A shock decision

Firstly – I want to thank the many, many lovely people who I’ve ‘met’ online. I belong to lots of forums, and I’m a Twitter addict. I have a favourite Gang on Twitter (you know who you are!) heaps of other friends and I’ve often laughed ’til I cried…

Many others have kindly bought my book, and either left super Amazon reviews or emailed or messaged me. What nice people you are! Yes, I’m writing the sequel to ‘Chickens’ now.

The working title is ‘Two Old Fools – Olé!’ It won’t be ready for a few months though.

So why the camel? Why this blog entry?



Because life for Joe and I is about to change.

My big news is that Joe and I have just signed contracts to go and teach in Bahrain for a year. Today is the 11th, and we leave on the 20th August. So we’re having to lock up our house and leave paradise, our beloved little Spanish village of El Hoyo. I have a tight band round my chest even thinking about it. We’ve found great homes for the kittens and Paco next door is going to care for the chickens.

It’s only for a year, but I’m already missing our life in Spain… We haven’t taught for years and never even visited Bahrain. (I had to check the Atlas to find out exactly where it was!) Never mind, it’s only for 1 year, it’ll be an adventure and probably fodder for a third book – ‘Two

Old Fools on a Camel’, or something…


P.S.   I shall carry on Tweeting from Bahrain, both as @StephenFrysCat and @VictoriaTwead.

And the monthly Newsletter will continue.

And so will the monthly book Giveaway.


Update: We spent the year in Bahrain, little knowing that the arab revolution would break out, and that we’d be in the middle of it. What a year! I did write that book, ‘Two Old Fools on a Camel’. It was published at the end of  2012.

Two Old Fools on a Camel


Available from Amazon UK and Amazon US.