems a shame not to share some. So I’ve created some albums, one for each Old Fools book, and I’d love it if you’d like to see them. I’ve also included some photos of the recipes in the books, in case you need serving suggestion inspiration. 



For photographs of the village, the recipes and additional unpublished material to accompany the Old Fools series, you can download or view any of the free photo books, see below.

Or, pop over to Dropbox. You don’t even need to be registered with Dropbox, just click on the book you want to browse.


And, of course, if you’d like a free copy of the first book in the series, Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools, you only have to ask!

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  • What a great idea! Have just looked through Photobook 1, great pics and fab reminder of your books. back now to re-read them……Again! because they always make me smile. Hope life In Australia is being good to you Joe and the family. Kind regards .

  • It has been a while since I read the Old Fools first book. The pictures brought back the memories of reading it and imagining the area. I think I’ll reread it again. You worked miracles with your home! I just didn’t realize the condition of the house to begin with. Thanks so much for the pics.

  • I have just completed your Two Old Fools In Turmoil, which completes my reading of that series. I have also read the One Young Fool in Dorset and One Young fool in South Africa.
    Your books are all entertaining and informative, serious and fun. So easy to read and enjoy. Thank you, not only for the wonderful reading material, but also for sharing your family with us.

  • I just can’t say enough a bout how thankful i am that I found you and the We love Memoirs group. Even though I don’t need photos to see what you are writing about because you draw such beautiful pictures with your words alone, the pictures are fun to look at and fill in the details. Thanks for being you!

  • Going through these pictures felt like going home. As I travelled through the Old Fools books, each time an ending approached I slowed my reading to avoid having to leave the characters, human and otherwise!, I grew to love being with. The photo albums brought them back to me. I did have one disappointment, though – the absence of a photo of “Well, I can’t just pee on Judith” Judy. I was so hoping to see her. Thank you, Victoria, for this wonderful treat.

  • Wow I’ve just looked through all these photos – brilliant – but, – I seem to have something in my eye x

  • Thank you for sharing your photo boojs! I am enjoying them so much that I am looking at them slowly…only two today! I especially love the cats and neighbors on living room furniture on the street!

  • I have just spent a very enjoyable hour looking at your photo’s, it was so nice to look at them and remembering the words you used to describe them in your books Victoria, I pictured in my head how all your friends looked, as well as Mrs F the chicken and Joe. Was pleasantly surprised, when I saw them all. Please keep on doing what you do best Victoria.
    Best wishes to you and you family.

  • I have just discovered your wonderful books. I purchased the first three in the series and plan on getting the rest as soon as this trio is finished. There are two similarities in your first book that I just loved. Bianca is a twin to our 1 year old Cockaleer (Cocker Spaniel-King Charles Spaniel mix) and the second similarity, as I’m reading your sweet books, Glenny and I share an ailment, broken legs. I’m not complaining, it gave me the time to read the first book in just a day and a half. In closing I just want to say Fuck and Bugger are fine names for chickens. Keep on writing.

    • Thank you for discovering my books, Heidy, and thanks for the kind comments! Yes, there are similarities, and I do hope your broken leg heals quickly. As for the chickens’ names… sssssh!!!
      Keep in touch! Victoria 🙂

  • Cannot believe I haven’t found these photos before!

    Having read all your books at least twice. It has been wonderful to spend some time browsing through them and remembering your wonderful adventures. Putting faces to names and images to places. Lovely!

    Thank you for sharing them. Jxx

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