Chicken versus Cat. Who won?

Chicken or cat? Place your bets
Chicken or cat? Place your bets

Well, we made it back to our village in Spain. We’ve been away working in the Middle East for a whole year, so you can imagine what the garden looked like. And the house smelled damp, with disgusting furry clumps of mould decorating the walls.

We left our six elderly chickens a year ago in the capable hands of our neighbour Paco, but when we returned, only one remained. Poor Paco was most apologetic, but we knew the chickens were old. So Susio, who out-lived all her sisters, is allowed to roam freely, poor lonely soul.

The village cats remembered us immediately as though we’d never been away. I put some milk out for Gravy and her sister Sylvia, both clearly pregnant. Susio the Chicken was most interested and headed for the milk, too.

So who got the milk? Watch the video for the answer.  🙂


P.S. We plan to get some more chickens next week.