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Two Old Fools Down Under nearing completion…

It’s been nearly three years since the last Old Fools book was published, and a lot has happened. Now, I’m closing in on the last chapters of “Two Old Fools Down Under”, and as usual, they seem to be writing themselves. Things I had forgotten come flooding back and pour out as I type.

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Don’t Do It Like This!

Ever dreamed of a new life in Spain? These three hilarious bestsellers might make you think again. This Kindle boxset is on pre-order at a massive discount. Grab it before 6th June 2018! 

***** “Probably the best book I’ve read this millennium!” ***** ***** “Packed with humour and feel-good factor.” ***** ***** “I laughed and I cried.” *****

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Let me autograph your ebook!

Did you know that I can now autograph your ebooks? Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? If you have read any of my books and you have them on your reading device, I’d love to sign them for you. All you need to do is click Go!

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A new Sixpenny Cross tale

When I finish an Old Fools book, I always feel elated, but exhausted. That’s when I turn to my village and friends at Sixpenny Cross and lose myself in weaving a story that I hope keeps readers guessing.

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Stages of a book cover

When I asked my cover artist, Nick Saltmer, to design a cover for C is for the Captain, book 3 of the Sixpenny Cross series, all I said was, I’d like a typical English village pub, please. Within days he had come back with the initial sketch. 

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The Old Fools series as Audiobooks

Very exciting news! I’ve just signed a deal with the very nice folk at Whole Story Audiobooks. This means that the Old Fools series is going to be recorded and made into audiobooks!

The books will be professionally narrated and then CDs will be manufactured and put on sale. Not only will the CDs be available all over the world, but anybody will also be able to download them from Audible or a host of other retailers, or borrow them from their own library.

I can’t wait! 


Free Old Fools Photo Books, help yourself!

Over the years, we’ve taken loads of photographs and it seems a shame not to share some. So I’ve created some albums, one for each Old Fools book, and I’d love it if you’d like to see them. I’ve also included some photos of the recipes in the books, in case you need serving suggestion inspiration. 

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The Old Fools are back!

Last year, when Joe was twice rushed into Intensive Care and put on a life-support machine, everything changed.   The shock was profound and his recovery has been slow and arduous. Thank goodness, Joe is not one to give up, and he is now almost as strong as when the viruses attacked. Thank you so much to the many readers who have been in touch wishing him well. It’s been nine months since our last newsletter but writing has had to take a back seat. Usually it takes a year to write an Old Fools book but, the latest, Two Old Fools in Turmoil, has taken much longer. However, I’m on the last chapter and we hope to launch it in a couple of months.

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Lola’s boyfriend

No, this is not about Lola Ufarte, the badly behaved young lady in El Hoyo that I’ve told you about in my books. However, Lola the Spoodle (or Cockerpoo) is named after Lola Ufarte. I was looking for a name that would suit a golden, very beautiful, naughty dog. A name that would remind me of Spain. “Lola” seemed like the perfect choice.

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A random page from Two Old Fools in Turmoil

The bat and the mayor – a random page from Two Old Fools in Turmoil, the next book in the Old Fools series, to be published this year. *fingers crossed*


Something black shot out, swooped round the room and clung sootily to a picture frame.

“Aaaagh!” I yelled. “It’s a bat!”

I’m not at all frightened of bats outside in the fresh air. I think they are wonderful creatures, and they certainly did a grand job of devouring El Hoyo’s flying insect population. I loved the way they flitted round the lamp posts, and their tiny squeaks made me smile. But I have to admit, I don’t like the idea of bats flying round my head indoors. Specially scared, sooty bats.

“Quick, open the front door,” Joe ordered.

I flung the door open but the bat was too frightened to move, and merely blinked.

“Perhaps we should throw something over it,” I suggested, using the royal ‘we’ as I had no intention of doing it myself.

“Hmmm… Good idea,” said Joe, grabbing my favourite white T-shirt which I’d foolishly left lying around.

He hurled it at the poor creature, but the bat sat tight, its tiny hands gripped… Continue reading

Lola to the rescue!

It’s been crazy hot here in Australia, and we are very lucky because we have a swimming pool. Lola is half cocker spaniel and half poodle, so she’s a water dog. It’s hard to keep her out of the pool.

Piggy is her favourite toy, and as you can see, she’s not going to let him drown!

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A rollercoaster year

I’ve been looking back on 2016, and it’s been a real rollercoaster of a year. Joe arrived in Australia on January 1st so the year began well. House renovations began.

Then baby Winter, my new granddaughter, arrived in April.   And what a joy she is! Full of smiles and naughtiness, she is an absolute delight and her big sister Indy adores her.

B is for Bella, the second of the Sixpenny Cross series, was published in July. Then Joe’s book, One Young Fool in South Africa, followed in September.

It was almost as though Joe used the last of his energy to complete his book. At the end of September he developed a severe chest infection and was rushed into Intensive Care. Three times he was put on a life support machine, and we all thought the end had come.

Joe surprised everybody, except himself, by beating the infection and battling until he was released from hospital. It was a frightening time, but Joe is home now and coping brilliantly.

Through all this, house renovations continued. As I type, we still have no kitchen. I don’t really care because it’s midsummer and we have a barbecue, and… Continue reading

Easy Strawberry Mice

Hard to believe it, but it’s true. My granddaughter Indy will be 4 years old on Monday. Her mum organised a cat theme birthday party, and all the food and activities had something to do with cats. My contribution was strawberry mice, recipe below. Continue reading

A baby secret

I have a confession. I’ve been keeping a very big secret. The reason for my silence was just that I couldn’t bear it if something went wrong. But, thank heavens, nothing did.

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Puppy problems and papier mâché

I didn’t know much about Spoodle puppies before, but since Lola came into my life, I have become quite an authority. I now know that Spoodles are very bright, very affectionate and have limitless energy. So I set about finding toys that would occupy her.

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Italian Chickens

Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools has now been translated into Italian. I love the title – Polli, muli e due vecchi pazzi… Italian has such a ring to it, doesn’t it? Chickens was sold to Polish and Hungarian publishing houses a couple of years ago, and is currently being translated into Spanish, French and Chinese.

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VT thinks I’m super smart!

It’s only my first full day away from my mum and sisters, and I cried a lot last night, but today VT discovered that I’m a very intelligent little dog. I can’t understand why she’s so surprised.

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A secret

How lucky am I? I’ve skipped winter again and I’m embarking on yet another summer. Spring has sprung, but this time not in Spain, but in Australia.

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The creation of Sixpenny Cross

The notes for the next Old Fools book are all set up, and I even have a title, but events have been so intense these past months, I haven’t actually started writing it yet.

Instead, I’ve taken my mind off things by doing something I’ve never tried before.

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Old fools on the move

At last! My latest book, One Young Fool in Dorset, is published. Thank you to the hundreds of you who pre-ordered it. By now it should have appeared magically on your Kindles, iPads, Nooks, or Kobos. It’s also available in Paperback and Large Print. I do hope you enjoy it!

So, what else has been happening?

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Naked in Public

Writing a memoir and publishing it, exposing yourself and your innermost thoughts to the scrutiny of strangers is very hard. It’s like taking all your clothes off and walking around in public.

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The Lost Suitcase

So my Australian visit came to an end. After three wonderful months, I was looking forward to being back with Joe in our little Spanish mountain village. While I’d been enjoying an Australian summer, he’d been in chilly Britain getting various medical tests done.

The bad luck began in the plane at Sydney airport. As the hostesses checked seat belts and locked the doors, black clouds obscured the sky and the captain’s voice crackled into life.

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Australian hazards

I’ve spent three wonderful, sun and laughter-filled months in Australia with my daughter, son-in-law and gorgeous granddaughter, two-year-old Indy. Poor old Joe missed out as he needed some medical stuff checked out in the UK. Meanwhile, I’ve enjoyed another summer.

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Chili Rubbed Steak

If you enjoy a ‘kick’ of chili, (or chilli) then this chili rubbed steak recipe is for you! It offers a great flavour and takes on hints of smoky paprika. This simple recipe for Spanish steak served with fresh salad and thick potato chips or wedges will never disappoint.

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Two Old Fools and another Fiesta

When we moved to our Spanish mountain village ten years ago, we soon became familiar with the families who lived here. All of them were friendly and charming and we enjoyed watching the kids grow as the years passed. Little Paco next door had a friend, Miguel, who once tapped on our door, eager to show us his white rabbit. The rabbit hopped around our living room and was only evicted when it threatened to nibble through the TV cable.

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Two Old Fools and Wildlife Photography

After 10 years in our Spanish mountain village, we know what to expect in summer. The village fills up with people we haven’t seen for a year as families arrive to escape the heat of the cities. Children, a foot taller than last year,  run wild in the streets and the jasmine-scented air is heavy with the sound of our neighbours’ guitar music.

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One Young Fool in Dorset One Young Fool in South Africa