A secret

How lucky am I? I’ve skipped winter again and I’m embarking on yet another summer. Spring has sprung, but this time not in Spain, but in Australia.

As the temperatures rise, I’ve seen pythons and water dragons come out of hiding and bask in the sunshine. The cockatoos, lorikeets and other brightly-coloured, noisy birds are busily nesting. These sights and sounds help take my mind off El Hoyo and the things we’ve left behind.

And I’ve been nesting, too. Following a joyous reunion with my family, and after I had hugged and played with three year old granddaughter, Indy, I set to work preparing for when Joe will join me.

In just three weeks I’d bought a car and put a deposit on a house.

“Already?” asked Joe, when I Skyped him.

Joe is about to start a course of radiotherapy treatment in the UK. I promised I’d get everything sorted ready for when he joins me in Australia.

“No point hanging around,” I said. “And guess what? The house has a swimming pool!”

“You’re kidding!”

We have never owned a house with a pool, and now we do.

Our new home

It seems strange to be thinking about swimming pools. Back in El Hoyo, Paco will be making wine from this year’s grapes, preparations will be under way for the annual fiesta, and the Log Man will be knocking on doors, selling firewood.

“Any more surprises?” asked Joe.

“No,” I said, but I lied.

I haven’t told him yet that I’m collecting an eight week old puppy next week.


Wish me luck.

I’ll keep you posted…

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