A book cover is born

I thought you might like to watch a book cover being born, right from the first idea and the initial sketch.

I told my cover artist, Nick Saltmer, that I was making a collection of all the recipes in the Old Fools series, putting them together in a separate recipe book.

As I have LOVED all the designs Nick has created for my Old Fools and Sixpenny Cross series, I asked him if he could create one for TWO OLD FOOLS IN THE KITCHEN.

“Of course I can,” he said. “I’ll have a think and get back to you. Maybe a Spanish scene, table and chairs, some chickens, that sort of thing?”

“That sounds perfect!” I said.

“Great, I’ll set to work.”

It’s always exciting to see what Nick comes up with and, as usual, I wasn’t disappointed!

Here’s the first sketch for the book cover of “TOF in the Kitchen”.

I love it!

First sketch for Two Old Fool in the Kitchen

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