Book #4 and recipes, can you help?

Book #4 is coming along, and my thoughts have been turning to what recipes to include. Then it struck me, why not ask my readers for recipes? I have quite a few recipes already, but it would be fantastic if I could use yours, too!

So, please, if you have some favourite  recipes that you’ve tried and loved, would you send them to me? Tapas, starters, main courses, drinks, cakes, deserts, whatever!

I’m looking for, either

A)   Spanish recipes


B)   Recipes that use the local produce. Andalucía is sometimes described as ‘the vegetable basket of Europe’.

Almeria vegetables

So if your recipe includes any of the following list, that would be fantastic.

onions, garlic
peppers (red, green, yellow)
aubergines (eggplant)

oranges, lemons, limes

Or  eggs!

I’ll put your recipe in the next Old Fools book, with your name, of course. If you have a photo, that would be brilliant, but that’s not essential.

You could either email me (, or paste the recipe here as a comment.

Thank you so much!


Victoria  :)