Fabulous Spanish Dessert ~ Sweet Toast


Very similar to the savoury dish called ‘French toast’, this sweet, ‘eggy bread’, is popular as a dessert in Spain. The grown-up version makes a nice after-dinner dessert served in small pieces, with a bit of vanilla ice cream. Our chickens usually provide us with enough eggs for this delicious dish. Unfortunately, we rarely have stale bread as the chickens eat it…

Recipe from

‘Mouth-Watering Spanish Recipes’
by Victoria Twead and Gayle Macdonald

Sweet Spanish Toast
Serves 6
~ 5 to 8 minutes preparation ~
~ 8 to 10 minutes cooking ~


6 slices of thick, stale, white bread
300ml (10 US fl.oz) sweet sherry (or milk for the kids)
3 eggs, beaten
Butter for frying


1) Trim the crusts off the bread and cut into 4 squares or triangles.

2) Soak each side of the bread pieces in the sherry (or milk), for a minute or so.

3) Dip the bread into the beaten egg and fry in butter until they are golden on both sides.

4) Sprinkle with sugar or cinnamon, or ice cream, or a drizzle of honey, and serve.