Joe Twead

Joe’s Blog – Twead Reflections

I am sitting in the lamp with Genie, hiding from The Dear One (TDO) who is searching for me.

“Joe! Are you hiding in the lamp again?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Well come out at once! I have some chores for you to do.”

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Joe’s Blog – Simply out of this world

So far, blog-readers, I’m sure you’ll agree, my tales have related nothing extraordinary and are comfortably within the experiences of any everyday Joe or Josephine. Who has not ordered an iceberg, from either pole, available from any reputable online shop?

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Joe’s Blog – Oh Oh Oh!

(Cue Monty Norman’s iconic James Bond Theme.)

Even The Dear One is unaware of my Alter Ego. As a member of Military Intelligence, my code name is Treble Zero. Now and then I touch base with HQ in London where I am afforded the respect due a top field agent.

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Joe’s Blog – Reversed Roles

The Dear One (TDO) was tapping out a few more pages for her latest book, dusting the shelves above her desk with a feather duster, and speaking to me, all simultaneously, thus proving as fact a woman’s ability to multi-task.

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Joe’s Blog – Flights of Fancy

I have succumbed to hypnosis, first by Miss Ostrich, and now the chickens. (See previous blog.) Such a state of affairs must be addressed and I am resolved to venture forth on a pilgrimage to discover The Meaning of Life and my role in the world. I inform Vicky, The Dear One (TDO) of my decision and receive a snort of derision accompanied by howls of laughter from Genie. Continue reading

Joe’s Blog – Plotting my return

I was sitting comfortably in the lamp with my feet on Genie’s soft fat belly, watching the Olympics. (A doubting reader should note that this is a magic lamp and therefore anything is possible.) It will be remembered (see my previous Blog) that Miss Carrie Compton had usurped my position in the main house, following my dismissal by Vicky, The Dear One (TDO).  Continue reading

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