• How to get your hands on all my paperbacks, free!
    Would you like to read ANY (or all) of the Old Fools books in print, completely free? It’s easy. All you have to do is have the following conversation… [Read more…]
  • Morgan and the MartiansBe quick, Morgan is free!
    If you enjoy reading aloud with your kids or grandies, please help yourself to my free kids’ play, Morgan and the Martians. [Read more…]
  • Grab a skillet, there’s a new Two Old Fools cookbook coming
    What would you like to cook? Some delicious Spanish tapas? Or Middle Eastern delights? Choose from these and a host of others. [Read more…]
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding a la Glennys
    When I asked if anybody had any photos of recipes they have cooked from the Old Fools series to be added to the new recipe book coming soon, I wasn’t prepared for a response like that of Susan [Read more…]
  • Two Old Fools in the KitchenCookbook pictures
    TWO OLD FOOLS IN THE KITCHEN is almost polished and ready to launch, probably in September. But then a friend of mine had an idea. [Read more…]
  • Fast Minestrone
    “Minestrone soup from your book, Two Old Fools Down Under! Along with tapas, lovely on a rainy British day!” Linda Powdrill [Read more…]
  • Golden soil and honey
    When you don’t know the words to a song, what do you do? Take some advice from my littlest granddaughter, Winter. [Read more…]
  • A book cover is born
    I thought you might like to watch a book cover being born, right from the first idea and the initial sketch. [Read more…]
  • Traditional Garlic Mushrooms
    Have you ever wondered which of the Spanish recipes in the Old Fools books gets most mentions and positive feedback? Well, it’s this one! Six steps to heaven… [Read more…]
  • The most beautiful photo, ever
    My heartfelt thanks for all the wonderful emails and messages voicing concerns about the recent bushfires, smoke and Joe’s health. By an amazing stroke of luck, Joe was overseas when the [Read more…]
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